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truebeliever 09-30-2005 06:25 AM

Numerology and Australia.
This was taken from a VERY Ickian site.

I have a powerful intuition. Australia is in for something. West Oz inparticular is slated for something. Something to do with the supernatural and Illuminati skullduggery.

I believe the first act of terror on Oz soil will take place in Perth.



Working on the premise that like energies attract; perhaps it would be wise to ascertain whether any Australian locations could be targets of the current terrorist activity. As they say, forewarned is forearmed. Our world is a much smaller place today. Australia's isolation is no longer an effective defence and due to its multicultural society who's to say that 'sleeping terrorists' are not already in our midsts.

I have already shown how the interpretation of numbers (numerology) has proven itself regarding the recent tragedies in America and other crimes in Australia and England. We would be extremely foolish to disregard the science of numbers.
Clearly, it is far too large a task to interpret the numbers for all of the locations in Australia; consequently I have limited this study to the capitals, states and territories.

AUSTRALIA = 22-8, 30, 3


Australian Capital Territory = 66-8, 11
New South Wales = 55-13, 11-3, 5
Northern Territory = 22-13, 8
Queensland = 66-19, 13, 22
South Australia = 77-9, 5
Tasmania = 77-1, 6, 33 (State where Australia's worst act of terrorism occured.)
Victoria = 33-10, 16, 88
Western Australia = 44


Canberra = 11-6, 8
Sydney = 44-3, 22-7, 29, 11
Darwin = 55-5, 33 (Bombed during WW11)
Brisbane = 11-5, 16, 7
Adelaide = 22-19, 5
Hobart = 44-2, 10
Melbourne = 11-13, 6
Perth = 13


Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia = 22
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia = 11-8 (19 City of the rising sun), 55
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia = 44 (Port Arthur, Tasmania is also 44)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia = 77
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia = 22
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia = 33-13, 55
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia = 16, 88
Perth, Western Australia, Australia = 44-16, 33

Australia is by no means safe from reprisals. All capital cities look vulnerable. All of the numbers (energies) of the above places synchronise with the energies of 2001, October and the attrocities in New York and Washington. They also match the energies produced by the 'players' in the conflict. Three places have strong 33 energies. Two, Darwin and Tasmania, have already been the targets of previous deadly terrorism. The third, Perth, has been fortunate so far. I pray that it's good fortune holds out. Mind you just a cursory glance at the Western Australian capital's numbers suggest that it is a much more important centre to the Illuminati than is currently thought. Look at the strength of them. 13, 44, 44-16 and the telling 33.

Bouncer 09-30-2005 11:46 AM

Re: Numerology and Australia.
Thanks for taking the time to deliver this to CC; I'm not sure about the numerology stuff, but I do know that numerical coincidences and synchronicities are well-documented. Great disasters seem to have an affinity for significant coincidences!
I got the urge to place a little sign on my car window that simply says "Ps. 33" a while ago, before the hurricanes in the US. We know that the landfall of one was at -33, and the seismological activity in Calif. is at 33 degrees.
The 33rd Psalm warns not to trust in military strength alone for victory. Hmmmmm . . . .
I also am researching the details of a site in Texas at Lat. -100, Long. 33. It is about 150 miles west of Houston and I believe it is of some signifiance to this cause. Any input about this would be greatly appreciated!

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