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rushdoony 12-12-2004 12:36 PM

Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?
I remember reading on an Australian website, that I wish I could find again, that when a person drinks beer they are "Eating Shit".
Because the scientist said that in the process of making beer a microorganism, a living animal albeit small, eats a grain ( I don't know if I'm using the correct objects ) and then the excretion from this process ( feces from the microoranism ) is used to make beer.
So Satan has really infiltrated Molsons well.
Almost like " I will use Beer Companies to promote poison ( drinking liquid shit ) amongst young people that brings down inhibitions to having anti-family sex so more babies will be born to single mothers or more abortions will occur".

Remember the first time you had a beer? It tasted awful ( because you were really drinking s*** ) but now you're just used to it, acquired a taste, or addicted so you crave more.
So through heavy advertising Satan has made drinking s*** imperative to be popular or to be considered COOL!

The beer companies better suppress this topic pretty quick because if they don't, beer consumption might become uncool and cost them $5 billion in lost sales per year.

madkhao 12-12-2004 01:00 PM

Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?
Of course satan is behind beer.
And the way you put it, his behind literally is beer.
get men drunk
drunk men make bad husbands
get women drunk
drunk women make easy targets
get them drunk together
drunk couples make dysfunctional families
it just goes on forever

zanyzan311 12-12-2004 01:08 PM

Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?
I'm sorry guys, I'm having a tough time with this onw. Remember, Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine. So He obviously didn't think it was devil juice. He also says "do not let your drunkenness lead you to sin". Which i take to mean that drunkenness is not a sin in itself, but its easy to commit sins when you are drunk. Obviously. I'm not advocating getting tore up, but are we talking specifically about beer here? OR alcohol in general. :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: :pint: OK maybe i am advocating getting sloshed.

nohope187 12-12-2004 01:12 PM

Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?
I guess Anheiser Bush should change the name Budweiser to Poop and Poop Lite. :pint:

lady 12-12-2004 01:19 PM

Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?
I have to agree with zanyzan311, anything in excess is bad. If you take beer away from people that abuse alcohol, they'll find something else to substitute it with (drugs, food, sex, etc.).

rushdoony 12-12-2004 01:24 PM

Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?
Reply to Zanyzan311:

It could apply to alcohol in general if it's made in the same general way i.e. a living microorganism consuming a grain and then excreting ( fermenting ? ) the result.
I wanted to highlight beer because the Beer Culture has made such giant leaps forward and is very popular amongst teens and younger people.
Heck it's everywhere and I heard someone say " I don't drink alcohol just beer".
The Beer Culture needs to be investigated and brought to heel. I mean just the truth come out in straightforward language. Like: "You are literally drinking shit".

The Jesus part I can't really answer.
To me he would say You should not steal, not even once. Likewise he would say You should not drink poison, not even once.

nohope187 12-12-2004 01:42 PM

Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?
Some old testament Israeli's made a covenant with God and became Nazerenes. Samson being one of them. I think Christ might of been one too, :-P not to mention being the son of God.

rushdoony 12-12-2004 01:46 PM

Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?

Could you please be more clear on what you are talking about? Are you supposed to be on a different forum? Stay on topic please.

sablefish 12-12-2004 08:55 PM

Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?
Perhaps I am wrong .. But the reason that mankind decided to be farmers instead of hunter gatherers.. is because the main reason that men and women stayed in one place and cultivated crops was because the crops allowed them to drink beer..

And the rest of you guys are nuts for believing anything different... Civilization was developed because of beer.. Do a google on it.

That's my opinion.. and Jesus did not bitch about it...
Yummy.. I like beer, .. But too much of it or wine makes me unrespectable.. .. However, the only reason that our ancestors turned to agriculture was to grow grain .. which they turned into beer.... Like I said... I like beer.. Hic-up burp.

nohope187 12-12-2004 09:03 PM

Re: Is Beer evil? Is Satan behind beer?
Belay my last. A sudden wave of retardation just hit me. Must be that evil s#@t beer. :oops:

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