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12-09-2004 05:37 PM

Quit your government job, I'm tired of carrying you. Also, refuse to attend a government run university as a "student", they're just brainwashing you with socialist ( theftist ) lies. Start your own business instead.

The biggest contribution a person can make towards halting the NWO juggernaut is to quit their government job. Morally speaking ALL TAXATION IS THEFT and therefore any one who collects a government check or contract ( a PARASITE ) is stealing. See: . Their entire check is stolen money and they pay no taxes because the "taxes" they pay are just a return of stolen money to the MAFIA GOVERNMENT. People must learn that government has no money and that any money it does spend means that some other hardworking father/family somewhere in the laissez-faire, voluntary sector of the economy must cut back on nutritious food, clothing, shelter, self-defense, charity, self-healthcare, self-education AND NUMBER OF CHILDREN ( preventing a life that would have existed is the moral equivalent of murder ). These cutbacks cause that family to break down and when it happens to many families it is called a social breakdown.
People need to understand that there is a spiritual law that says Laudable Designs When Achieved Through Coercion Become Demonic. This means that if a person has even a good project to achieve, it will fail and costs will far exceed benefits, if the means used to achieve that goal ( like taxation ) involve forcibly interfering in anothers life.
And people who say they believe in the God of the Bible should know that after they die of old age ( hopefully ) there will be a spiritual judgment day. That each person will be judged by their thoughts, words and deeds and the intentions and motivations behind their thoughts, words and deeds. Rewards and punishments will be handed out. So people must realise that their crimes of prospering from the stolen loot called taxes will not go unpunished and that justice will be established by God ( your Creator because you did not create yourself by an act of your free-will ).
Again, to hinder and hamper the NWO agenda people should stop assisting with that agenda and quit their government job because they ARE hurting other people. Actually it is not a real job but is literally JOB WELFARE. Any goal or project can be achieved better by people organizing voluntarily like in a real capitalistic business rather that people organizing coercively like the SATANIC STATE does.
And, just briefly here, another major blow to the NWO agenda would be for everyone to stop using any of their so-called money. The system in place now should be called legalized counterfeiting and is probably the main component in advancing the NWO agenda. But now there is an alternative to this debased currency that people could start gradually using and promoting. You can read about it at .

marypopinz 12-09-2004 05:52 PM

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke

Took this quote from the Libertydollar site. Very interesting food for thought! Great find.

Mary XXX

MtnMan 12-09-2004 07:01 PM

Sure, nice ideals and all, but I think usury is far worse. Taxes do actually benefit society in a way.

12-09-2004 07:13 PM

What do you mean by usury Man Mountain Mike?
Interest on loans? The crux of the issue is that people are forced to pay taxes but nobody is forced to take a loan out.
Also I said that the costs of taxation outweigh the benefits that would have accrued to the tax victim and the spin-off recipients of his money.

nohope187 12-09-2004 09:23 PM

Okay Anonymous dude, you just opened a whole new can of worms with topic. Conratulations! :-P
Cause this goes right into the fiat money scam.
The IRS is used as a cover to mask the fraud of taxation. All this talk about, "your tax dollars at work" is straight up propaganda. The government does'nt need revenue from the people to run itself since they can print all they want.
The purpose of taxation is a consumption check on the people by taking what the people pay out of circulation. The govt. then prints and spends 10x more than what's taken out of circulation so they can coerce us to use the fake money by holding a cloud of debt over our heads that came out of thin air. If everyone in the world stopped paying taxes, they would quickly see how worthless their paper currency really is. Does this work for you? :-P

marypopinz 12-09-2004 09:30 PM

Taxes and Socialism are fine if there are independent checks and balances in place which government has systemically removed.

I.E. The Nova Scotia Bar used to be investigated by an independent body and the government, who are a bunch of crooked doctors and LAWYERS, CHANGED THE LAW, so they are self-regulating. A bit like the fox in the hen-house.

Similarily, Blue Cross runs MSI, our socialized medicine which is being drained so as to introduce privatised medicine... the two tier system that currently works in Britian..

The little blue booklet the anal retentive idiot hands you at the human rights office in no way, shape, nor form, resembles the Canadian Charter of Rights. Law by law,line by line, Canadian rights are being stripped away.

Wait until middle class Joe gets hits with interest hikes on all his debt for all those things he thought he needed and his wifey is bitching cuz she can't get toe nail extensions; Maybe the sheeple will care then.

"I don't care was made to care and all the people who followed." - My mum

The bullshit our government and their friends are getting away with is absolutley rediculous. There has got to be a better way.

What goes around comes around...

Mary X
N.B. I am self-employed and this government can swing before they get a penny from me. I owe who what? I won't pay a penny and IF their were checks and balances in place I would love to contribute to a social net where healthcare was available for all along with a good education and a sound governmnet, not these pathetic morons who are running the show.

With these things in place, the welfare state could be eliminated. Teach a child to read and you open up the world.

Health is wealth. Knowledge is freedom.

12-09-2004 09:40 PM

I have heard what you wrote before but I don't understand what you mean. If all taxation for a year amounts to 51% and then currency inflation is say 10 % on the high end, then which is more?
Taxation is the bigger culprit. Am I missing something? Respectfully.

12-09-2004 09:49 PM

Taxes ( theft ) and socialism ( theftism ) are not fine because they violate moral principles and therefore will not work.
Example: If Hillary Clinton and her 50 million followers would donate 20% of their time each week to work in the health/death care industry on a voluntary basis then costs would come down 20%.
But if she decides to have a coercive system whereby they rob other people, keep half the money themselves and then hire other people to do health/death care work then costs will skyrocket.
Hillary is a very generous person - WITH OTHER PEOPLES MONEY!

marypopinz 12-09-2004 09:59 PM

I understand exactly what you mean and...

No man is an island. Who funds the hospitals? Who funds the schools. Any society has to set up some system to provide these two basic tools. I agree with what you have said and how do we make provisions for these things in society without creating the beast known as present day democracy?

I don't know very much about socialism and I understand the governments highway robbery.

Is their a middle ground or a better way?

What are your views on a flat tax? I'm just a mum with a bit of life experience and I'm trying to figure out, along with you, how to make the present system obsolete?

Any ideas?


rushdoony 12-11-2004 03:53 PM


Who would fund hospitals and schools?
Well who funds it now? Hardworking fathers are taxed ( robbed ) to support these services.
Mary, you need to go to and then click on ISSUES AND POSITIONS. Regards, R.J. Rushdoony

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