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neenafoof 11-25-2005 11:56 PM

BAAAA,, Go Get Your Lamp Oil/Do the Math Why is 2012 Screaming
Oh, that abominable book The Pentagon's New Map.
The offensive position NWO military is called the Leviathan force. You know, one of the first
messagers of the posse comitatus issue on C-SPAN.
Clues #1 and 2.

Interesting points in that book, but basically that man can speak on C-SPAN for hours and say nothing, a very broad-based mm deep presenter; however, lets look at the clues in the book, these are ones coming to mind now reflecting on what I read in a bookstore - not purchased because I'm sure there are more.

He has this one errant chapter called the Big Bang Theory about what eveyone on the internet knows about 9/11 - but it is like finding a dollar bill in a book - the book is well indexed - uh no mention of any topic in that segment in the index. Clue, #3. Well he gets on C-SPAN and tells callers what a nice guy Perle and Wolfowitz really are. And hey they ARE SOFT SPOKEN AND POLITE, aren't they.

In jest or not, who knows? - he calls himself the REAL FOX MULDER. Clue #4.

Is all gung-ho over China. Clue #5.

Graduated being distinguished as "The Best and Brightest", Harvard. Clue #6.

This so peaks my interest.

Another shocker for me was DARPA the logo was bad enough but really now I.A.O. That's Crowley. It is a formula. And the Europa/Beast and headquarters build after the Tower of Babel. See picture in Link. All DARPA's program names too. Remember DARPA with the casino betting type scenario on where the next I think they call them VERTICAL EVENTS will take place, bone chilling stuff, truly.

If everything happens for a reason, please, please everybody look up. 2012 is not that far away and that is the year that screams the loudest, isn't it. So the remainder of 2005 is SO MATHEMATICALLY SIGNIFICANT AND LOOK - BAM 12/26, the Tsunami on 12/26. Wow!



Aeon Flux is out 12//02//05!!!!!! The protaganist's name Chairman Trevor Goodchild.

(They own the media, so basically if you are interested - THEY TELL YOU EVERYTHING, DON'T THEY). Look at the Matrix, Eyes Wide Shut, Steve Jackson's Illuminati Card Game. Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire. And gulp, gulp, gulp Wonder Showzen.

This is from the al-CIA-duh! and Shock and awe - HOW MANY TIMES DID THEY SAY IT - Shekinah, Shekinah... Were they calling. Ooh and it wasn't a Sheep story, nooooooooo! WAKE-UP NOW, snap, snap.


I know it is hard, it is like being in some kind of Lovecraftian nightmare, but it is almost over -LOOK UP.

In Aeon Flux the timeline is after we are all exterminated and they are in their utopia with things you see is you read about posthuman visions and THE SINGULARITY. In that book Kurzweil, uses the word illuminated, ON LIKE THE FIRST PAGE and then continues on with more buzzwords. Holy Blood/Holy Grail - the picture of his son on his lap and if that didn't raise an eyebrow, yes, Virginia is was real Black Maddonna/Cult of Isis like. And Plantard stated things being revealed in that book were being revealed a bit early in time.

They have started to chip. This is the Mark of the Beast and the Restrainer cannot let the anti-christ reveal himself until after the Rapture!!

neenafoof 11-26-2005 01:41 AM

Re: BAAAA,, Go Get Your Lamp Oil/Do the Math Why is 2012 Screaming
Oh, boy...please I hope you don't throw cyber fruit at me but I feel I have to tell you some things.

It started at my Aunt's viewing. She was like a mother to me. This was is 1994. She knew she had a day or two to live. I drove from out of state to get to her in time. I did. We said goodbye to each other and I said Auntie, please if you can give me the scent of roses or something just so I know, okay.

At her viewing, I was so devastated, as I sat in front of her casket, I saw a vision of a golden sky with a piazza and all these white doves flying out and from that moment on - my pain just lifted and at the cemetary it was a beautiful sunny day and I just smiled. This incredible peace had overwelmed me.

Years later. I sufferred 3-herniated discs in my cervical spine, no health insurance, no $80,000 for a self-pay surgery. I had worked in orthopedics as a medical transcriptionist for 10 years and knew where not to go. But, still even with the very best surgeon when my number had come up after 1 1/2 yrs. of feeling intermittently probably like being partially beheaded. Each disc was a central herniation - one was litterally touching my spinal cord when I had the surgery I had increased signal in the spinal cord, not much balance left, urinary incontinence, in a wheelchair. I had surgery and am about 100% now. Two weeks before the surgery I had a dream where I had left a room and was shutting a door when this incredible force made me open the door and in this room which looked like an office was a window with people looking and it was this same golden sky and grey mountains and diamond sparkling water and in the clouds was Jesus in silhouette waving to us in the sky over the mountains. I really thought I was going to die during the surgery - but then I didn't, hum.

