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john 12-05-2004 04:15 AM

A must read.
This is what seems to me a very basic information on the secret war of a luciferiankind elit against humanity.

marypopinz 12-05-2004 12:07 PM

Re: A must read.
Yikes, Scooby!

A must read is A MUST READ.

I have spent the last few days learning about the world on the net. I'm a book junkie and the net is a dream come true 4 me.

Children have and will always be a target in the Satanist mind. Children are the future they would like to completely control. I believe Hitler attempted to brainwash the youth. I have also come to the conclusion that some of the proginy of his thought patterns are alive and running the show, just beneath the surface of our "free" world.

Down in the states, they're flagging free citizens to round up pre-martial law and post martial law. Apparently the same thing is happening here in Canada. There are talks of secret concentration camps that have already been erected and boxcares with shackles and guilotines.

The banking boys seem to be propping up the Canadian dollar in preparation for the rise in interest rates that is to set the U.S. on it's knees, into an awful economic depression, under the iron fist of martial law.

Canada sells to the U.S. and we need to think about that one for a moment. Think of the taxes on our lumber, the natural gas that is stolen by both their government and our own, the Canadian water being sold by American companies to Americans.

Yellowstone Park is anothing disturbing thought. The possibility of an eruption of that magnitude.

Thinking about the effects of nuclear testing on the Van Allen belts and the new belts that have been created. Thinking about the chemtrails and the flouridated water system.

Thinking about God. :-)

What must God think about this? :-o

God is allowing us to see with our own eyes the evils of our society which are preying on the future, our future. The future of our children is what the parent of society needs to concern themselves with.

My life used to be made up of things, now it is created by relationships with people; my family and my friends. I am truly blessed.

Advertising made the world sing the coke song and the cocaine is definitely blowing around North America.

From: <>
Subject: An apology to the editor from Mary XXX, Canuckistan (Canada-53rd state)
Sent: December 4, 2004 10:19:13 PM

Please accept my humblest apologies...

When I was a child, I learned the Canadian national anthem and believed it meant something. I was naive enough to believe that the words, "Our true north strong and free", were true.

When I was a child, I was taught with love and compassion, the faith of Christianity and that Jesus loves every child and God created all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small.

Who are we, as Christians, to bomb and invade sovereign nations? Canadians may no longer excuse the actions of their government nor the improprieties of those governments of neighbouring "friendly" nations.

I am so sorry. My song is my way of apology.


Mary XXX

Do you know the way to Iraq (San Hose)

Do you people not understand what conscription is in Saddam Husseini land
I've got friends who fought in the wars; they believed it was justice that they were fighting for
When a man is trained to fight by taking from him six years of his life
He's a trained mercenary
Protecting his own land from what could be...
The lies he sees

Uncle Sam has his eyes on their oil - sending our boys to death, the truth is certain to be told
Children dying, fathers fighting, occupation that they just wont stand anymore
What the hell is peace and justice? What is this world coming to my dear?
Everyday another son dies,
Sexy dossiers and too many lies
Osama who? Iraq is blue!

I'm not going stand for this sh*t
911 a farce - they knew they were going hit
I've got kids and I am a mom; what the hell would I do if I knew I were to be bombed
Iraqi women cry and pray - begging God for just another day
When a page in history turns
Ignorance will certainly learn
The truth will be for all to see

Iraq is just another Vietnam but they wont pull out this time, they're going steal all that they can
Cheney's got his oil company - contractor fraud - its going to be a sham, just wait and see
Rebuild Iraq, now that's a joke; Argentina - didn't they go broke?
Its all about utilities
Mass enslavement and monopolies
Open your eyes, big business lies

Education is the answer - children must learn racism is societies cancer
In all places there is good and bad - they're just faces, cultures, children, armies and races
Money is the God of choice - who will give the children a voice
Mum is bread out of society
What has happened to democracy
The working poor are blind no more.

forever searching that 100th monkey
a concerned Canadian mum XXX

sablefish 12-05-2004 06:54 PM

Re: A must read.
I read it all and enjoyed every word of it.. Like a breath of fresh air... You are right marypopinz.. a Must Read.

Great find john.. Keep up the good work.. Pleeeze.

