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SeC 11-05-2011 07:05 AM

"Veterans Today" Accused Of Thwarting Israeli Plan
"Veterans Today" Accused Of Thwarting Israeli Plan

“Row Faster!”
Veterans Today Stands Accused, But Not of Enough

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

As the news fills with stories about Israel’s plan to attack nuclear weapons facilities in Iran, real or imagined, an October 27 story in Veterans Today, Iran and Israel Caught – Partnering in Nuclear Attack Ploy, laid bare their war plans based on a series of highly placed leaks.

There were so many “leakers”, Israel, Iran, Ukraine, US, that we hardly had time to talk to them all.

Why the leaks? Seldom in history has there been a war so few people actually want to fight.

As our initial report indicates, not only does Iran know it’s coming, they have agreed to “paint” the target themselves. They need it more than Israel does.

When we ask why, we descend into the murky world of finance where money disasters, as we have seen in the European Union, reeling from one Greek disaster to another, can be worse than any nuclear attack.

Big Wins - Big Losses - Often Depend on Manipulation
For Israel, the problem is “oil futures.” “Futures” aren’t really investments, they’re really bets, gambling, usually based on “insider knowledge” of a market.

The oil market is based on “supply and demand.” Economic circumstances controls supply and world economies are crashing and out of control, particularly in Europe but the United States as well, the two largest oil markets.

There is no demand for oil.

This leaves “supply.” Oil supplies are controlled two ways. Prices are pushed up by threats of war which could include damage or even purposeful attack on oil facilities as in Kuwait.

A more unique situation is Iran’s capability of shutting off supply by closing the Straits of Hormuz, the narrow waterway where oil tankers from the Persian Gulf must pass.
Iran totally controls it and Iran’s only real military capability other than having a 13 million man militia, is the thousands of missiles it has pointed at the Straits.

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