When my daughther first told me she was pregnant, I sat thinking about the sex of my grandchild. When THIS IS WHAT IS SIGNIFICANT - IT WAS FASTER THAN THOUGHT - LITTERALLY LIKE A TWINKLING OF AN EYE - Was a thought - hey, it WASN'T MY THOUGHT, JUST WASN'T - said its a Girl - I had complete assurance. My daughter delivered a beautiful girl!

On Divine Mercy Sunday two years in a row - I had visions of Jesus - really really extraordinary. The first year, at exactly midnight on Divine Mercy Sunday - I received lyrics and music for guitar and keyboard/three different melody lines for this song entitled Ocean of Mercy.

The following year, in a vision, Jesus asked me to pray for the world. I was in such agony before my neck surgery. This is when it happened.

Before the Pope died, when he was in a coma, I had a vision of him encompassing the earth with his blessing - he was extended all golden over the whole earth.

Since, my surgery - precognitive stuff just happens all the time - significant syncronicities - happening TOO FREQUENTLY. One night glance at the clock its 3:33, then next night 4:44, then two days later 5:55 - Those were the only times I looked at a clock on those days. That was about a weeks ago.

Something major is up. So here goes.
My opinion, with a strong feeling, for date and time of Rapture:

12:00 midnight Israeli time, December 26, 2005.

In the parable of the wise virgins - it mentions midnight and some theorize that means midnight Israeli time.

Bam 12/26, Tsunami 12/26. I think this year on December 26 will be the Rapture, but of course it could always be at any second.

The Vilnius image of the Divine Mercy. This image of the Divine Mercy was commissioned by Jesus to St. Faustina, a nun in Poland before World War I. Jesus said where it is displayed and and honored, those souls will not perish. Is comforting even to dowload as a screensaver.

Shannow 11-26-2005 02:08 AM

Re: BAAAA,, Go Get Your Lamp Oil/Do the Math Why is 2012 Screaming
funny, that's the same day as I've been feeling that my Mother in law will pass.

neenafoof 11-26-2005 02:18 AM

Re: BAAAA,, Go Get Your Lamp Oil/Do the Math Why is 2012 Screaming
What are you feeling. Can you describe it or is it just like an instinctual stomach sensation?

Shannow 11-26-2005 02:39 AM

Re: BAAAA,, Go Get Your Lamp Oil/Do the Math Why is 2012 Screaming
Feeling of an ending.
Either this will be our first christmas without her, our our last with her, but my stomach says that we will be taking Christmas to the hospital.

neenafoof 11-26-2005 03:42 AM

Re: BAAAA,, Go Get Your Lamp Oil/Do the Math Why is 2012 Screaming
I'm sorry to hear that. God bless you.

LaDominio 11-26-2005 04:57 AM

Re: BAAAA,, Go Get Your Lamp Oil/Do the Math Why is 2012 Screaming

neenafoof wrote:
I hardly think that personal survival is in any way relevant now.

I sense, that this is about the human race, and this realm.

Destiny has TWO possible outcomes. One is good, the other bad. I donít need to explain anymore other than there will be war between these two paths. Right now, it looks like evil is on top, but God is awakening His warriors - that is us. Have you noticed?

So what can we do, my brothers and sisters? You wonder what must be done and how to prepare.

Well, what is the purpose of our numbers? Why do we become so powerful when we join together in solidarity? This is what God gave us to survive. And God will do nothing but give us strength; the rest is up to humanity, because this is about US.

We need solidarity.

Insider 11-26-2005 09:53 AM

Re: BAAAA,, Go Get Your Lamp Oil/Do the Math Why is 2012 Screaming
I certainly agree with this. I think we need to keep watching these events and making each other aware. Things are far down the road I believe and I have an uneasy feeling about 2006. Maybe just paranoid.

neenafoof 11-26-2005 05:17 PM

Re: BAAAA,, Go Get Your Lamp Oil/Do the Math Why is 2012 Screaming
The Divine Mercy Chaplet Prayer @ Computer

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