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Khopesh 11-10-2005 11:15 PM

Australia about to face Civil War?
Hi all.

France, which we all know is at the moment being burnt to the ground by dissaffected Arab and African minoritys, is currently experiancing some of the many the "Joys" of multiculturalism and so are Belgium, Holland, Germany and Sweden to lesser degrees.

Australia having suffered from extensive social engineering for at least 30 years and having been choak held for nearly as long by proponents of multiculturalism looks as if it may be about to suffer the same "Joys" in the not to distant future.

Anyone see the program the other night about the "SuperMax" maximum security prison in Goulborn or wherever it was and how they are having to segregate prisoners along racial lines to prevent spiraling gang ethnic violence.
Aparently the Aussies, Islanders and Asians are sticking together and the Aboriginies, Lebonese and Chinese are sticking together, many Aborigines in due course with their close relationship with the Lebonese converting to Islam not for the grace of Allah but for the reason of Jihad against the Australian people.

We have a large middle eastern presence in Australia which by and large has failed to integrate with the wider community and thus following classic "multicultural" doctrine.
It is widely reported that this community has has an greater distribution of unemployment, welfare rorting and gang/criminal elements in general than other ethnic communitys, wether this is true or not ill leave to readers discretion but from what ive heard from many that have lived or live in metropolitan areas this seems to be the case.

If France is experiancing this now how long before we suffer the same consequence?
The gang rapes of youg Australian females by middle eastern gangs has been reported for a few years and follows trends from Holland, Sweden and others that young hundreds of Dutch and Swedish girls have suffered the same fate at the hands of middle eastern gangs.

In any case theres a lot to this and I cant be arsed writing anymore but I guess im just trying to initiate a discussion along these lines and its wider implications for Australia and what your thoughts are on how we can handel this situation.

I guess you all know multiculturalism has long been recognized as an important tool in breaking down national pride and hence the constant brainwashing of the populus as to its "Vital Importance" yet seeminly minimal benifites when compared to the prior system of required integration (50s/60s) which sucsessfully saw the migration of Italian, Greek and Eastern European settlers to the nation who became a part of the community and contributed to it accordingly.

Its also a national security issue imagine an Islamised radical Aboriginal community in alliance with sizeable non conformest "disaffected" Middle Eastern population calling for liberation by perhaps some future Pan-Arabic/Russian/Chinese alliance, our current position of being an American puppet state with a widley publicised negative treament (untrue I belive) of indiginouse and ethnic peoples could justify an invasion from external forces.

More to the point should we be bringing people here who have ways that are largely alien to our way of life (treatment of women - freedom of speech etc) and instead of expecting them to become a part of us, bending over backwards for us to accept them and their ways therfore changing the way we are?

The fact we are by and large an awesome nation the very reason they wanted to come here in the first place!

The cats now among the pigeons - GO

Shannow 11-11-2005 02:19 AM

Re: Australia about to face Civil War?
I doubt civil war.
I don't doubt French Riots.

Look at the new terrorism "arrests"

They invite the media in to show them how they handle terrorists, show neighbourhoods on prime time news, then show the rows of Police "waiting in case there are riots"...almost like they are expecting riots from their actions.

Khopesh 11-11-2005 10:09 PM

Re: Australia about to face Civil War?
Yeah man do you think they are trying to provoke a reaction from the Leb community?

Like provoke now so the willing will show their hands now sort of situation?

The Abo's turning Islamic or radical is a much more worrying situation long term.

Ozziecynic 11-17-2005 05:01 AM

Re: Australia about to face Civil War?
8-) :-? There are that many ethinic groups in Australia in easterns states especially sydney, e.g Lebanese, chinese, other middle easterners asians and well more asians etc.. etc..That Australian authorities and defence will crumble to fifth columns anyway when the shit really hits the fan with either Indonesia or China as we have plenty of both type of ethinc group living locally all ready to spy and sabotage for their homelands.Looks like the utopian ideals of liberalism namely universalism are coming home to roost.

