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Jimbo 11-18-2005 09:11 PM

Who Owns The World ???
Who Owns The World ??? :-o :-o :-o

Who Owns The World ???

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Barbara 11-18-2005 09:34 PM

Re: Who Owns The World ???
Again, the devil taketh Him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth Him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;

And saith unto Him, "All these things will I give Thee if Thou wilt fall down and worship me."

Jesus refused the offer, so you tell me, who owns the world.

11-18-2005 09:48 PM

Re: Who Owns The World ???
We do.

Barbara 11-18-2005 09:58 PM

Re: Who Owns The World ???
It is doubtful you even own the computer you're using to post.

Go play and leave the adults alone.

11-18-2005 10:01 PM

Re: Who Owns The World ???
We are much older than you. Do you invite us to communicate.

Barbara 11-18-2005 10:04 PM

Re: Who Owns The World ???
I seriously doubt that, God and I are practically on a first name basis.

Bug off, it's past your bedtime.

11-18-2005 10:05 PM

Re: Who Owns The World ???
If you do not invite us, we will just watch and irritate.

Barbara 11-18-2005 10:10 PM

Re: Who Owns The World ???
We all do what we do best.

That does sound like your limit.

11-18-2005 10:14 PM

Re: Who Owns The World ???
We have no limit that would relate to you. We like that you are not religious. This has often been a nuisance to us.

Barbara 11-18-2005 10:23 PM

Re: Who Owns The World ???
This, Bud, is for you.

The following is a recorded message:

In the short time I have been posting on CC, I have seen assholes like you come and go. Those jerks who take up space with their specious comments, who have nothing constructive to offer except their limited comic relief. You are not even funny.

When "538428426" disappears, another nick will appear. Too bad no one has yet invented an insecticide for computers to get rid of pests like you.

It is my opinion that the best way to treat with irritations and interrupters like you is to ignore them and anything they post. To attempt to enter into a debate or dialog with those like you is, on it's face, a waste of time and good space because your intent is simply to be a pain in the ass.

Your intellect, or lack thereof, prevents you from even being good at that. Just a nuisance, much like cockroaches, but then that insults the lowly cockroach.

Continue your monosyllabic idiocy as long as you like, it will keep you out of the pool halls and off the streets. When your short attention span causes you to tire of that, take the razor blades your mother gave you and go play on the freeway.

Good riddance. Consider yourself ignored.

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