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SeC 05-31-2013 04:11 PM

The Cosmic meaning of Marriage
The Cosmic meaning of Marriage

Encyclopedia for Questions concerning Daily Life

In order to understand what true religion is, I must draw closer to the light, warmth and life of the sun.

That is to say, I must seek the wisdom which enlightens me and resolves all problems, the disinterested love which beautifies, encourages and consoles me, and the subtle, spiritual life which renders me active, dynamic and daring, so that I may realize the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness on earth.
And no one can contest this religion: if I try to destroy it destroys myself, because I restrict myself.

When this understanding of a universal religion penetrates every mind, the whole organisation of life will become universal: all separation between human beings will cease to exist, including borders and wars.

As I come to know the sun in its sublime expression of light, warmth and life, human beings will draw closer and closer to the Divinity, and they will transform the earth into a garden of Eden where all will live as brothers and sisters.
Everyone must accept this universal religion, this brotherhood which the sun teaches us.

Initiatic Science teaches me that in the natural world, religion, science and art are all one.

However, they have been separated to such an extent that conflicts between them have been created, and it is human beings who are responsible for this grave error.

As long as they are kept separate, my understanding of life will always be incomplete.

Science, religion and art form a unity, thanks to which I can blossom fully.
Science fulfils a need of the intellect; religion fulfils a need of the heart; and art fulfils the need of the will to express, create and construct.
These needs are closely linked, because my thoughts become my feelings and, finally, my actions.

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