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Jimbo 12-09-2004 05:47 PM

US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide
US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide

This is an update on the “Job Loss in the U.S.A” & related topics’ links which I gathered for the
“Is Unemployment Really That Bad? - You Decide” posting.

Thank you for your comments. I hope this information can help some of you see the “truth” & be awakened from the “deception” we are all immersed in.

NOTE: Sorry about the fact that “word wrap” feature of this site sometimes cuts off long links (URLs) & it makes them un-linkable, however, you can go around this by selecting the entire “link text,” & then pasting this onto the “address bar” section at the top of your browser. You might need to fix the extra “blank” spaces or characters, by deleting them” at the “breaking” of the link text.

American Jobs - Documentary DVD

Office Depot To Downsize & Outsource & The Trend Continues Un-Debated 6

World's Cleverest Woman Can't Find A Job – Is This Part Of The Illuminati Apparatus - Must Read !!!

US Job Cuts Top 100,000 In October 20041102.wjobs1102%2FBNStory%2FBusiness&ord=110263 8272784&brand=theglobeandmail&force_login=true

America's Middle Class The New Working Poor - Must Read !!!

AFL-CIO Releases Agenda To Create Jobs & Lift the Economy

Job Growth Record By President - It's Mind Buggling A Definite Must Read !!!

Job Cuts In Tech Sector Soar (Expired)

What Bush Really Means - 44 Million Americans Are Uninsured
I Wonder How Many Of Those Fit The Un-Employed But Un-Accounted For

Unemployed In Dreamland

Jobs Outsourcing CEOs Got 46% Pay Hike – At Least Someone Is Making Money (Expired)

Exporting America - List Of Companies Doing So - Must Read !!!

How To Spot A Psychopath At Work

Job Layoffs Under Bush Highest In US History

Fewer US Jobs Postings On The World Wide Web (Expired)

Recent Layoff Rate Was Highest Since Early 1980's 82

Even Diligent Find Jobs Elusive

US Jobless Rate Misses 'Hidden' Unemployed (Reuters) - Must Take Note - Must Read !!!

US Workers Outraged Over Outsourcing - AFP

FDIC Data Vulnerable

1st Ever Strike Against Outsourcing Jobs

Will The US Economy Turn Into A Depression & Civil Disorder

Elite Bankers Now Pulling Plug On US Economy & Currency
State Of The US Economy & Currency - The Federal Observer

Export Of US Jobs Accelerating - Report

AFL-CIO President's Statement On Bush's New Overtime Pay Restrictions - Must Read !!!

New Cars Are Getting Too Expensive To Fix

Bank Of America To Cut 13,000 Jobs (Expired)

Bush Record On The Economy & Lost Jobs

Outsourcing Law

The Butchers Of American Jobs

The 'Exporting Jobs Scam - By Design - Regulatory Legislation - Must Read !!!

Bush Manipulates Statistics To Distort Economic Truth

New Reality Bites - New Job Market Isn't Pretty

The Bleeding Of American Jobs

President Bush Backtracks On Jobs Forecast (Expired - No Wonder)

The Unemployment Rate Is Only The Beginning Of The Problem

The New Reality - Laid-Off Workers Have to Settle For Less (Expired) skeyword=&teaser=

Employment Lawyers Say Most Laid-Off Workers Are Just Plain Out Of Luck

Overtime Pay For Millions Of Americans In Peril

To Understand U.S. Jobs Picture, Connect The Dots, & Find The Dots 82

Real US Job Growth Virtually Zero In December

White-Collar Jobs Pouring Out Of The US -Microsoft, IBM, To India, China, Malaysia, Philippines, S-Africa, Russia

American Made Jeans

White-Collar Jobs Leaving The US

EarthLink Cutting Another 1300 Jobs FAULT (Expired) y_7_2004_earthlink_cutting_another_1300_jobs.htm

Bush Wants To Give Illegals 3 Year Pass 'If Employed' Bush Proposing Immigration Reform For Millions

Guess Whose Job Is Going Abroad Next - CPAs & Accountants

The Great American Job Giveaway

Exporting Tech Jobs To India

Out Of Work, Out Of Sight - Total Number Of Jobless Reaches 15.1 Million

Will We Follow Bush To Wal-Mart America
The Dismantling Of America's Job Base

A More Realistic Unemployment Rate 9.7%

Jobless Count Skips Millions (Expired)

