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Martin Timothy 07-20-2013 02:42 AM

GW Bush, HST, Depp, Ralph Steadman, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Children of the Fold


There is a story goin' around George W Bush is the only survivor of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, that a bunch of good 'ol boys in Brownsville Texas had formed an outlaw motorcycle group, who were approached by a movie producer and persuaded to attend their club house wearing colors.

Unbeknown to them the theme of the movie was that another rival motorcycle gang and they were at war, to which end while the Brownsville boys were all dressed up and the cameras were rolling, killers wearing suspender overalls and pigs head masks arrived with chainsaws, and hacked fifteen of them to death.

Scuttlebutt has it GWB was a member of the Brownsville group, while the "official story" is that he never attended the club house meet on the night of the attack!
Notwithstanding The Onion publishes off center news, this report must be taken seriously in the light of allegations that have been around since before GWB became Governor of Texas!,397/

March 8, 2000 | ISSUE 36•08


SUNNYVALE, CA–Telling reporters and critics to "stick to the issues that matter," Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush declined to answer questions Monday concerning his alleged involvement in a 1984 Brownsville, TX, mass murder, in which 17 people were ritualistically murdered and skinned. ..George W. Bush: Brownsville Satanic Cult Member, by Sheman Skolnik

Bush lashes out at critics who "insist on harping on bygones when Americans are hurting today."


"I will not stoop to discussing that," said Bush during a campaign stop at a Bay Area software packaging plant. "We've got people across this country without health care, a broken educational system, taxes that are way too high, and all you want to talk about is something that may or may not have happened 16 years ago? I'm sorry, but I find that offensive."

The Bush campaign has found itself increasingly dogged by what is being dubbed "The Mass-Murder Issue." On April 3, 1984, 17 members of Children Of The Fold, a fringe religious group, were found brutally murdered in the basement of the Brownsville apartment building they used as their temple.


The bodies were badly mutilated, many with skin removed, and numerous severed legs were nailed to a wall in the configuration of a seven pointed star, the cult's symbol. Many of the victims' hearts and brains were cut out.
Bush, who lived in the same neighborhood as the sect and reportedly attended several of its meetings, disappeared the night of the slayings and resurfaced three days later, saying that he had "taken a trip to clear his head."

A pen from Bush's oil company was found to have been used as a gouging tool in a victim's eye socket, and bloody footprints at the scene were found to match a pair of Bush's shoes. The future governor of Texas was never formally charged, and in October 1984, after a six month investigation, the case was ruled a mass suicide.

The issue leapt to the fore again on March 1, when, during a campaign stop in Cheektowaga, NY, Bush lashed out at a reporter who asked if he would "ever directly address these lingering allegations once and for all."

"Now look," Bush said, "I've been asked about this repeatedly the past few months, and I'm going to say this once and for all: This campaign is about tax reform, it's about strengthening our military, and it's about restoring our nation's traditional core values. This has nothing to do with some terrible, unfortunate event that certain opponents of mine are saying I was involved in nearly 20 years ago."

The grim 1984 murder scene.


Bush then reiterated his hardline anti mass murder stance. "I abhor mass murder. I find it morally repugnant and deeply reprehensible," Bush said. "Of all the major presidential candidates, I have taken the strongest public stance on this issue, speaking out against it time and time again over the years. And, if elected president, I will do continue to do everything in my power to bring this issue to the fore."

Despite the remarks, Bush was again pressed on the issue two days later during a stop in Springfield, MA. Asked by a Boston Globe reporter to explain the bite marks on three of the victims that perfectly matched Bush's dental records, the candidate said: "Look, you guys, I'm just not going to get in the gutter with you and play that game.

If you're interested in slinging mud, that's fine, but you can count me out. The voters of America want to hear me talk about my plan for sustained, long term economic growth, not about whose face I supposedly ate years before I became involved in politics.


According to political pundits, Bush's dodging of the mass murder question has damaged his campaign.
"When Bush refuses to answer one way or the other, he comes off as a shady politician who cannot be trusted," said Robert Novak of CNN's The Capital Gang. "He also comes off as an insane mass murderer who kills lots of people and eats them."

Even before his latest round of remarks, Bush's credibility was tarnished. On Jan. 20, during a radio interview on Pittsburgh's KDKA, he said he has "not committed a single mass murder in the past 16 years"–just one day after making a similar comment mentioning 15 years .. Novak said that at this point, Bush would better off coming clean with any wrongdoing.

