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Akbar 12-21-2005 08:04 PM

America's Trojan Horse
After years of research and study. I have to agree with some people that the civil rights movement is being used as a trojan horse to destroy the moral fabic of America. Yes, the civil rights movement did assist blacks in obtaining freedoms that they did not have before, but now homosexuals are a part of the movement because they feel they should be treated special for a sex act. What's next, those who like missionary or doggie style. The fact is that it was a "human right" for blacks to get fair treament, not a civil right. In my research I found that the Jews that were at the head of the civil rights movement did not share with blacks that it was far more important for them to establish a strong independent black identity before they moved towards intergration. They also failed to share with blacks that it was far more important to maintain the control of their own businesses and education systems than to leave them to integrate with whites. Now here is the real shocker. Intergration would have naturally happened in America several years later without the need of forced intergration. This would had given blacks more time to develop an independent identity to become self sufficient and to reinforce a strong culture and family base. I do not believe in forced intergration. People naturally connect with those that they have something in common with such as culture and race. We see now that the world is bringing all of the races in the world together. It seems that creation is connecting all of us together so we can be more human by caring for our fellow man. Our greatest identity is our human identity. If we do not connect with our human identity then everything else is lost. The civl rights movement should have been the human rights movement that not only moved racial barriers, but also worked to connect all races to their God given human rights. This would have mushroomed into a world movement instead of a national movement. This would have been too much of a threat to the NWO. The NWO wants division not cooperation. So the solution to stopping the destruction of the moral fabic in America is a return to following the constitution. Not the American Constitution, but the word of God. It is the only thing that is going to save us from the daily attack on our morality in America. When we all connect with what God wants for our life then we all become intregrated in spirit.

Thumper 12-21-2005 09:00 PM

Re: America's Trojan Horse
I also think integration would've happened, and blacks would not be at the 'mercy' of it, as they are today.

anytime the illuminati initiates a political movement for greater "freedom" one can usually expect slavery instead.

The Bolshevik revolution was supposed to be the "freedom" of the working class from the proletariat when in fact it was the greatest power grab by the ruling elite that that wretched country had ever seen.

Likewise, this is what the women's "liberation movement" was all about:


Karl Marx once remarked that under socialism women would also be publicly owned. Isn't this what has happened?

Feminism promised to "empower" women. In fact women have become public property.

Economically, they are cogs in the machine. Young women are taught to eschew marriage, remain "independent" and to seek satisfaction in careers.

Sexually, they are a commodity on auction to the highest bidder. At a young age, in sex education classes, their dignity, privacy and natural modesty is stripped away. They are given role models like Britney Spears whose act is pure strip tease. When contraceptives fail, they and their babies become wards of the public services.

In the very near future, it will a become 'civil right' where we have to acknowledge, treat fairly, and celebrate every deviant lifestyle under the sun. This will probably be the time to introduce the new world religion.

dark days ahead. :-o

Akbar 12-24-2005 05:01 PM

Re: America's Trojan Horse
All countries will be weakened so Isreal would be the lone superpower. This is the dream of the zionist and they have a lot of support from Christian extremist and secret societies that have taken an oath to rebuild the Kingdom of Soloman.

redrat_ 12-24-2005 05:17 PM

Re: America's Trojan Horse
The Temple of Solomon is being readied now and it will be rebuilt.

Akbar 12-27-2005 09:02 AM

Re: America's Trojan Horse
Yes, there is an attempt to built it. All those who are involved in trying to build it will lose both in this life and the next. My previous comment was to shed light on the fact of how fanatical Christians are being used by their Jewish "friends" to rebuild the Temple at the downfall of America. There are some well known fanatical Christians that are leading the charge who proclaim to be great Americans. Either they are Satanic or completely ignorant to make the statements that they are great Americans. I've seen some on television who make the case that helping to build the temple will speed up the return of Jesus. So they are completely ignorant to believe this. The Jews view of the return of Jesus is the complete dominance of Isreal over all other countries. This is a great victory to them. The ignorant fanatical Christians believe that an old white man with long flowing hair will decend out of the sky. The true return of Christ is to connect man with the inherent human excellence that God wants for all of mankind.

Bouncer 12-27-2005 02:30 PM

Re: America's Trojan Horse
And as a sidelight there are numerous rumours (e.g. from Jonathan Gray, archeologist) regarding the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant.

My question is, how can they possibly keep a secure perimeter around the building site? Even if they were successful on the ground, a missile (nuclear?) strike would prove disastrous.

Could this be one of the reasons for our presence in the Middle East? To pave the way for the Temple?

Akbar 12-28-2005 10:09 AM

Re: America's Trojan Horse
How can we be sure that the Zionist did not plant it themselves in order to maintain their grip on the fanatical Christians?

Akbar 01-04-2006 10:48 AM

Re: America's Trojan Horse
Is there a new trojan horse in America?

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