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Insider 11-28-2005 12:30 PM

Specter proposes increase in aliens
Specter proposes increase in aliens
By Stephen Dinan
November 26, 2005

A draft immigration bill from Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter calls for dramatic increases in legal immigration, far beyond any of the other major proposals now before Congress.
Immigration and border security have become the hottest issues in Washington, with senators and members of Congress filing bill after bill to address them. The Senate is preparing for a major debate early next year on an overhaul, including creating a new flow of foreign workers like that contained in the bill by Mr. Specter, Pennsylvania Republican.
The House, meanwhile, is pushing toward a vote this year specifically on border and immigration enforcement.
"What we want to do is go home saying we've taken a first step, and it's not just at the hearing level, and we've voted on something," said Rep. Jack Kingston, Georgia Republican and vice chairman of the House Republican Conference.
The two approaches underscore the difficulty Congress will have in putting together a bill for President Bush to sign, especially when, Mr. Kingston said, the politics of immigration have now joined "race, guns, school prayer, religion and Social Security" as the most volatile issues of American politics.
As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Mr. Specter might be able to control flow of the debate in the Senate with his bill. His measure combines provisions from several of his colleagues' bills, including requiring illegal aliens to return home, but only for a short period of time before being let back into the United States on a path to citizenship.
His biggest addition, though, is the increase in green card totals, or legal immigration.
A review by NumbersUSA, which advocates lower immigration levels, found that the level of legal, permanent immigration could double from its current level of more than 900,000 in fiscal 2004.
Rosemary Jenks, the group's director of government affairs, said Mr. Specter increases the cap on family-preference immigrants by 254,000 a year, raises the cap on employment-based visas by 150,000 a year, "recaptures" unused visas and exempts hundreds of thousands of family members from caps as well.

neenafoof 12-03-2005 02:29 PM

Re: Specter proposes increase in aliens
Are they going to have a plan or will this all be implemented like Iraq and all hell will break loose - Hell on Earth.

Lets get people who are used to implementing violent and anti-social acts to survive, because they were so disaffected for so long and then unleash them on a bunch of contented suburbinites - lets see murder, muggings,
home invasions, store robberies, bank robberies, pedophilia, rape - the list goes on and on.

And on the flip side, what is this I hear about methyl bromide killing migrant farm workers. This was on AOL news this week, not even the AM.

Herding cattle. They are simply herding cattle.
That is all we seem to be. How very sad and to treat society like this, they won't have good luck in their endeavors. (Saw Aeon Flux, asthetically beautiful production/poor writing I thought), but there were still many messages there.

Notice all the bridge repairs in your state of the US in the last few years - perfectly good bridges.

Shudder, shudder.

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