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55132 02-16-2005 08:49 AM

a view from england
i repost this from dr makow's weekly column, btw if you havent seen this weeks be sure to go the letters from readers are very interesting, like the one i am reposting here.

February 16, 2005

I am 21 and recently graduated from a very left-wing/liberal university here in the UK. Although I have never previously been of a nationalist or conservative political orientation, I often feel that I am living in Stalinist Russia (not "Great" Britain), and do now have some sympathy for the increasingly targeted traditionalist/nationalist cause.

I'm not sure how well acquainted you are with current developments in Britain, so I will try to give a rough idea of the globalist approach to this part of the world from my own perspective.

About 2 years ago, I began to find myself (like many people out there) feeling increasingly disturbed and alienated by the rate at which "diversity", "globalism" and "multiculturalism" are being systematically imposed on every aspect of our daily lives.

These measures range from the images and programmes relentlessly presented to us by state-controlled broadcasting (the BBC) through to employment policy and the proposed Religious Hatred Bill (which will effectively stymie any attempts to debate or criticise religion- most notably Islam).

The bias is being pushed to such a degree that it appears to many people that while dubious minority interests (most notably, "Islamic needs") are heavily indulged, indigenous traditions and fundamental civil liberties are being systematically ridiculed and eroded by our government and media.

Moreover, it appears that there is also a definite hierarchy of minority interests that is emerging, with gay interests at the bottom of the heap and the (often vociferously expressed) needs of the rapidly expanding Muslim population at the pinnacle.

Indeed, to cite one recent example, it has transpired that all schoolchildren taking RE classes in state schools will now be required to write and utter the conventional Muslim blessing "peace be upon him" (pbuh) after the name of Mohammed. These numbers will no doubt include the indigenous British children who are growing up in a society in which they are to be censured for displaying their national flag, or indeed for opposing the globalists' centralisation of power through the EU. The charge levelled at them will be, of course, "racist" or "xenophobe".

What should concern us most, however, is not so much the decline of particular national traditions or symbols (after all, culture is always fluid to some degree), but the forces behind this process and the end to which it is directed.

These concerns of mine were effectively crystalised when I "woke up" (about 18 months ago) to the New World Order and the satanic/Luciferic conspiracy. Quite by chance, I had come across some of David Icke's research and this in turn led me to sites such as yours.

The astonishing facts that I came across facts have tapped into so many concerns that I had about society (e.g. lack of spirituality, the rise of consumerism etc) and have greatly helped me to see through the deceptions of the contemporary "liberal" academic brainwashing process. For that I am very grateful, both to you and the all other people out there who are working to expose this web of deception.


Ahmad 02-16-2005 09:21 AM

Re: a view from england

If this report from England proves anything, it proves that there is no such one united illuminati front yet, as one faction promotes haterd to Islam and the other tries its best to integrate it into western society!

If some people want to retain their own culture (religion) i don't think it's fair for any government to impose another culture upon them. However it is also unfair to say that multiculturalism is evil all the way, specially that God created us to recognize and live together regardless of any false barriers (race, color..etc) however the one thing that must be common beween the members of the same society is "belief".

The example she presents of the british school children having to utter (peace upon him) after the name of Muhammad is outrageous, for this very utterance is stamped as "idol-worship" in God's final testament. If the Muslims really need to exalt Muhammad, why impose it on the others!. In the religion of Abraham (Submission) it is forbidden to make distinction between any of God's messengers (e.g: Abraham, Jesus, Muhammad..etc), since exalting any of them above the others (which is the case when you say peace be upon Muhammad while failing to say it for all the messengers you know) shifts the focus to them instead of God and turns them into human false gods against their will.

[2:136] Say, "We believe in GOD, and in what was sent down to us, and in what was sent down to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Patriarchs; and in what was given to Moses and Jesus, and all the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction among any of them. To Him alone we are submitters."

55132 02-16-2005 09:49 AM

Re: a view from england
the iluminati works using the heglian dialectic this means that they will have groups on opposing sides when these clash the result is neither of the parts so then the iluminati wins and has their way.

i believe that if people want to keep their own culture they should stay in their country.

multiculturalism is a destructive force in any society it is in all aspects a case example of the heglian dialectics.

A nation cannot be divided it must me homegeneous if not it will not be a nation.

western culture will destroy muslim culture if it where permited to trive in muslim countries so too would muslim culture destroy western culture.

