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Solve et Coagula 02-14-2013 04:24 AM

Paul Eisen – On holocaust Victim Supremacy – Updated
Paul Eisen – On holocaust Victim Supremacy – Updated

We Once Again Revisit the Greastest Psy Ops Event of the 20th Century

… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor … featuring Paul Eisen

” Here’s looking at you “
Sure, I know some of you might be thinking…”Why do we need to go back into this snake pit again?’”

Thanks for asking, because there is a good reason. The holocaust smokescreen is still being used by certain people to commit crimes for which they tell us the big H is their get out of jail card. And no one is allowed to do this…but them.

We don’t publish things here without a reason. We recently had the humiliating display of a defeated Republican Party thinking that the best way back into the leadership saddle was by reading their AIPAC crib notes well during the Hagel Senate hearing.

The Lobby that does not exist is hankering to show everybody that they are still feared and can car jack the American political process, maybe not all the time, but a lot.
There is always a line of American helpers wishing to display their willingness to subvert the democratic process of their own country if some goodies are provided. In Congress they wear knee pads so they are easier to spot.

The Israelis shot themselves in both feet starting with their taking a world wide beating on the Palestinan UN vote. At the same time Netanyahu was playing chickein with his Likud-NeoCon ploy to intimidate Obama into getting onboard an Iran attack in return for their ‘maybe’ not killing his second term. Yeah. You could trust people like this. Just look at their record.

To shore up their tough guy image prior to the recent elections the Likuds expanded their settlement programs, some old fashioned vote buying there, and yet still lost 25% of their seats despite teaming up with Leiberman’s racist party.

But the self destructing Israelis have not changed their spots. They just formed a new nationalist party and have hooked up with the settlement thugs to increase their chances of getting some good ministries under their control.

They basically are all maneuvering to get into the best position to rob each other to the best of their ability. This is one of the reasons that ‘WWII victims’, over a third of them are eating in soup kitchens.

They are fighting over who are going to be the officers on the Israeli Titanic. Ok, I know some of you are thinking I am hyping now, but I have the perfect cover. In the Oscar nominated film, The Gatekeepers, all the living Shin Ben chiefs agreed that the continued occupation of the Palestinians was dooming the future of Israel. I feel very comfortable using them as references.

These Shin Bet leaders are not optimistic regarding ‘enlightened political leadership’ being delivered any time soon by angels. In the film they showed how they felt their political class had betrayed them by never really intending to want peace because they would lose their main tool for dominating the public which peace would take away.

The elite Jewish mobsters exploit their own people by playing the eternal victims, the Iran outside boogeyman, and hustling America which always has to be made to heel, to keeping dishing out the money fighting for Israel and ruining our own future.

Part of America’s accepting all of this like the walking dead is because more and more, voters have been “do anything the Lobby tells you to do or you will be a bad person.” The Christian Zionists are a separate situations, traitors to their own country.

The Lobby people and their disloyal minions invest a lot of effort keeping the door locked on folks finding out the depths to which they have been scammed. They know there will be a terrible retribution with they find out, and they are right.

We need to move that date forward folks, because America is part of the West Bank, in it’s own way.

Girls of the IDF – Ready to defend the occupation and Israel’s WMD stockpiles
The War for the Spirit
… by Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen
We are entitled to search for the truth.
The real crime committed by the National Socialists – the exclusion, disempowerment, deportation, enslavement, death by omission and by commission and expulsion of a people simply because they were that people – was a terrible one.

One does not need gas chambers to make the targeting of Jews, just because they are Jews, extraordinary and unacceptable.

Nonetheless, if this targeting did not extend to extermination, if there were no gas chambers and if six million Jews did not die, then we should know it and, if necessary, address the implications.

If there is some reason why we should not investigate this matter, then the onus is on those who would deny us that right, to say why. Those who would deny us that right have tried to say why, but in my view they have failed miserably.

But what does it matter how many Jews were murdered and in what way and with what intention? A murder is a murder and one murder is one murder too many. What difference will it make whether the Holocaust is proven or not?

Will it have any affect whatsoever on the status and attitudes of Israel or on its behavior towards the Palestinians – issues on which we pressingly need to focus?

But the Holocaust is not just murder. Nor is it just mass murder. Nor is it even just genocide. There have been plenty of murders, mass murders and even genocides, but none have been memorialized like the Holocaust. The Holocaust is held to be the worst crime in human history, and this is not because more people were killed or because they were killed more brutally or more senselessly.

Three million Polish Jews are held to have died in the Holocaust. Three million Polish non-Jews also died in the same period of history – yet the Jews, as evidenced by the memorialisation accorded them, are seen as more important. Fifty million people died in the Second World War, including twenty million Russians, ten million Germans and Austrians and six million Jews. Yet only the Jews warrant a “Holocaust”’.

Is this because it was only Jews who were targeted for obliteration simply because they were Jews, and because it was only Jews who were exterminated in such a cool, premeditated and modern fashion by such an advanced, liberal and enlightened nation in the heart of Christian Europe?

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