Oh well sucked in couldnt care less about mud and yellow Australia i hope to somehow make my way to Europe before the above happens :roll:

truebeliever 11-17-2005 05:11 AM

Re: Australia about to face Civil War?
The "Lebbo's" bring it on themselves.

They think they can do what they do AND fuck openly with the coppers? Stick their finger up at the Oz community with their absoloute disrespect?I freakin hate the little bastards. Send the lot of them back.

The Italian, Slav, and Asian communities have some respect. This lot of little bastards need a slap.

For over seas people...the Lebanese community are absoloutly amazing and are OPENLY hostile to the general Anglo Oz community. They are gutless little pack dogs.

Saturnino 11-17-2005 07:14 AM

Re: Australia about to face Civil War?
Guys, the way you talk about Oz looks like the place is split among a bunch of ethnic gangs...much like that movie with Daniel Day Lewis and Leonardo DeCaprio about New York in the it so ?

What happened to that image of blond surfers that you sell to the world ? :-)

igwt 11-17-2005 07:22 AM

Re: Australia about to face Civil War?

Saturnino wrote:
Guys, the way you talk about Oz looks like the place is split among a bunch of ethnic gangs...much like that movie with Daniel Day Lewis and Leonardo DeCaprio about New York in the it so ?

What happened to that image of blond surfers that you sell to the world ? :-)
There is a lot of ethnic mafia activites going on all the time.

Ozziecynic 12-10-2005 12:12 AM

Re: Australia about to face Civil War?
:-o Yes I believe it has already begun as of 3.12.05 at cronulla beach NSW.Read about it here!,00.html,00.html,00.html,00.html.

Such a great white country Downunder hey a white Life saver cant even perform their duties properly on an Australian Beach without fearing for their life!. :-(

55132 12-10-2005 08:37 AM

Re: Australia about to face Civil War?
Remember 1984? the war behind the scene of the main plot was the battles for oceania. I don;t remember if oceania fell or not but it seems part of the blue print.

Dr_Bliss 12-11-2005 10:50 AM

Re: Australia about to face Civil War?
Re: Australia: Civil War & 30 years of Social Engineering.

In order to have a civil war, people have to care about something. Australians, by and large, do not. In fact, they make a virtue out of NOT doing so. If anything has been socially engineered, it's the apathy which has been evanescent in a British colony which does not want to grow up.

This polarisation is happening in jails, newspapers, and in suburbs where immigrant communities pool in their own nationalities - which is NOTHING new in this country in the last 30 years. It's being stoked by newspapers which people with a brain are staying away from in their droves.

These things are not socially engineered. They are merely co-opted, and thrown in Australian's faces. They are a cluster of socially-laconic traits which have been regarded as self-evident from the very beginnings of the Australian nation. Politicians have merely codified them. This country has simply never gotten off the ground; it has NEVER had an identity of it's own.

It's called "She'll be right, mate", which when translated into the Amercianeese means "It's cool - chill man." Culturally-cool apathy - yich.

In order for a Civil War to occur, people have to be passionate about something. About the only thing Australians are passionate about are their tans, their beer, and their government benefits.

Australia is the land of the narcisict - yes California, you've been ousted, (and yes, we have Hollywood here too. Rupert Murdoch's fault - the quintisential Australian fiend, vis "I'm the evil tyrant, Rupert Murdoch!!" Rupert Murdoch, The Simpsons).

This may be news to America, but it's not to Australians who have been around for more than 30 years. Rupert was a key mouthpiece for the CIA ousting of the Labor Government of Gough Whitlam in 1973/4. Elizabeth II used John Kerr to ratify it, the CIA used Malcolm Frazer to instigate it, and America jailed Christopher Boyce for selling the secret that the US did it to the Soviet Union.

The movie? - "The Falcon and the Snowman".

Moslems/Aboriginals vs the rest? Maybe in jail... The rest of the country wants sand, sun, surf, sex, money, beer, and all the drugs they can quaff without getting caught.

Malcolm X once said: "The Man who does not stand for something, falls for anything.". In Australia's case, it's never stood for anything - it's simply never had to. Not much to engineer.


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