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Insider 11-09-2005 03:12 PM

U.S. Fears Prospect of Saudi Coup, Weighs Invasion Plans
U.S. Fears Prospect of Saudi Coup, Weighs Invasion Plans

World Tribune
November 3, 2005

WASHINGTON — The United States has raised the prospect of a military invasion of Saudi Arabia.

The House Armed Services Committee considered the possibility of a Saudi coup and U.S. response during a hearing on Oct. 26.

Saudi Arabia, with 200,000 military and National Guard troops, is the largest oil producer and exporter, with an output of nine million barrels of oil per day, according to Middle East Newsline. The Arab kingdom is the third largest supplier of oil to the United States, with more than 1.55 million barrels per day.

The scenario was outlined by Michael O´Hanlon, a senior fellow of the Brookings Institution, who cited a Saudi coup as one of several threats to the United States.

"How should the United States respond if a coup, presumably fundamentalist in nature, overthrows the royal family in Saudi Arabia?" O´Hanlon asked. "Such a result would raise the specter of major disruption to the oil economy."

The response could include the deployment of three U.S. Army divisions backed by fighter-jets and airborne early-warning and alert aircraft. In all, the U.S.-led mission could include up to 300,000 troops.

Congressional sources said the House hearing, which focused on future threats in the Middle East and other regions, marked increasing U.S. concern of Saudi instability. They said the open hearing echoed a series of briefings on Saudi and Gulf Arab instability given by non-government analysts to the State Department, Defense Department and National Security Council since 2002.

The House committee was told that U.S. concern of a Saudi coup appears greater than ever. O´Hanlon said such a coup would also destabilize Pakistan, a nuclear power since 1998.

"This type of scenario has been discussed for at least two decades and remains of concern today — perhaps even more so — given the surge of terrorist violence in Saudi Arabia in recent years as well as the continued growth and hostile ideology of Al Qaida along with the broader Wahabi movement," O´Hanlon said. In his testimony, O´Hanlon envisioned a Saudi coup as resulting in the emergence of what he termed a fundamentalist regime intent on acquiring nuclear weapons. Another prospect was that the new regime would seek to disrupt the oil market.

"Indeed, it might be feasible not to do anything at first, and hope that the new regime gradually realized the benefits of reintegrating Saudi Arabia at least partially into the global oil economy," O´Hanlon said. "But in the end the United States and other western countries might consider using force."

O´Hanlon envisioned a U.S.-led military operation designed to seize Saudi oil wells, located along the eastern coast. Washington and its allies would place the proceeds from Saudi oil sales into escrow for a future pro-Western government in Riyad.

A U.S.-led military force of 300,000 would be required to secure the entire Saudi Arabia, O´Hanlon said. He said about 10,000 troops could capture eastern Saudi Arabia, which contains virtually all of the kingdom´s oil wells. But more than 100,000 additional troops would be required to protect the wells and other vital infrastructure.

"An operation to overthrow the new Saudi regime and gradually stabilize a country of the size in question would probably require in the vicinity of 300,000 troops, using standard sizing criteria," O´Hanlon said. "So in fact a coastal strategy, while easier in some ways and perhaps less bloody in the initial phases, could be fully half as large and might last much longer."

freeman 11-09-2005 07:04 PM

Re: U.S. Fears Prospect of Saudi Coup, Weighs Invasion Plans
As crazy as this sounds, it gets even crazier when one considers the true motivation for such paranoid, preemptive, Middle Eastern military strategy. And we ain't talking about oil, boys and girls.

It's all about the juggernaut created by the central bankers and their debt bubble. We don't need to invade Iraq, Saudi Arabia or any other oil-producing country to ensure supplies of the "black gold" for our own consumption. They are, after all, in the business of selling oil. They need us as customers as much as we need them as suppliers. Otherwise most of those nations would have nothing else to export except for sand.
The real reason why we fear anyone else gaining control of any oil-producing nations is the same reason why we invaded Iraq shortly after Saddam started making his oil-for-food sales in Euros rather than dollars. If another entity hostile to the U. S. decides to do exactly what Saddam did, the only thing which has been holding up the debt-ridden American dollar this long -- our ability to slough our debt instruments off onto the countries which purchase our imports in dollars -- will be undermined, and the American economy will soon follow in a great financial implosion of cataclysmic proportions.
Ironically, Saddam did possess weapons of American mass destruction: his knowledge of Western central banking and how to use it against the great Satanic American infidels. Bush did have a valid reason for invading Iraq, but it is one he can never share with the American people without disclosing the great, evil conspiracy known as The Feeral Reserve, the same conspiracy that his own family fortunes were built from.
Ergo, Bush is trapped by the machinations of his own ruthless globalist taskmasters and his doom (along with that of the United States) is assured.

Barbara 11-09-2005 07:50 PM

Re: U.S. Fears Prospect of Saudi Coup, Weighs Invasion Plans
Right on point and well said.

Jimbo 11-09-2005 08:12 PM

Re: U.S. Fears Prospect of Saudi Coup, Weighs Invasion Plans
Exporting Sand Instead Of Oil ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Sure they need us as a customer & friend. Dead ON !!!

And since the "polls" & general popular acceptance are way below "safe" levels, it looks like they need another "Big Excuse," absent of a “cataclysmic & catalytic” event, such as another “911,” I mean, another "Pearl Harbor," to keep that “War Machine” moving. The only “vacuum” of “American dollars & sacrifice” left that can continue to “suck all that is left of our will to continue”…

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