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Stevie the Fox 10-29-2011 08:05 AM

I guess I'm becoming kinda famous.....
"Steven J. Christopher, a god, has performed an important ritual in the American state of Arizona. He has sketched an outline of the United States on a dry rock and then used a symbolic gourd to pour ashes over this sketch, thereby spreading a gray patina of ashes from his American Spirit cigarettes (also emblematic) over both the rock, representing solidity, and the outline of the country, representing false unity.

This symbolic action will set off a chain of events which will eventually propel Steven J. Christopher to a position to replace the Rex Mundi, or King of the World, who currently resides in the lost cities of Agartha and Schamballah. As the transformation process unfolds, SJC will gradually transform into the Rex Mundi and will take up residence in an unidentifed and remotely inacessible place within the western zone of North America, a retreat that will become a citadel of power and control over all of the earth.

The ritualistic apotheosis of SJC is merely the kernel of what is to come. We have glimpsed a part of the future, and we must acknowledge that all great transformations have humble origins.

These events have been duly noted in the Mainland, and the Atlantide Races have begun to inscribe their separae names and evocations in the Grand Codex of Sentience, a bequethment to all mankind.

All hail this beginning. The Great Transformation has been launched!! "


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