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Martin Timothy 11-06-2011 02:08 AM

Rene Peter Ulz, thrown from a cliff top to his death by blacks


Missing Austrian student, Brisbane Australia: Fortitude Valley police are seeking public assistance, to help locate a 28 year old Austrian student, who has not been seen since early Friday morning.

Rene Peter Ulz


Rene Peter Ulz was last seen outside the Birdie Num Num nightclub, in Gipps Street, Fortitude Valley about 12.45am on Friday 23 March 2007, about 3am a friend of Mr Ulz’s contacted him on his mobile.


At this time Mr Ulz stated he was lost, however he would try and get home to his unit in Russell Street, West End, Mr Ulz failed to return home, and has not been seen or heard from since.

Brisbane: Friday 13 April 2007. The body of Rene Peter Ulz, was found on inaccessible private property at the bottom of high cliffs at New Farm, darkies frequent that place, and it is common for them to throw people from the cliff tops .. The Queensland police just don't care!

Ian Moone 11-06-2011 08:08 AM

Re: Rene Peter Ulz, thrown from a cliff top to his death by blacks

darkies frequent that place, and it is common for them to throw people from the cliff tops

And you have evidence to back up this assertion how exactly?

It could not have been the Gypsies, Bikies, Polacks, Mafia, Triads, Zombies, etc etc etc...

Which blacks? African American Blacks? Aussie Aboriginal Blacks?, or recent African Blacks refugees? or Some other ethnic minority recently arrived here by boat from iraq?

Why your interest 5 years after the fact?

Little clue for you!

He's not a missing person - because his remains have been found, and IF a coroner has determined it a suspicious death then it is the subject of a homicide investigation which has a statutory legislated responsibility for Qld police to investigate with no statute of limitations, periodic cold case review, and no budgetary or manpower restrictions, in finding the guilty party.

Just look at the recent Daniel Morcome, missing child case in Qld - 8 years after the fact, they got their man.

If you think no one is "interested" - you are sadly mistaken.

Missing persons is something I know a little more about than most.

Going missing is not a crime - and without remains a person is a missing persons non crime.

Many families of missing persons WISH that remains could be found so that the legal position would change and Police would HAVE to care for the above legal stated reasons.

The family and friends of THIS unsolved homicide have a MUCH better chance of finding out who did this via the Police - than those families of long term missing - where no remains have been found, thus no crime exists, and there is no cold case reviews etc.

Tip for you also - when remains have been found - it's a homicide investigation with no statute of limitations - which means that by posting details here, you COULD be charged with interfering in an ongoing Police Investigation if Qld police had a mind to do so - something I get threatened with frequently on occasion - when searching for long term missing kids.

That's when the law is on my side - how do you charge someone with interefing in an ongoing police investigation into what - a missing persons non crime? Good luck getting a conviction in court on that one. ;)

There are legitimate reasons that going missing is not a crime - abused spouses can change their name by deed poll and that of their kids and move to new towns and enroll their kids under the new names in new schools etc - to avoid an abusive spouse situation - it's not illegal to go missing for that reason. Witnesses in Police protective custody get a new identity - they go missing and that's legal too!

Lastly govt intelligence operatives(spies) also lose their old identities in the missing persons cabinet at police head quarters when provided with new identities to go undercover behind enemy lines.

So you see, posting a link to this persons"missing persons page" is a mis-nomer, because he's not missing and that's an important distinction to make for legal reasons explained above in terms of legal liability of the original poster (and this website/forum owner as the publisher).

Good luck with solving your private homicide investigation!


Martin Timothy 11-06-2011 09:06 AM

Re: Rene Peter Ulz, thrown from a cliff top to his death by blacks
Sure it was darkies..


The murder of Hoera Te Kooti

Hoera Te Kooti 62 who was of the seafaring Moldi people of New Zealand left the Prince of Wales Hotel in Ipswich west of Brisbane Queensland, at 11.20 pm on the evening of Friday April 1 1999, after crossing the street he was attacked by a group of fifteen aboriginal teenagers, and bashed with a fence paling outside a Baptist church in Brisbane Street.

Mr Te Kooti who had been living in Ipswich for some time, suffered severe head and internal injuries and died in hospital the next day. The entire attack was recorded on security cam footage, which shows them going thru his pockets as he lay dying. One only of his attackers ever faced court!

