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Martin Timothy 06-03-2014 03:37 PM

VIDEO: Dr Steve Pieczenik & Alex Jones at Infowars - Aldo Moro


Steve Pieczenik says Snowden is CIA, like Daniel Ellsberg who worked with notorious "Ugly American" USAF General Edward Lansdale forty yrs before, that Sandy Hook and the Santa Barbara Shooting are False Flags, and that he "got rid" of numerous CIA assets during his own time with the Agency.


He said "Irish Catholic" individuals are "embedded in the CIA hierarchy," who follow orders irrespective of their legality, that the whole lot should be brought before a suitable committee of prosecutors, to testify about Benghazi, 911, drone attacks, and about Snowden's antecedents!

Alex Jones entered with details of CIA recruitment of every doctor and dentist in Texas..


Pieczenik said he left the Council on Foreign Relations because it was a waste of money and time, and like a "nursing home for NeoCon Jews who did "terrible things" on 911," he says his Jewish family was "exterminated by Germans."

He never mentions that Hitler and all of the top Nazis were Jews! Large file ..


He said it would have been impossible, for Elliot Rodger to have carried out the level of destruction alleged to have occurred at SB, that the whole affair is a "redux of Newtown" and an "entire False Flag," he blames Holder and the FBI for failing to issue subpenas, and says the President has to be held accountable!

Martin Timothy 06-03-2014 03:39 PM

Re: VIDEO: Dr Steve Pieczenik & Alex Jones at Infowars - Aldo Moro


Pieczenik was recently subpoenaed by the FBI at the behest of the Justice Department, Eric Holder and the Florida district court judge Cecilia Altonaga, following on from his work under the auspices of the US State Department, during the kidnapping and murder of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro by Red Brigade terrorists in 1978.

Moro was snatched at gunpoint from his car in Rome, and held for fifty four days before being shot dead. He had been set to implement an alliance between the Christian Democrat Party and the Italian Communist Party, an action that Henry Kissinger told Moro’s wife he would “pay dearly for.” Infowars


EDITORIAL: Steve Pieczenik appears to have coordinated the entire Moro affair, in his alleged role as CIA Station Chief in Italy, from Moro's initial recruitment by the agency, and his complicity in other terrorist activities carried under the auspices of the CIA front Brigade Rosa, unto his death.

Former Italian President and Prime Minister Francesco Cossiga, who set up the CIA front Operation Gladio, and who told Italy's largest newspaper the 911 attacks were by the CIA & Mossad, he admits he was a CIA asset like everyone else across the entire European political spectrum, and that he was complicit in the 1978 kidnap and murder of then Italian President Aldo Mori, by the Zionist front Red Brigades terrorist group!

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