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10-16-2005 05:59 PM

SUA: Block Silver Price Explosion

Friday, October 14, 2005 -

The Silver Users Association (SUA) is urging the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stop Barclays from creating a silver backed Exchange Traded Fund, according to Reuters. In a desperate move to block the ETF, the association made a plea to the SEC that argued that the economy could suffer if silver prices spike.

Barclays filed a registration to create the first silver ETF, however it is still pending regulatory approval. The Silver ETF would be similar to the popular gold ETFs, which are responsible for purchasing about 250 tons of gold worth $3.4 billion. The trust would take delivery of millions of ounces of silver bullion and store it in England. However, some speculators believe that there isn’t enough silver stored above ground to fulfill investment demand for a silver ETF. If the ETF is blocked for this reason, it could be seen as a bullish confirmation for investors.

The SUA was created in 1947 to lobby for companies that purchase and consume silver. Admitting that supplies are tight, the SUA fears that taking silver from exchange warehouses could be enough to set off a shortage. “We don't endorse a silver ETF because of the potential liquidity problems it would create,” the SAU wrote.

The admission by the SUA is astonishing given that all the major players in the silver industry have maintained for a number of years that the silver is plentiful and that the analyses of silver bulls as regards supply were wrong. In admitting that supplies are tight, not only does the SUA vindicate a long-standing argument of the silver bulls it also comes perilously close to an admission that the market has indeed been controlled by those forces which have wanted low, steady prices. By turning to the SEC, the SUA is admitting that the status quo - manipulated as it apparently is - should be continued by any means possible. Unfortunately, a manipulated price is, by defintion, a price that must rise somehow, someday. Perhaps, say the silver bulls, that day is now.

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