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Bondi 11-29-2005 06:32 AM

Wrong Approach
Do you ever read back over threads and feel you have taken the wrong approach when engaging in conversation.

A recent thread just made me wonder whether the majority of poeple, not specifically here, but in general just like to sling abuse and be foul mouthed towards fellow human beings?

Do you take seriously anything said to you amongst half a dozen f*&^s, s^&%s, or personal attacks aimed at you?

truebeliever 11-29-2005 06:49 AM

Re: Wrong Approach
We all regret not being calm and collected.

The message is lost. A possible convert to the truth turned away.

I am just sick of the subject and cant wait for it all to end.

Maybe thats why JC said to take it easy, that He would shoulder the burden.

It's hard to let go and admit that you are one person. The planet faces so many problems that even if the Globalists give up tomorrow...there will be trouble.

An ancient Chinese curse..."may you live in an interesting time".

One thing we can ALL agree on. We are living, right now, at the turning point of human history up to this time. Generations ahead of us will look back and read of our time...thousands of years into the future.

That I can be a part of it, is, in some ways...a great priviledge.

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