Thumper 02-16-2005 11:40 AM

Re: a view from england
this is nothing new. Don't they call it "Londonistan" by now?

Thumper 02-16-2005 11:47 AM

Re: a view from england
I don't think the end goal is to "Islamicize" the UK and Western Europe, rather like multi-culturalism in the North America, the aim is to negate/subvert indigenous cultures by accepting all foreign ones. This goes towards erasing identity, another communist tactic.

The only solace I have is that the San Hedron is being rebuilt and the end maybe less than 10 years away.

Only Jesus Christ can save us now. :)

AISB_Watch 02-16-2005 02:28 PM

Re: a view from england

55132 wrote:
the iluminati works using the heglian dialectic this means that they will have groups on opposing sides when these clash the result is neither of the parts so then the iluminati wins and has their way.
That's exactly right. The dialectic process is at the heart of every political and social change. It goes back even further, as I'm sure you know, but since the time of Hegel and Weishaupt - who were contemporaries - the theory and implementation of the "control of opposites" was applied with scientific accuracy.

The schools are the greatest and most successful experiment thus far. The greatest hegelian tacticians, the humanists, have become masters at this and they call the school system the "arena of confilct."

Ahmad, many muslims realize this, and it is the key to understanding the nature of our reality and how those in power stay in power no matter what political party outwardly has the upper hand. I've been reading some of your posts and I can see how your doubting some of the conclusions that we have come to. Don't take my word for it though. If it's another muslim and devout follower of Allah that you wish to have confirm some of these assertions, then look no further than the great writer Harun Yahya. He investigates Freemasons and the illuminati and comes to the same conclusions that other researchers have made. Read Global Freemasonry: The Masonic Philosophy Unveiled and Refuted, for a thorough view from a muslim perspective.

Actually I'm going to do something here. I'm going to quote what Harun has to say about humanism in his book. Because understanding humanism, along with the hegelian dialectic, as it manifests today are the most essential pieces to the puzzle:

The most important unifying influence among Masons is their
philosophy—which can be best described according to such terms as
"materialism" and "secular humanism." But, it is an errant philosophy
based on false suppositions and flawed theories. This is the basic starting-
point from which Masonry must be criticized.


Freemasons have played an important role in
Europe's alienation from religion, and in its place, founding of a new
order based on the philosophies of materialism and secular humanism.
We will also see how Masonry has been influential in the imposition of
these dogmas to non-Western civilizations.


"Humanism" is considered a positive idea by the majority
of people. It brings to mind notions such as love of humanity,
peace and brotherhood. But, the philosophical
meaning of humanism is much more significant: humanism
is a way of thinking that posits the concept of humanity as its
focus and only goal. In other words, it calls human beings to turn away
from God their Creator, and concern themselves with their own existence
and identity. A common dictionary defines humanism as: "a system of
thought that is based on the values, characteristics, and behavior that are
believed to be best in human beings, rather than on any supernatural authority."


Today, humanism has become
another name for atheism. One
example of this is the enthusiasm
for Darwin typical in the American
magazine, The Humanist.


humanism is almost
identical to atheism, and this fact is freely
admitted by humanists. There were two
important manifestos published by humanists
in the last century. The first was published in 1933, and was
signed by some important individuals of that time. Forty years later, in
1973, a second humanist manifesto was published which confirmed the
first, but contained some additions relative to some developments that
had occurred in the meantime. Thousands of thinkers, scientists, writers
and members of the media signed the second manifesto, which is supported
by the still very active American Humanist Association.

When we examine the manifestos, we find one basic foundation in
each of them: the atheist dogma that the universe and human beings were
not created but exist independently, that human beings are not responsible
to any other authority besides themselves, and that belief in God has
retarded the development of individuals and societies. For example, the
first six articles of the first Humanist Manifesto are as follows:

First: Religious humanists regard the universe as self-existing and not created.

Second: Humanism believes that man is a part of nature and that he has emerged as the result of a continuous process.

Third: Holding an organic view of life, humanists find that the traditional
dualism of mind and body must be rejected.

Fourth: Humanism recognizes that man's religious culture and civilization,
as clearly depicted by anthropology and history, are the product of a gradual
development due to his interaction with his natural environment and with
his social heritage. The individual born into a particular culture is largely
molded by that culture.

Fifth: Humanism asserts that the nature of the universe depicted by modern
science makes unacceptable any supernatural or cosmic guarantees of
human values...