"Hiding the truth, in many ways, does more harm to Bush than simply confessing to the slayings would," Novak said. "A lot of voters feel he could bolster his campaign by admitting his guilt, expressing regret, and moving on. The way he's running the campaign now, he comes off as disingenuous and secretive. No one wants that in a president." #
Feedback .. The Onion is not news, it's satire.


News harboring behind a facade of satire is no new thing, George W Bush became Governor then President while this business was hanging over his head, allegations of a homosexual scandal involving murder continue to dog Obama.

The Zionists firstly set up the incrimination then endorse guilty ppl as politicians, who do just as they are commanded else the incriminating material is taken up by the mainstream media, via Zionist clones like Seymor Hersch for instance.

As to the actual massacre of seventeen ppl in Brownsville, Israeli massacre specialists the Mistarivim under the command of Joe Vialls, aka Ari ben Menashi likely did it, like they did Amish County, Columbine and VA Tech massacres in the US, Port Arthur in Australia, Beslan in the former Soviet Union and Dunblane in Scotland.

Vialls / Ben Menashi faked his own death in Australia in 2005, to emerge thereafter as internet journalist Sorcha Faal, he is an internet addict who posts under female pseudonyms, though at other times he pretends to be a man!
"Feedback" ..I have the DVD and yet to watch it.


There appears to be a "hot" version that has been shown at clandestine viewings and underground cinemas, and a "cold" version more suitable for general exhibition, the "hot" version was shown at a place called Sh*t Street in Hawaii, witnesses asserted the killing was genuine!

Martin Timothy 07-20-2013 02:43 AM

Re: GW Bush, HST, Depp, Ralph Steadman, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Children of the


“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!” Hunter S. Thompson.


Paul Bonacci pictured in the montage at right, said he murdered Nicholas at the Bohemian Grove while Hunter S Thompson pictured at left with Johnny Depp filmed, Rusty Nelson middle pic says HST paid him 100,000 dollar$ a time, to film snuff killings to the tune of around fifty dead!


Johnny Gosh was kidnapped from Des Moines Iowa on September 5, 1982, his image was published on some billions of milk cartons across the USA, sometime after the event he was photographed in company with George HW Bush then Vice President of the United States!

Gosh was subsequently to become a member of the White House Press Corps under the name Jeff Gannon, while he continued to maintain a homosexual relationship with George W Bush then United States President.

The Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch story broke 2:29 am Sunday February 20, 2005, the day Rusty nelson was released from prison, at the end of the day Hunter S Thompson aged 67 years, was dead from an allegedly self inflicted gunshot. Postulate a news reporter contacted HST re Nelson's allegations, he agreed to talk if the money was right.

To establish his credentials he verified the Gannon Gosch material, the reporter contacted his boss to see if he wanted to pay for the story, like maybe it went as high as Rupert Murdoch or Ted Turner .. whoever it was decided Thompson "had to go," he was an insider after all since Nelson and Bonacci both said he was part of the snuff network.

After that Thompson realized what he had done and knew his fate was sealed, his wife recounts he had no intentions of committing suicide however he was certain he could be "suicided" .. she was speaking with him on the telephone, he put the phone down maybe to answer a knock, she said she heard a muffled bang and remained waiting for his reply which never came.

Martin Timothy 07-20-2013 02:44 AM

Re: GW Bush, HST, Depp, Ralph Steadman, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Children of the


Artist Ralph Steadman described as Hunter S Thompson’s “companion,” appears to have been at the alleged April 3, 1984, massacre of seventeen members of The Children of the Fold religious group at Brownsville Tx.

Steadman has a method of tucking vowels under the bar of the capital T, as in the lettering of “A CHARGE TO KEEP” witnessed at the Brownsville crime scene, as well the EA in Steadman as it appears in his signature, resembles the EE in KEEP, insofar as the first character is smaller than the next, surely identifying him as the calligrapher!

Johnny Depp similarly blows HST's horn .. we say he was likely involved in the snuff porno as well!
Update, April 3, 2014 ..


Guthrie Govan at right and his rhythm man Gianluca Ferro, give the two finger spread largely associated with Satanism .. Govan appears to be connected to Ralph Steadman via Gonzo Music, while Steadman's connections to Hunter S Thompson are well known, as are HST's connections to snuff porn .. surely it leaves the boys open to suspicion!

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