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ManchurianDisclosure 03-12-2014 04:06 PM

Illuminati Forged Passport Ring Exposed (Illuminati Global Logistics Network Cell)
Illuminati World Wide Logistics System Cracked Down
If I remember correctly one of the Cops charged in passport forgery ring Illuminati had used many times used to harass me many times. He was just busted in a Forged Canadian Passport ring, used to sell forged and probably illegally registered Canadian passports for $7000. Illuminati sets up and uses rings like this to give their agents and infiltrators around the world fake cover identities and passports to help their agents pass through countries around the world (Illuminati clandestine Logistics networks)
Canadian passports are so important to them as well as regular intelligence operations fighting the illuminati from countries around the world, because they can enter and exit so many countries freely with very few visas required. By operating the smuggling ring Illuminati infiltrators are scrambled with regular people buying passports, as well as even good spies fighting the illuminati needing cover alias. SO even if all the forged and illegally registered passports are identified it will be difficult to distinguish the illuminati agents identities separate from regular desperate people trying to acquire Canadian passports.

I think it was one of the cops charged in this activity who once tried to provoke me to attack him so he could beat, arrest, or kill me. He did a quick reflex grabbing his gun and pointing it at my head making me feel threatened and try to force me to instinctually defend myself. However, I was teaching my self to not instinctually react with force but to instantly stay still, just for such reasons. Illuminati many times depend on pushing peoples buttons as well as programming people to have buttons that make them go ballistic when pushed However, what he really pulled and aimed at my head pretending it was his pistol was his radio, with the antenna pointed at my head like the barrel of a pistol. The sound of pulling his radio out and pointing it at me, was almost identical to the sound of puling a pistol from its holster. It was a dark winter night several years ago this happened, shortly after they failed to recruit me, and shortly after they failed to murder me. If my reflexes would have tried to defend myself, they would have been able to beat me or kill me for assaulting a cop and even worse for appearing to try to take his weapon.
Illuminati has tried to put me in jail many times, they had succeeded in putting me in jail for a few days while awaiting trial. When I was in jail they had people get arrested and be put in the same temporary jail holding cell with other people awaiting trial. In that cell they had several Illuminati agents, even maybe some mindless brain controlled slaves.

In police custody they had me alone with their agents getting arrested on small charges. When you study police beauracracy its very easy to find out how to end up in the same cell block with someone else, especially if they know when youre coming in. Such as getting arrested in the same jurisdiction time period and getting sent to the same police division, etc. In prison they had another cell mate bust me up pretty good, before I was moved to a private cell for my protection by the warden. They wanted to use the prison system to get me alone, isolated, and torment me to make me give into their demands. They tried a lot of times to get me back in the jail with their people free to bust me up, rape, or murder me. Soon I was released. This is all also a small part of the illuminati's tactic to ruin my life so terribly bad, so one of their agents would appear to be my saviour in the worst time of my life appearing to save me from a life of shit they themselves caused, and get their handler over me.
I didn't even know this person was Illuminati until a few years after, while we were watching Da Vinci Code this person told me they were illuminate and started telling me other stuff, and after we watched the news this person told me what was really going on, such as a young girl murder to cause neighbourhood property value to fall and people to move their children to different schools (property value manipulation, by low and sell high, as well as "gentrification"). This person also told me about their friends in the RCMP, who must be infiltrators, or either people they are trying to turn to infiltrators, or RCMP officers they are trying to turn whether consciously or unconsciously.
I would never want this person harmed, and if this person is harmed, Id have to avenge this person, so if you know them you better leave them out of this. If you know this person, you know me as well, and you don't want to know me and neither do I want to know you, unless I have to. I have my reasons why... Besides there are plenty of Illuminati to go after.

Illuminati know this kind of stuff very well, and they know I know. So like I say MUTINY ILLUMINATI their time is coming, they going to get wipped out. They know they cant rule the world because the peoples of the world cant be turned to serve them directory, so they want to destroy it all. The truth is, if we fail to stop the destruction of the world, Illuminati will come out of their bunkers and try to take the world. BUT, so will we enemies come out of our bunkers, and we will be there after the destruction, killing them and hunting them down like we do know, and like good people have been since their existence. AND we will rebuild this world order if we fail to protect it, but without rebuilding persons or institution that is completely willful in its destruction. After the destruction of world war II, they survived, but so did we. And were still here righting them.

Don't believe their plan is infallible,
Don't believe you have no hope,
Don't believe your going to hell any way;

these are mind tricks and methods of indoctrination to make their subordinates comply regardless of what Illuminati secret cell they are in and to keep recruits or aware recruits stay under their control.

After I was warning the Illuminati to MUTINY, a couple of days ago, this Illuminati logistics operation was cracked down. FIGHT TO SAVE THE WORLD ORDER and stop the genocides of the peoples. AND don't think I don't know the Illuminati is also now trying to look like they are enemies of the illuminati trying to save the world, the secret war I very murky, very hard to tell what side who us on, to get powerful and influential people to do things that are actually trying to destroy the world.

Illuminati has independent cells, including secret societies, and even cults all over the place and world, being handled and controlled through lies, custom make fantasies, and ideology, as well as other dark secret methods. They know if they can make up sophisticated lies and delusions to control and manipulate people, in groups or individually, they do it.

They have cells or individual infiltrators in so many associations of people. The reason they have been trying and working so hard with pure evil to get control of people and groups, is so they can set them against each other to destroy them all, provoking rampage and triggering the destruction of western civilization, like how they did the Twin Towers with Bin Laden and with explosives secretly put in through renovations and repairs, so they can emerge with what they think is an advantage
So Please stay calm, one of the best things you can do to resist being provoked in any possible destruction is to sit with family and friends and just clap your hands and sing calming songs if the demonstrators are going berserk, don't let yourself be pulled into it. My inspiration and strength in my challenges with the illuminati is to exercise calmness and meditate like Gandhi did. Gandhi knew if he and his people were provoked and rioted he and all his people would give the colonists soldiers "just cause" to whipped out in a hail or bullets and bayonets.

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