April 12 2000 AAP: A 16-year-old youth was found not guilty of manslaughter by a Supreme Court jury he was reportedly seen in Ipswich a few days after the trial, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with Murder 1.

The plan is to prosecute the original offenders, and the police, politicians, judges and lawyers, who prevented the course of justice in relation to this matter!

Brisbane 2000: Taxi rank New Farm group of five young aboriginal people decide to jump ahead of me, I tell them do not go thinking they are going to jump the queue and trouble starts.

One slut gets in front, another comes up on my right, another my rear and two a man and a woman cut me off from the left, from the right, "...look at this c*** ...thinks he's white," I am in fact part aboriginal, Tasmanian on my fathers side, Mothers father was a mainland aboriginal from South Australia.

The same moll screaming filth to my front, my plan is to chop the one to the right but grab the one behind me from over my head, the two at left body language indicates that they are just gonna watch, probably already going over in their minds that their legal team will mitigate them out of serious consequences after I am murdered.

Just then a police vehicle pulls up opposite they melt into the night, these were from the same gang that murdered Mr Te Kooti.

January 2008, I am walking up the local suburban street going to the same taxi where five darkies ambushed me not long after Cliff Te Kooti was killed, a darkie spits on the ground when I pass him on the street ..! During this debate a black guy from Mackay in Queensland spat a big blob of slag out of his mouth just where I would have to put my foot when I got out of the vehicle, so I belted sh*t out of him.

2002 Rockhampton Queensland Australia: Black boy calls and wants to go bush walking with two white teenagers, he bludgeons both to death, nor did he see the inside of a courtroom, bleeding hearts describing his prior schizophrenia as cause, he is said to be free.

Christmas Day 2007, Western Australia …a group of seven blacks, attack and kill a white man playing sand lot cricket with his kids.

December 2007, some twenty or so blacks are in the news whoopin’ and hollerin as they attack a man who was walking up the street with his girlfriend, I intend to hang the lot, the schitzo no less .. Brings to mind similar cases where taped evidence means nothing specially when darkies are involved, see this blockbuster from 2003...

Boy got new shoes: Black boy eighteen years or so hurrying thru evening shoppers clutching a pair of used sneakers …he had taken them from the corpse of a sleeping white man aged twenty one he and his companion had attacked and killed, he was not charged, his companion got two years, yeah his companion was black.

Ian Moone 11-06-2011 09:18 AM

Re: Rene Peter Ulz, thrown from a cliff top to his death by blacks
Well I guess that proves it beyond any reasonable doubt then - what do you suggest we do? - kill all blacks?

After all - we never did anything like that to them - right?

List of massacres of Indigenous Australians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


And despite the posted link to his missing persons page, your friend ain't missing, he's been found already! :rolleyes:


Martin Timothy 11-06-2011 02:07 PM

Re: Rene Peter Ulz, thrown from a cliff top to his death by blacks

Originally Posted by Ian Moone (Post 77387)
After all - we never did anything like that to them - right?

If you did something to blacks it is a matter for you - Don't say "we" in relation to any crime against blacks, unless you want to present evidence, and then bring charges against me, I count twenty five black necks to snap - Fifteen for Te Kooti, two for the sleeping white man, seven more for the WA cricket kill, and the schitzo..
North Queensland July 1988, employed at Mackay Slipway
working on the Hay Point tugs, me and Bobby Lawson are walking to work along an esplanade that leads up to the slipway, a black guy is fishing from the seawall, his wife and child seated in a car parked beside him.

Bobby L is a Townsville man and was state president of the P&D's from 1984 until about '87 he was a popular president whose kindness and good manners were legion. As we draw abreast of the guy that was fishing Bobby says 'how are you going Mate' the filthy black **** dropped his trousers and exposed his black arse.

More sh*t from a Mackay black at Newlands mine in '96 the truck driver asked me to accompany him to Mackay we would be leaving early on the day I had off due to changing shift. It would give me something to do on my day off and since I had asked him prior about driving some of the gear, I would be able to drive the semi trailer into town and he would then drive back with the load on. We were working for Eagle Engineering a Gladstone based firm doing a shut down on a dragline at Newlands Coal Mine.

