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marypopinz 02-25-2005 12:41 PM

Forever searching that 100th monkey... a true story
The 100th Monkey

A story about social change.

by Ken Keyes, Jr.

The Japanese monkey, Macaca fuscata, had been observed in the wild for a period of over 30years. In 1952, on the island of Koshima, scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoesdropped in the sand. The monkey liked the taste of the raw sweet potatoes, but they found the dirtunpleasant. An 18-month-old female named Imo found she could solve the problem by washing the potatoes in a nearby stream. She taught this trick to her mother. Her playmates also learned this new wayand they taught their mothers too.

This cultural innovation was gradually picked up by various monkeys before the eyes of the scientists. Between 1952 and 1958 all the young monkeys learned to wash the sandy sweet potatoes to make them more palatable. Only the adults who imitated their children learned this social improvement. Other adults kept eating the dirty sweet potatoes.

Then something startling took place. In the autumn of 1958, a certain number of Koshimam onkeys were washing sweet potatoes -- the exact number is not known. Let us suppose that when the sun rose one morning there were 99 monkeys on Koshima Island who had learned to wash their sweet potatoes. Let's further suppose that later that morning, the hundredth monkey learned to wash potatoes.

THEN IT HAPPENED! By that evening almost everyone in the tribe was washing sweet potatoes before eating them. The added energy of this hundredth monkey somehow created an ideological breakthrough!

But notice: A most surprising thing observed by these scientists was that the habit of washing sweet potatoes then jumped over the sea...Colonies of monkeys on other islands and the mainland troop of monkeys at Takasakiyama began washing their sweet potatoes. Thus, when a certain critical number achieves an awareness, this new awareness may be communicated from mind to mind.

Although the exact number may vary, this Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon means that when only a limited number of people know of a new way, it may remain the conscious property of these people.

But there is a point at which if only one more person tunes-in to a new awareness, a field is strengthened so that this awareness is picked up by almost everyone!

This is an excerpt from the book by Ken Keyes, jr. "The Hundredth Monkey."

nohope187 02-25-2005 06:19 PM

Re: Forever searching that 100th monkey... a true story
Older generations learning from the younger generations in humans? Not likely, given that the older generation is the reason we're in this mess in the first place. Spreading the truth about NWO via the hundreth human? Not likely, given that the message is so radically diametrically opposed to common belief that anybody would be reluctant to find even one other person in their hometown who is receptive to it. Plus, society is purposely structured in a way to alienate and discourage those who do know the truth from acting on what they know(going back to the last sentence).

marypopinz 02-28-2005 11:02 AM

Re: Forever searching that 100th monkey... a true story
Actually, hope... Iran is a prime example of this breed of intelliget adults who can and will learn from kids.

The people all march when the university students march. They believe that the next generation may have better newer and better ideas. They also appreciate that the young are not blind like the adults.

nohope187 03-07-2005 07:45 PM

Re: Forever searching that 100th monkey... a true story
Oh okay, I didn't know about that.

marypopinz 03-08-2005 08:55 AM

Re: Forever searching that 100th monkey... a true story
I only learned that a few years back. That's why U.S. could not conquer Iran. far too many seasoned war veterans and god loving/praying folks who would not ever give up.

The universities are a fairly new idea to Iran and so this train of thought must have been somewhere introduced into the pattern of thought of Iranian parents within the last century. Maybe that idea of supporting the students transmigrated like cleaning the sweet pototaes???

Lots of people saw each other doing it and soon everyone was just doing it as if it had always been this way.

Interesting culture huh? I wouldn't have thought they had so much gusto cuz the gov can be brutal and lethal when these student demonstrations occur. People die and the students are heard.

Can you imagine that? To stand up and die for what you believe in.

"No honey, I will not go stand shoulder to shoulder with my son and his student friends, I have to go make the donuts to recieve the pennies to rent my house and my car and all the other goodies the bank really owns. He's on his own."

How oppressed were these nations which we, the free world, then invaded and conquered on a more lethal mind-boggling basis?

Under the illusion of democracy and freedom lies tyrrany against humanity.

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