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love2 02-04-2012 12:29 PM this going to work??
SYMPHONIOUS7..LETS see if this works..well i believe in god and jesus..i also believe in abductions being a past one..I believe in the paranormal and demons cause they live here ...More topic i am interested in is the accurance of the end time events,,earthquakes,the sun,aliens,ect....that is who i am..Hey guess what symphonious i was a musician at one time as well..thats a picture of me my avatar...but its a really bad one and very

well this is me hope this workd....lets we go...:D

cc.speedman 02-10-2012 08:32 AM

Re: this going to work??
Hello : i'm a professional hacker and i have for all good and fresh, live 100% :
i sell us uk ca au eu asian.......all fresh & good 100%...v.v
Yh : cc.speedman

List cc i have and frice i have :
Us ( vis,mas ) = 3$/1cvv
Us ( dis,amex ) =5$/1
Uk ( vis,mas ) = 8$/1

Au = 10$/1
Ca = 10$/1
Eu = 20$/1
Asia = 20$/1

I sure u will happy if bussiness with me .
I only accept WU, MoneyGram and LR
But with MoneyGram i only accept > 50$ , if < 50$ i only accept Lr

If u are seller pls don't contact me, if u don't buy from me pls don't contact me .
I very hate do spam or rip and i don't want who spam me..
Thanks read my thread . Hope u can read right before contact me
See u soon . Let's contact ==>>Y!H : cc.speedman

thanks and good day!

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