Sixth: We are convinced that the time has passed for theism, deism, modernism,
and the several varieties of "new thought."35

In the above articles, we see the expression of a common philosophy
that manifests itself under such names as materialism, Darwinism, atheism
and agnosticism. In the first article, the materialist dogma of the eternal
existence of the universe is put forward. The second article states, as
the theory of evolution does, that human beings were not created. The
third article denies the existence of the human soul claiming that human
beings are composed of matter. The fourth article proposes a "cultural evolution"
and denies the existence of a divinely ordained human nature (a
special human nature given in creation). The fifth article rejects God's sovereignty
over the universe and humanity, and the sixth states that it is time
to reject "theism," that is belief in God.

It will be noticed that these claims are stereotypical ideas, typical of
those circles that are hostile to true religion. The reason for this is that humanism
is the main foundation of anti-religious sentiment. This is because
humanism is an expression of "man's reckoning that he will be left to go
on unchecked," which has been the primary basis, throughout history, for
the denial of God.


the erroneous claim that religious belief was the factor that
prevented humanity from progressing and drew it into conflict has been
disproved by historical experience. Humanists have claimed that the removal
of religious belief would make people happy and at ease, however,
the opposite has proved to be the case. Six years after the first Humanist
Manifesto was published, the Second World War broke out, a record of the
calamity brought upon the world by the secular fascist ideology. The humanist
ideology of communism wreaked, first on the people of the Soviet
Union, then on the citizens of China, Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea,
Cuba and various African and Latin American countries, unparalleled savagery. A total of 120 million people were killed by communist regimes
or organizations. It is also evident that the Western brand of humanism
(capitalist systems) has not succeeded in bringing peace and happiness to
their own societies or to other areas of the world.

intense humanist propaganda in the fields of science, philosophy,
music, literature, art and cinema. The attractive but hollow messages created
by humanist ideologues have been insistently imposed upon the
masses. The song "Imagine," by John Lennon, soloist of the most popular
music group of all times, the Beatles, is an example of this


with the spread of the Templar
tradition throughout Europe, the Kabbalah began to attract a number of
philosophers. So, in the fifteenth century, a current of humanism began
that left an indelible mark on the European world of ideas.

This connection between humanism and the Kabbalah has been emphasized
in several sources. One of these sources is the book of the famous
author Malachi Martin entitled The Keys of This Blood. Martin is professor
of history at the Vatican's Pontifical Bible Institute. He says that the influence
of the Kabbalah can be clearly observed among the humanists:

In this unaccustomed climate of uncertainty and challenge that came to
mark early-Renaissance Italy, there arose a network of Humanist associations
with aspirations to escape the overall control of that established order.
Given aspirations like that, these associations had to exist in the protection of
secrecy, at least at their beginnings. But aside from secrecy, these humanist
groups were marked by two other main characteristics.
The first was that they were in revolt against the traditional interpretation of
the Bible as maintained by the ecclesiastical and civil authorities, and against the philosophical and theological underpinnings
provided by the Church for civil and
political life…

Not surprisingly given such an animus, these
associations had their own conception of the
original message of the Bible and of God's
revelation. They latched onto what they considered
to be an ultrasecret body of knowledge,
a gnosis, which they based in part on
cultic and occultist strains deriving from
North Africa—notably, Egypt—and, in part,
on the classical Jewish Kabbala….

Italian humanists bowdlerized the idea of
Kabbala almost beyond recognition. They reconstructed
the concept of gnosis, and transferred
it to a thoroughly this-wordly plane.
The special gnosis they sought was a secret knowledge of how to master the
blind forces of nature for a sociopolitical purpose.39


As we said at the beginning, humanism has turned its face from the
Creator of humanity and accepted humans as "the highest form of being in
the universe." In fact, this implies the worship
of humanity. This irrational belief, that
began with the Kabbalist humanists in the
fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, continues
today in modern Masonry.

America was created for a specific purpose according to its Freemason and Rosicrucian forefathers - maybe its destiny is at hand as a new conflict of opposites (thesis/antithesis) is playing out before us: America (a humanist institution) and Islam. The beneficiaries who control the outcome and synthesis are always the elite Illuminati.