Johnny_Reb 12-13-2004 06:08 PM

Re: A must read.

john wrote:
This is what seems to me a very basic information on the secret war of a luciferiankind elit against humanity.

While LaRouche makes some very good points, he completely discredits himself with his roosevelt worship. He also equates truman, and others as being on the political right, which they most certainly were not. The fact is that the political left, socialists, communists, and now neo-cons (who are anything but conservative) have been running the U.S. exclusively since wilson took office. With wilson the fraudulent federal reserve system, and income tax were enacted, which put the central bankers in complete control of the U.S. politically. They then engineered the depression of the 1930’s, and got roosevelt elected by running him as a traditional conservative during the campaign. Of course, once he was in office he showed his true colors as being a socialist to the core, and enacted many purely socialist programs, social security being just one example. He also packed the supreme court with activist judges, who completely abandoned the principle of stare decisis, and began the reign of judicial tyranny we are under now. He also goaded the Jap’s into attacking Pearl Harbor, and thus involving the U.S. in WWII, which it never would have entered without such an event. Given just the basic areas where LaRouche is wrong, it leaves one wondering if he is a disinformation agent, an idiot, or just plain historically ignorant.

Here are some of his more idiotic points.

“I'm a veteran of World War II. And I came back from overseas to the United States in 1946, in the spring of '46. And I came back to a United States which had changed: It was no longer a Roosevelt-led nation; it was a Truman-led nation--actually a Harriman-led nation. And we'd gone through a great right-wing turn, away from Roosevelt. And in the process, over a period of time, there was a great effort to destroy the Franklin Roosevelt tradition in the Democratic Party.

People around the world saw this, at the time. Leading people said, "What a disaster." They looked forward to a post-war period with Franklin Roosevelt's policies, and thought the United States would be the great benefactor of the world, in helping to organize a new world system, which would be more just. We went the other way.”

In actuality, it was still a nation of roosevelt’s policies. Even though roosevelt was dead, truman, who was just as committed a socialist as was roosevelt, continued to carry out his socialist policies. The latter paragraph of the above quote shows that LaRouche is either a complete idiot, or just plain historically ignorant, since the U.N. (useless nations) was created ASAP after the war to further roosevelt’s, or more correctly the people who were running roosevelt’s ideas for a N.W.O. LaRouche states that the U.S. was in opposition to the N.W.O. or as he calls it “new world system”, when in fact the U.S. is the only reason the U.N. has not collapsed in on itself financially.

“ Especially from the late 1960s on, there was a drive, inside the Democratic Party, to {eradicate and uproot} the influence of Franklin Roosevelt's tradition, to turning away from the lower 80% of family-income brackets, and disregard for the largest minorities in the United States. We took the largest minorities, we essentially shoved them off, or tried to use them. We disregarded the lower 80% of our family-income brackets, who were becoming poorer and poorer by the year. So, we no longer had an organized party at the base.”

This has got to be the most idiotic thing LaRouche has ever said. The DemoRat party swung so far to the left during the 1960’s that it should have been renamed the communist party. No one with even half sense would ever describe either kennedy, or lbj’s policies as anything but far left. Of course given the state that we’re in today, kennedy’s policies could be considered rather conservative, but they are not traditionally conservative, and were, and still are very liberal/socialist.

“But, over the period of time, especially since 1962-64, we have cut ourselves off from this, and, I'm sorry to say, that in the United States, a small but very well-organized, hard-core right wing--and some degree in Europe, too--is now on top, in terms of controlling the dynamic.”

Again, LaRouche demonstrates that he has no idea what he’s talking about. The political left has been in complete control of the U.S. since the election of wilson. In truth, the political left, backed by the central bankers, have been in control since the election of lincoln (spit) who made it possible for them to take complete control by overthrowing the existing legitimate government, which was composed of a weak general government which was granted only limited powers, delegated to it by the States, which were then still Sovereign States. Of course, I didn’t mean to go this far back in history in this post, but in order to understand what has happened in the last century, you have to understand the events that made it possible, and in order to have a really complete understanding (at least of the history of the U.S.), you should study back to the colonial period, and The Revolutionary War. There was an ideological split after The Revolutionary War in the former colonies, now Sovereign States aligned into a Confederation under The Articles of Confederation. The two opposing sides were the Federalists, and the Anti-Federalists. Were it not for the Anti-Federalists, there would never have been a Bill of Rights. If you’re really interested in understanding why what has happened in the political history has happened, I would suggest you start by reading both The Federalist Papers, and the Anti-Federalist Papers.

marypopinz 12-13-2004 06:36 PM

Re: A must read.
Thanx for deeper understanding. This is why media is so important. If the media reported the truth, history might stand a chance of being recorded accurately.

