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Barbara 10-31-2005 03:54 PM

Immigration Wrecking Our Country (Britain)
Immigration wrecking our country.

Over recent months Land and People has pointed out the ruinous effect that mass immigration is having on our environment, particularly in respect of house and energy provision. We have based our conclusions on Government estimates that Britainís population will increase by some 5 million over the next 20 years, largely from immigration and the net increase of births over deaths of those immigrants already here.

However it appears that we were wrong, inasmuch as we have seriously underestimated the true extent of predicted colonization. According to Fridayís (21st October) edition of the Daily Telegraph Britainís population is predicted to increase by at least 7 million over the next 25 years! Demographers now predict that the population will increase from just under 60 million now, to over 67 million by 2031, and above 70 million by 2060! The Telegraph have obtained these appalling figures from estimates recently released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

We draw readerís attention to the following paragraph reproduced from the Telegraph article in question.

Quote. The official figures indicate that 83 per cent of the expected population increase is due to immigration, both directly and as a result of children born to new arrivals. While four million of the population rise is directly due to net migrants, of the remaining 3.2 million more than half will be the children of immigrants. Unquote.

Land and People would like to remind readers that this enormous level of immigration is directly contrary to the wishes of the vast majority of the population and has been allowed to develop without any real discussion about the long term consequences in terms of community cohesion, quality of life and practical matters such as housing where we already have major problems of supply,

What is unfolding is nothing less than the dispossession of our people of our country, and the utter ruination of our urban and rural environments through unnecessary overpopulation facilitated by the Lib-Lab-Con conspiracy in the pursuance of dogma and provision of cheap labour.

British National Party Caring For Land and People

Thumper 10-31-2005 04:11 PM

Re: Immigration Wrecking Our Country (Britain)
the only thing I don't like about BNP is how they keep calling the multi-cultists 'stupid'.

perhaps they don't want to lose their base by calling it a 'conspiracy theory' but I think by now people should be wise to what's going on.

the liberals, social engineers, are by and large not 'stupid' or cowardly, they know exactly what they are doing by importing fifth columnist extremists and other factions. It's all communist class warfare retooled for the 21st Century.

I just would like them to spell it out like Alex Jones does. Problem, Reaction, multi-cultural police state Solution. :-P

nomad 10-31-2005 04:11 PM

Re: Immigration Wrecking Our Country (Britain)
Any numbers on the percentage of those new

immigrants being of Muslim origin ?

Thumper 10-31-2005 04:16 PM

Re: Immigration Wrecking Our Country (Britain)
Not just muslims, by try known/convicted Muslim terrorists. type 'Londonistan' into and you'll see what I mean. :-P

nomad 10-31-2005 04:32 PM

Re: Immigration Wrecking Our Country (Britain)
Thanks Thumper ... I guess this says it all

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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Londonistan is a pejorative sobriquet referring to the British capital of London, used since the 1990s by French counter-terrorism agents, as well as by the governments of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, because of the number of exiled Islamist groups that established political headquarters in the city, from which they may seek to overthrow governments they consider oppressive heretical or plan terror attacks on other European countries.

Britain's attractions for Islamist dissidents are alleged to include its historical commitment to freedom of speech and perceptions that victims of political repression receive asylum, access to temporary accommodation and minimal monetary support. In fact London accommodation is not provided for asylum seekers, as the government policy is to disperse them throughout the country. London itself has a reputation as the centre of the Arab press corp, with leading newspapers such as Al Hayat and Al Quds al Arabi published in the city. The British capital became the international headquarters for such Islamic groups as Takfir-wal-Hijra, Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia, headed by the controversial Sa'ad Al-Faqih, Bahrain Freedom Movement, and the Algerian Armed Islamic Group.

The British government's perceived unwillingness to prosecute or extradite terrorist suspects provoked tensions with countries in which attacks occurred. Allegations of a British policy of appeasement of Islamists were made and denied; should such a policy have existed, it could no longer be considered a success.

Thumper 10-31-2005 06:21 PM

Re: Immigration Wrecking Our Country (Britain)
how come barb never comments on her own articles :-P

truebeliever 10-31-2005 07:33 PM

Re: Immigration Wrecking Our Country (Britain)
This is relevant.

New World Order: Soloution Or Seduction? Am reposting this classic little lecture. made small enough so you can e-mail it. In 2 parts. I think it is easily the best lecture on the basics of the NWO and it's origins and is presented perfectly. Jeremy Lee is a brilliant speaker. He speaks mainly of Oz in the middle but the lecture is directly applicable to all people.

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