Bushite Betrayal Of Working America - by Patrick J. Buchanan

US Companies Quietly Continue To Move Jobs Overseas,001300460000.htm (Expired)

"Losing America's Livelihood" / "OUTSOURCING" US Jobs Is Good, Says Bush Official - Good For Who ??? CEOs, NWO,... 9

(OFFICIAL) US Tech Workers Help Companies Export Their jobs

Outsourcing Jobs To India

Bush's Sleight Of Hand Distracts Us From Vanishing Jobs
Inaction By Congress On extending Unemployment Benefits Could Leave Tthe Nation's "8 Million" Jobless In Danger

Lack Of Technology Spending

Democrats Rap GOP Over Jobless Benefits - Unemployment Is Declining Because Benefits Were Terminated Not Because Of Rising Employment (Expired)

Manufacturing Continues To Decline In The US Under Bush

Is The Job Market Improving (54% Say No - Poll)

Vanishing & Most Vulnerable Jobs

The Perils Of Productivity Is In Fact The Planned Demise Of The Middle Class

Xerox To Cut 800 Jobs This Month (Expired)

Dell To Stop Using Tech Support From India - They Just Couldn't Hack-It Centers (Expired)

I found the following verse inspiring…

The Great Gayatri Mantra

“Oh Creator of the Universe!
We meditate upon thy supreme splendour.
May thy radiant power illuminate our intellects,
destroy our sins, and guide us
in the right direction!”

marypopinz 12-09-2004 05:56 PM

Re: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide
Rome is falling and the world is on for onre rude wake up call!

WOW!!! :-o

Mary XXX

Jimbo 12-09-2004 06:29 PM

Re: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide
This is a continuation to my original (thread) posting,

"Is Unemployment Really That Bad? - You Decide" ff5e8f9783f86d0c6ec2712990c0

nohope187 12-09-2004 08:39 PM

Re: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide
from what I gather, it's most certainly NWO design all the way, dude. :-P

Jimbo 12-10-2004 12:00 AM

In Summary: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide
US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide

In summary:

1) Those at the top of “global corporations” (i.e., CEOs, board members) are getting paid hefty salary increases to continue the “outsourcing, off-shoring, insourcing” (slaughter) of jobs that feed the working American families.

* Outsourcing - Off-Shoring - An arrangement in which one company contracts with service providers located outside the country for services.
* In-Sourcing - An arrangement in which one company contracts with service providers coming into the country, from abroad, for services.
* Illegal Immigrants that are allowed to legally work & obtain financial aid.
* H1-B, L1-B, Visa holders that are employed by companies in U.S. soil for a lower wage & are thus replacing working American families & individuals.

See “A Brief History of H-1B & Free Trade Agreement Implications, In Particular, The Trade
Promotion Authority” – You Must Read This !!!

Slashing H1-B Visas 'Will Send Jobs Overseas'

H-1B Visa Holders Continue To Arrive - Blame Corporate America & The Fed Gov As They Conspire To Take Advantage Of US All

Quoted from the above source:

Some of the important aspects of the Trade Promotion Authority are:
* These trade agreements cannot be revoked
* Congress will only have a Yes or No vote for each agreement
* Congress will give the President the power to negotiate agreements
* Borders will be open for the movement of workers
* Workers will compete for wages and work conditions in an open labor market with open borders
* There will be no labor certification reviews to insure protection of salaries and/or work conditions.
* Visas will be issued almost instantly with no questions asked.
* There will be only a minimal amount of documentation or review of the immigration process required by the DOL, INS or other governmental agencies

Who benefits? Global Corporate Officers, but ultimately, it is the “Global Controllers.” This shows that the “lack of available jobs in the U.S.” is a direct result of these “planned global policies & practices,” & it is not due to just a bad economy & the lack of spending capital for new investments. In other words, the lack of available jobs in America is a direct result of a “planned design.”

How did this “planned design” happened? It’s called “The Free Trade Agreement”.

