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Martin Timothy 04-19-2014 01:48 PM

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani - A Ziotraitor and an Unbeliever's Unbeliever
Hassan Rouhani says Iran bears no hostility to the world.
John McCain sings Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran.


Hassan Rouhani's silence in the face of the Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran mindset, and his non response to claims Iran was somehow implicated in the 911 attacks, exposes him as a tool of Zion and as a false Moslem, who has ever spurned the injunction in the Koran to "cast truth at falsehood."


Hassan Rouhani should be ranting to the high heavens, that the attacks and the subsequent War on Terror are part of a wider Zionist plot.


As well he is a false Moslem for failing to “cast truth at falsehood,” according to instruction in the Koran, condemning those making warlike noises at his country and making claims of terrorism, as sponsored by the same Jew elements who perped 911 in the first place.

Israel has been supplying weapons to Iran at least since the disastrous Iran / Iraq war of the 1980's, which began when CIA tool Iraqi President Saddam Husein annexed the marshes that lie between Iraq and Iran, whose residents were citizens of both countries!

While the similarly Zionist sponsored religious hierarchy in Iran, headed by arch traitor the Ayatollah Khomeini, rushed to war in predictable and Zionist sponsored response, whence hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Iranian citizens were slaughtered!

The Zionists intend to nuke Iran back to the stone age, while the same weapons the Zionists have supplied Iran, will be used to sink the US battle fleets and level US cities, in justified response after the Zionist sponsored first strike on Iran.

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