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Martin Timothy 03-25-2012 09:30 PM

JFK Update - Abraham Bolden identified with the MLK's on the GK..

Martin Luther and Coretta King, in a snipers nest Dallas Texas 22 November 1963, at the killing of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Mrs Kennedy had invited them into her home at the White House, just weeks before!


Download The Moorman Polaroid large file .. .. Use photo enhancement software to enlarge and process the image, to see the assassin's faces emerge at left screen, behind the picket fence.

Quote: Mary Moorman said she heard about eight shots from the Grassy Knoll, it appears there were that many shooters, including Dallas Police Officer Joe Smith, who fired a shotgun from the corner of the rotunda wall, see the Badgeman pic in the story above!



The African face behind and to Coretta King's left, is Abraham Bolden, the first African American Secret Service agent assigned to the Presidential detail.


Scoop: Detailed analysis of the file has revealed about another six muzzle flashes behind the picket fence, other than the one marked in red .. the bit that intrigues me is the figure perched between ML and Coretta, who looks for all the world like Charles Frederick Rogers squinting down the sights of a snipers rifle, however the proportion is all squeuiff .. anyone got any ideas??

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