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kerry 10-12-2011 07:58 PM

the bigest conspiracys of them all
the first one is when they landed on the moon.. am i right in saying that the deep freeze of space will not let cameras work in space... why??.. it runs on batterys right?.. batterys are heat right?.. in fact so is electricity..
electricity is heat. even if the camera is enclosed in a seald glass box.. have you ever tried to run a movie camera in 50 below cold. it starts once then stops and cant be started again because the small amount of heat generated will freeze up jaming the works.. next is the take off from the moon.. i remember the camera showing the take off on tv. which wont work in space anyway.. when the space ship took off it made a bang sound... there is no sound in space.. and wheres the camera. if it was set up to do it all be itself while everyone was in the ship. its not on the moon. and the moon on tv looks just like the whits sands national monument here on earth.

the next big lie is this one world order thing.. then this 2012 dooms day bs. its all to sell books online.. anf how can the mayans know anything about space the sun and moon was there gods. comon people use some common sense. now we got a poor lonely old man named harold camping trying to make us believe in doooms day.. when no such thing will happentill after the two witnesses in the bible come and preech for 3 and one half years.
in israel... this is whats going to happen... one will be taken one will be left.. two chatters willl be posting in this forum.. one will be taken one will be left.. and its happening now. i will tell you all of a talk i had with two people later in the week.. but for p sakes lets get back to common sense and whats believable.. does the example of this post tell you anything..

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