What a quagmire to wade through.
Truth always comes to light.

mary XXX

666 12-13-2004 07:03 PM

Re: A must read.
It's all about the 3 Ms


Control the first and you will control the
other two and then control all.

The US politicians say Irak is now ready for an election ... this means they have already
bought up or control all the key media in Irak paid for the new printers the NWO control ...

remember the "president" now in charge is

former CIA and this is admitted !

sablefish 12-13-2004 07:38 PM

Re: A must read.
It seems to me Roosevelt provoked the attack on Pearl Harbor.. Also, he had knowledge that it was going to happen.. It seems like the same kind of deal Clinton and Bush did to us.. After all the 9/11 plan took five years to complete.. Clinton was in on it too.

I agree with LaRouche for the most part..I reject his ideas about Roosevelt being a good guy.. Hell he involved us in WWII so that his banking buddies at the FED could loan us suckers some money to finance the war..

I like LaRouche.. other than that.

nohope187 12-13-2004 09:30 PM

Re: A must read.
Johnny-Reb, you da man! :-P It's refreshing to read history as it really happened and not some revisionist BS. Unfortunately, 98 percent of the world does'nt know and does'nt care and that's why history repeats itself. :-(

Johnny_Reb 12-13-2004 11:47 PM

Re: A must read.

sablefish wrote:

I agree with LaRouche for the most part..I reject his ideas about Roosevelt being a good guy.. Hell he involved us in WWII so that his banking buddies at the FED could loan us suckers some money to finance the war..

I like LaRouche.. other than that.
You better take a closer look at LaRouche. While I agree that he does bring up some good points, he is still way, way, way off the mark on a lot of the more important topics he brings up. Those that I addressed in the previous post are so blatently obvious that anyone should be able to spot them. I've not really paid LaRouche much attention, even though I remember hearing about him when I really started getting interested in politics in the early to mid 70's. I do know that virtually everyone considered him to be slightly off his rocker, and by virtually everyone I mean I mean real conservatives (not the neo-cons, or as I prefer to call them pseudo-cons), real classical liberals (now refered to as libertarians) and the contemporary liberal (a socialist in everything but name).

After reading that interview with him, I now know why so many, from so many disparate points of view would consider him to be off his rocker. In that interview, he attempts to adopt ideas that would appeal to every political point of view, and still appear to be outside the political mainstream. This leads me to believe that he is either a complete nut case, or a political opportunist hoping to grab disgruntled voters from all across the political spectrum, which would make him a very dangerous man if he ever were elected. Someone that tries to appeal to everyone, in order to obtain enough votes to gain office, has no principles, and is therefore very dangerous. The current occupiant of the imperial residence in Washington town is a good example of just such a man, even though his strategy for gaining the imperial residence was slightly different, and unfortunatly more successful.

Johnny_Reb 12-14-2004 12:08 AM

Re: A must read.

nohope187 wrote:
Johnny-Reb, you da man! :-P It's refreshing to read history as it really happened and not some revisionist BS. Unfortunately, 98 percent of the world does'nt know and does'nt care and that's why history repeats itself. :-(
Thanks, I just call it the way I see it, which is rather unusual in these ultra PC times. I was lucky enough to have missed a lot of the dumbing down of the schools when I was in elementary and high school, and got taught real histroy, and not this PC nonsense that they are pushing now. Of course even when I was in school they were teaching a preliminary form of PC, that being the damnedyankee myth about the origins of The War of Northern Aggression. Fortunatly, my dad noted the nonsense they were teaching on that subject, and taught me better, and through studies on my own have learned a lot more of the actual truth about the destruction of The American Repubilc of Republics.

I see that you are located near Knoxville. I used to live not too awful far from there myself back in the 60's, in Morristown.

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