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Martin Timothy 03-01-2012 06:17 AM

War Crimes Vietnam - Charge four Australians under the Geneva Protocol..

My name is Martin Timothy, I served in Vietnam as an an Infantry Medic, in Eleven Platoon D Company, of the 8th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, from November 1969 until November 1970.


20 December 1969, in the forested area adjacent to the Courtney Rubber Plantation, twenty two Ks north of the Australian base at Nui Dat, astride the border of Phoc Tuy and Long Khan provinces.

The Australian sentry fired at a group of enemy, who departed firing back as they did so, the sentry was adamant that he hit the soldier he fired upon, a clearing patrol searched the area and found nothing.
Throughout the day and on into the night, moans betrayed the presence of a wounded man beyond our perimeter .. exciting the pity of Private Henry Kennell, who called for a medic to go forward to his aid, I packed my medical supplies and rose to go forward.

Lieutenant Adrian Lombardo ordered me to resume my defensive position, and asserted that no one was to leave the perimeter .. early in the morning of the following day, Pte Kennell came to the Lieutenant, and pleaded that he might guide me to the man, so we could administer aid and see to his safe evacuation!

I hurried to Pte Kennell, and proceeded in the direction of the injured man .. the Officer ordered me to resume my position, and reiterated his command that no aid be given .. he ordered a killer group assembled, who would go forth and kill the man, I said no way and proceeded in his direction.

Telling them I was gonna fix this man, and see to it that he was properly repatriated to hospital care, and that I joined the Army to be a soldier not a fukken murderer, and like it or fukken not, I was going to bring aid to this man .. Sergeant Peter Buckney who was chewing gum open mouthed, grinning ear to ear.

Elated at the opportunity to kill an injured man, went for his M16 rifle, his body language suggesting he was gonna shoot me .. I stood mute .. a group under Cpl Poulson went forth and murdered him .. Capital murder charges under Geneva War Crimes Legislation, should be brought against Adrian Lombardo, Peter Buckney, Kevin Poulson, and Raymond Colgrave!

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