I turn up early for the trip into Mackay, adjacent to where the truck was parked a party was in progress the undesirable trash element were partying on. This element was at war with the rest of the community with loud drunken parties attended by thug trash, this trash element was at that time terrorising the truckie.

One particularly revolting creep an aboriginal from Mackay was sledging and abusing us, the driver had had to go and change his shirt already, someone had smeared blackjack, which is heavy grease used on the moving parts of a dragline, all over his seat and on the trucks steering wheel.

When we made our way out of the truck park this same creep throws a rolled up wad of rubbish at the truck it hits the window my side. We go into Mackay pick up the load return with no incident. Afternoon shift the following day Chicken Lauder the boss at Eagle says, as we turn up for work... 'don't go on the job boys, Johnny wants to talk to you all.' Johnny was the welding foreman, he had kept the day shift there he told us so we could all hear what he had to say.

He sounded something like this...
'Now listen up... since we've been here there has been nothing but ****, on the job...' Johnny was about forty years old, he was lean and dehydrated and his face was black from soot after welding all day, he wore hard toe Red Wing boots and his jeans were faded, his belt buckle attested to decades in the industry, while his check shirt evoked images of Steve McQueen in The Bounty Hunter, hard hat and mine issue sunglasses completed the picture,

He was laying down the law in a big way...
'and in the camp now I'm fuggin sick of it... If you want to fuggin play.. or if you want to fuggin play fuggin games well I'm the gamest **** here... if any of you all want to **** about well the way to do that is to fight... now if you all have got any guts... or if all you are is a mob of ****s... the way to find that out is to fight... any more **** or any more crap or if any **** reckons he is good enough... then fight...' this went on for a while then Johnny hops into his ute and off he goes.

Chicken tells us to go onto the job and he gives one the task of using degreaser to clean a bull gear, part of the propel mechanism of the dragline. I am doing that for a while when along comes Eric the dude that threw the wad of trash at the truck the previous morning. I tell him he does not want to go throwing things, he gets super nigger trashy says what the **** I tell him I am an expert in throwing my knuckles around and did he want to try throwing something now.

He advances and I
belt the him right in the mouth, he has his guard up so instead of following up with another fist to the head I give him a backhander then get him in a headlock, he is struggling hard and I don't want to chance him wriggling free so I kick his legs out from under him seeing to it that his head is rubbed hard against the teeth of the bull gear going down and my weight prevents him getting his balance as I drive his face hard into the ground where the blackjack and degreaser have pooled.

He is trying to breathe but is only filling his lungs with dirt. Chicken Lauder is screaming... 'let him go Martin let him go...' I don't let him go so a giant Kiwi rigger picks both me and him up then I let him go. Then I raised my arm. That's how I dealt with an uppity blackfella at Newlands Mine.

Martin Timothy 11-06-2011 03:32 PM

Re: Rene Peter Ulz, thrown from a cliff top to his death by blacks
As well as those twenty five, and their respective legal teams, who conspired with the police to prevent justice, all for trial then the rope, so will the Ulz matter, yield that many more darkies to hang.

There are usually about that many, loitering around the places at the cliff tops - postulate that the lot of them attacked and killed, then each and every one of the police in the district, will be required to explain their non-response!

911 Australia - TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg - Pizza - Woodledoodledoo

Before we get to the Mossad terror group Kurzberg, they were the ones filming the 911 attacks from New Jersey, amid "evident Jewbilation!"

Christ knows how many J's will get it in the neck over that, but it will substantially reduce the Jew population of New Farm by legal execution, that we do know!

While the retribution to be levied against the political lobby, that both encourages black violence, and allows the Kurzbergs safe passage, will necessarily entail the trial thence execution, of virtually the entire political wing of the Australian, and Queensland Governments!

Ian Moone 11-06-2011 10:03 PM

Re: Rene Peter Ulz, thrown from a cliff top to his death by blacks
That "story" is from 23 years ago, for goodness sakes! :rolleyes:

You do realize of course that it's a jail-able offense to publish race hatred (against anyone but including dark skinned races) in Australia on any forums of the internet in any country - and that you've signed up under your own name?

About the only thing the Oz police in Brisbane, Qld Australia will be doing, is locking you up most likely. :eek:

That's a smart move - giving them all the evidence they need n black and white - ready to prosecute!

You must be one half of the "dumb and dumber" duo?


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