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Protocol 02-19-2005 07:39 AM

Closer and closer to World War III
MER - Washington - 19 February: Some kind of World War III seems to get closer and closer by the crisis, by the fear, and by the new high-tech as well as low-tech weapons. If and when it fully erupts it won't necessarily be a take-off on previous wars; the world has changed considerably since World War II and the Cold War with all of its sub-hot-wars that came close but never did result in nuclear war. It's only 60 years since the fire-bombings of Dresden and the atomic bombings of Japan. It's only 43 years since the Cuban Missile Crisis and only 33 since the Middle East War that brought about the 'nuclear alert'.

It was just two years ago that no less than Walter Cronkite, long known as the most credible man in America and for those too young to remember long-time anchor of the CBS Evening News, publicly warned that World War III was approaching. Not long thereafter one of the most senior Generals long-associated with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon warned a synagogue audience in off-the-record remarks that he was sure World War III was coming and everyone better prepare. Both of these warnings were featured and explained by MER at the time; neither was seriously reported in the Washington Post or New York Times or PBS News Hour.

The evangelical American President is off to Europe declaring he will seek support for his policies toward Iran, Syria, and in fact against all who are not with the U.S. and Israel in what is their New World Order crusade. While they try to mask this imperial NWO with simple-minded trademark rhetorical excuses -- 'the war on terrorism' and 'democracy and freedom' -- much of the world isn't buying, no matter how much 'shock and awe' propaganda the Americans finance and the Israelis push.

It didn't take long at all after the Bush/Cheney/Neocon election (some would say selection) for the tensions with Iran and Syria to be considerably escalated and a new pre-war climate established. The Americans and the Israelis are determined that only they will have a monopoly on weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East; that on top of course of overwhelming advantages when it comes to spying and propanganda, as well as massive economic and political power.

In rapid successor of late, the Iranians have been quite publicly targeted, Rafik Hariri was so visibly assassinated after Arafat's 'stealth assasination, the Americans are close to breaking diplomatic relations with Syria, another false 'peace process roadmap' has been temporarily resuscitated in the Holy Land, and Damascus and Tehran have declared a 'Common Front' appealing to others to come to their assistance. Meanwhile as well arms sales from the U.S. and Europe to Israel and other American allies continue to escalate while pressures and calculated threats against all potential opponents, including China, are growing.

When it comes to what is still called by some American 'journalism' -- even as it continually escalates to more naked jingoism and propaganda -- it's bad enough what comes these days from The Washington Post, the New York Times, and the TV networks especially still ascending FOX. But when it comes to war-mongering and whipping up fears The Washington Times -- closely aligned as it is with the neocons, the Evangelicals, and the Zionists -- is always out there on top of things as the first two articles that follow demonstrate. After that The Guardian as usual puts things in greater perspective.

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