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Akbar 12-16-2005 06:49 PM

Muslims to guard Churches on Christmas
Indonesian Muslims to Guard Churches on Christmas

Indonesians in Jakarta, ahead of Christmas celebrations.(Reuters)

JAKARTA, December 9, 2005 ( & News Agencies) Muslim volunteers in Indonesia will guard churches on Christmas Eve after warnings of attacks on the religious places during the holiday season, a Muslim group said Friday, December 9.

Members of a youth wing Banser group -- affiliated with Indonesia's largest Muslim group Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) will be posted to churches across the world's largest Muslim-populated nation to guard against possible attacks during Christmas festivities.

"It's our tradition. It is our obligation to protect one another as members of the nation," NU deputy chairman Masdar Masudi told Agence France Presse (AFP).

Masudi did not say how many volunteers would be deployed in the country but said Banser had about 4,000 members nationwide who could help.

Indonesia's intelligence agency warned Wednesday that information indicated that attacks may be planned by extremists over the Christmas-New Year period in large cities across the sprawling archipelago, including Jakarta.

Indonesia has 87 to 90 percent of its population that follows Islam while lesser than 7 percent follows Christianity. The rest are indigenous people.


The Muslim group had persuaded youths from other religions to join protecting the churches, Reuters reported.

"We have an annual program to set up posts to secure Christmas. For this year, I have contacted groups from other religions like the Hindhus and Buddhists and they have responded positively," said Tatang Hidayat, national coordinator of NU's Banser group, known for its military-like uniform.

Hidayat said the volunteers would closely collaborate with existing police operations and the churches' own security.

Jakarta police said Thursday they would deploy 18,000 officers over the Christmas-New Year season.

In 2000, several small bombs exploded at churches, killing 19 people, including a Banser member guarding a church in East Java, and injuring many more in what was seen as an attack against Christianity.

The Muslim nation was rocked by a series of blasts in recent years, the most recently was on the tourist island of Bali in October when suicide bombers killed 20 people.

Although Indonesia has been relatively calm in recent weeks, many security analysts say threats of attacks still run high because police have yet to catch one of the alleged masterminds of previous bombings, Malaysian-born Noordin M. Top.

redrat_ 12-18-2005 03:36 PM

Re: Muslims to guard Churches on Christmas
Aren't you Muslims going to be protecting the Christian churches from other Muslims.

Marcos 12-18-2005 04:57 PM

Re: Muslims to guard Churches on Christmas
Exactly, But which muslims are real Muslims???

redrat_ 12-18-2005 05:00 PM

Re: Muslims to guard Churches on Christmas
Well, isn't it a bit telling that you can't tell the difference.

Marcos 12-18-2005 05:25 PM

Re: Muslims to guard Churches on Christmas
It wasn't a statment or a question for that matter, Just for you to ponder over.

redrat_ 12-18-2005 06:20 PM

Re: Muslims to guard Churches on Christmas
Having read the Koran as translated by N. J. Dawood and having understood the translation and the explicit tone, meaning, and style of the words recorded therein, I need spend no time pondering any statement that you could make concerning this post. Thank you for your interest and be assured I understand from where it comes. Now you ponder this.

Akbar 12-19-2005 01:09 PM

Re: Muslims to guard Churches on Christmas
The same question could be asked about Christians when they were burning down black Churches in the south. The difference was that it was not Muslims burning down Churches in the south, but white Christians burning down black Churches all in the name of Jesus. The post was meant to share what mainsteam media purposefully ignore in their war on Islam.

redrat_ 12-19-2005 07:25 PM

Re: Muslims to guard Churches on Christmas
What question?
I have read the Koran, I have read the Bible. I choose the Bible and The Messiah. I am not a Christian as is understood by the modern usage of the word. I fully understand Saturnalia and I fully understand the various pagan trappings added on to Christianity by Constantine and others. For instance the fir tree of Baal and on and on. Now learn this: I choose the Bible and Jesus Christ above the Koran and Mohammad not out of ignorance, but from study of both sources along with the Rig Veda and the Mahabharata of Hindu studies. The GOD I choose and the CHRIST I choose are of the Bible and not of the modern Churches. It is not my duty or place to try to change the belief of you are any other. I await my appointed destiny and feel disgust at most that I have seen the human race do to this earth and to the living beings upon it. Human, animal, insect, plant, and the mother Earth itself. If, in your opinion, my position is one that will effect me a place in Hell (since no traditional hell is ever mentioned in the Bible) then so be it. Is this something that you can understand. Remember, I have read the Koran and notice that I, no matter what my opinion about it is, have shown it respect.

Akbar 12-19-2005 07:54 PM

Re: Muslims to guard Churches on Christmas
I respect your belief. The Quran states that those who are Christians that beleive in God and who perform good works will be awarded by Allah. My point is not to convert anyone to my religion. Only God can put Islam in your heart. My mission is to fight ignorance especially the type that is fed by the NWO in it's attempts to destroy the moral fabic of Islam like it has done Christianity.

redrat_ 12-19-2005 08:20 PM

Re: Muslims to guard Churches on Christmas
And That I can respect. The Majority of Christians today listen to the Bible instead of studying it. Many could learn much from the study of Abraham (Abram), Issac, and Ishmael and the fact that not all Hebrews are Jewish and not all Jews are Hebrew. This is a study that few touch. They confuse the Tribe of Judah with the entire House of Israel even Taking the name of Israel as being exclusive to the Tribe of Judah alone. The Tribe of Judah (Jew) was one twelfth the House of Israel with the remnants of Benjamin and Levi (The levitical Scribes not High Priests).

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