I wrote an article a few months back in which I try and flesh out how the hegelian dialectic, together with humanism, has brought about this peculiar situation in which the world finds itself:

World Government Fronts, Psycho-social Change Agents

this 02-16-2005 03:00 PM

Re: a view from england
So...I would speculate that the excesses of religion through fundamentalism are likely to be at the urgings of these same folks to create the 'dialectic'. You create the problem then offer the solution - humanism.

I remember reading the theory that the current fundamentalists in Iran were put there by (the CIA or whatever). Which ever country you look at, I speculate that there are many fires being set, to keep people distracted so they don't notice one fire that trumps all.

This dialectic, although familiar to many scholars I guess, seems to have floated by unnoticed when it comes to the end of the Cold War. A vast majority of intellectuals eviscerate the underhanded dealings of the American Empire (rightly) but are mute or blind to those of Russia and China. Rantings against Communism are passé, you gotta be hip.

The point being that Communism and Capitalism are likely in the hands of the same manipulators who are playing each side off the other. Few people seem to see these opposite numbers as being on the same side, against the people. Communism is getting a free ride:

AISB_Watch 02-16-2005 03:37 PM

Re: a view from england

this wrote:
This dialectic, although familiar to many scholars I guess, seems to have floated by unnoticed when it comes to the end of the Cold War. A vast majority of intellectuals eviscerate the underhanded dealings of the American Empire (rightly) but are mute or blind to those of Russia and China. Rantings against Communism are passé, you gotta be hip.

The point being that Communism and Capitalism are likely in the hands of the same manipulators who are playing each side off the other. Few people seem to see these opposite numbers as being on the same side, against the people. Communism is getting a free ride:
Your right. Communism and Capitalism was nurtured and financed by the same people. It's a glaring example of the Hegelian Dialectic at work. Read WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION for the full strory and proof of this assertion.

The dialectic works through the thesis and antithesis eventually transforming into a new synthesis and the process repeats itself recursively: the synthesis of the 2 becomes a new thesis itself and another antithesis needs to be created to continue the process. I believe that the clash of Capitalism and Communism has been successful and the synthesis out of the conflict of opposites is the US itself: or more precisely, a new America of a different type and purpose, a new thesis. The antithesis and new enemy of it is most definitely Islamic Fundamentalism (or terrorism). Eventually it will grow to encompass the whole of Islam itself in order for a true dialectic and conflict of opposites to occur.

Joel Skousen understands this I think. Judging by his report (which I read a while back), he is very correct in saying that Russia should not be considered defeated by any means. I believe that in this new dialectic we see with Islam, Russia will eventually become a part of the conflict ... on the side of the Arabs. Especially as Iran is being drawn into the mix. Russia has long, long ties with supplying the Iranians with all sorts of military support and covert training. Attack Iran and the Russian bear will growl like you've never seen before.

this 02-16-2005 03:38 PM

Re: a view from england
From my link above, pertaining to AISB_watch's link in this thread that mentioned that Communism had "run it's course"....

"The core of the question about the prime motive remains: why destroy the tremendous prosperity that even these conspirators for global power enjoy? Most people do not sufficiently understand real evil. To them, this scenario is simply unimaginable. But the fact remains, powerful men in government and business have knowingly colluded to finance war and destruction. It has happened before and it will happen again. For example, globalists bankers, corporation heads and government officials colluded prior to WWII to finance Hitler and Stalin, and undermine capitalist nations in order to pave the way for Socialism and war. A close look at the conduct of the war relative to aid and concessions to Russia paint a picture of Western complicity to play the Hegelian game, building up an enemy in order to produce a controlled response. The West actively colluded in the betrayal of captive nations and paved the way for Soviet military dominance and conquest around the world."

this 02-16-2005 03:54 PM

Re: a view from england
oops we're writing on top of each other here. AISB_watch, your website link reads:

"...With the Soviet Union having run its course (capitalism vs. communism) through successful "synthesis" with the west, a new "antithesis" was already mature enough to take its place: Islamic Fundamentalism."

Sure that could be the case but I think that Golitsyn's suggestion that the Russians feigned weakness is a key piece of information. Whatever the weapon of mass destruction, a nuke or a box cutter, we are ignoring Communism, Russia and China as being part of the NWO threat. Which is what can be expected from a successful mind control operation. I was fooled till recently.

I am not angry at you AISB, you seem to be doing some awesome work, but I notice that on your site on there's no story on Russia or Communism etc. It is, as I say a passé subject. No longer a threat.

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