2) The “unemployment rate” only reflects that percentage of the “labor force” legally qualified to be placed on the “unemployment payroll” for the following 26 weeks or so. Everyone else disqualified is unaccounted for, & therefore is not part of the reported “unemployment rate” figures. Those not “legally qualified” to collect a “check” are not counted. Period. Thus, the “rate of unemployment” is a very deceiving figure. It does not truly reflect neither the state of the economy nor the true health of the American job market.

3) There are 2 major forces at work here, but they are 1 in the same:

a) Cut-Off Of Supply Of Money

Created by the “illusion,” of a bad economy, since it is all a manipulation, & executed by moving the money around, & therefore making that money “unavailable”, as in "budget spending", with the excuses of "war & terrorism," & furthered by creating the biggest deficit we
have ever had.

All of the sudden there is no appreciable money being spent on schools, education, & for creating new jobs at home. The entire system is being allowed to deteriorate. Many local governments are literally running out of money to continue operating.

b) Globalization

Created by the “Global Controllers”, & coordinated by government think-tanks, such as PNAC, & executed in many ways & in many fronts, but 1 of the ways that touches home & everyone can relate to & understand is the outsourcing of jobs to countries, like China, Russia, Spain, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mexico, South America,… & the list goes on – however, there are many other countries as well as there are many other fronts.

4) So,… were are getting “screwed,” slowly but surely !

Jimbo 01-15-2005 12:47 PM

Re: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide
US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide :-o :-o :-o

“Man vs. The Beast & The End Of Work”

Man vs. The Beast – Post #1
Man vs. The Beast & The End Of Work – Post #2

Vanishing Jobs

Vanishing & Most Vulnerable Jobs

Oracle Cutting 5,000 Jobs

GM To Cut US Workforce By Over 8000

US Businesses Overseas Threatened By Rising Anti-Americanism
“Ironically, this is actually good for us the “unemployed” in the U.S.”

Illegal Immigration's Destruction Of America's Middle Class

Delphi To Cut 8,500 Jobs

nohope187 01-15-2005 06:35 PM

Re: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide
Actually, Police State Rome is rising out of the ashes of America. The new colors should be red, BLACK and blue. :-P

alumbrado 01-15-2005 09:56 PM

Re: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide
There will be massive "delayoffs" this summer from North American companies.

What is a delayoff?

It's a planned lay-off of an employee of a company by the employer(s) set up months before, particularly by the very top of the corporate hierarchy following the agendas of a company's board of directors. It is designated to radically restructure a company's financial infrastructure to make it more globalized, outsource labor, reduce spending on taxes, and force the states to accommodate to that company's demands (anything to keep them in place than to lose 'em), rather than the company giving into the state governments.

Almost every global-spanning, private or public, corporation in North America and Europe are controlled by its boards of directors, not the CEOs or the shareholders. Many of those "directors" are outsiders of incredible wealth, prestige, influence in business, politics and/or power.

Take a look at any North American or European company on the Internet, look up at the who's who of the board of directors and you get the idea that they're really pulling the strings on the economies and stock markets around the world. A lot of Rhodes scholars, alumni from London School of Economies, Harvard, University of California, Oxford, Brigham Young University, participating in the Trilateral Commission and the Agenda21 of the UN, etc etc.

Will all hell breaks loose this summer? Stay tuned.

Jimbo 02-15-2005 09:04 PM

Re: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide
Job Slaughter Update: :-o :-o :-o

The Bush Shortfall: 8 Million Missing Jobs (Probably Much More)
The Great American Job Sell Out
Their Philosophy - "Becoming Poor, We Can Become Rich Again" - go figure...
By Paul Craig Roberts (Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration)

300 Billion For The War Machine

this 02-15-2005 11:03 PM

Re: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide
As for a NWO plan, yes, the plan is made then every CEO jumps on the bandwagon.

One way to look at the outsourcing and Race to the Bottom/Globalization/Free Trade is through the lens of monetary reform. Or why the financial system doesn't work. The only way the West could prosper these past few decades was with unfair trade arrangements with poorer nations. It was a temporary situation.

The bankers depend on our joke of a financial system to keep them in control, so it's not likely to change. There is more money owing than ever existed.

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