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Akbar 12-29-2005 07:47 PM

What We Believe As White Racists
I can respect what Tom Metzger, David Duke, Jared Taylor, and others have to say about their cause. They should be given the highest platform in America and have their messages viewed on all media outlets 24/7. Most of you on this site have similar views, but are afraid to state it. Maybe this would finally pull most of you out. Homosexuals have come out of the closet, why not you?

What We Believe As White Racists
by Tom Metzger


There are now, by statistics, 14 million Mexicans and Latin Americans in the United States. That is a terrible guess, since the Iron Heel government, in Washington D.C., has no real idea of how many there are. Consider this: the United States border control says that they may stop 10% each day. That, in itself, represents thousands each day. Now simply multiply that amount by ten.
Even beyond immigration, legal or illegal, the very numbers of non-Whites already here, and their high birth rate, are enough to plunge North America into a banana republic status within two decades or less.

On the other hand, imagine a Separatist state or region in the Southwest, that could see the impact each day of thousands of immigrants, climbing on board each day, with no hope of a federal solution. Of course they would do what tribes have done since the dawn of time. They would rally their forces and stop it with a force of arms. How? The same way Syria has no drug problem. Violators are executed. There go the "coyotes", and others that would destroy living space for a quick buck.

For example, if an area like Florida wanted to accept the dregs of the Caribbean, let them, with the understanding that the second this mud flood oozed into the sovereign state of Georgia, it would be "lock and load" time. Now, isn't that simple. It's freedom of choice for all concerned. To the Floridians, they are free to swamp their state and exhaust their natural resources and infrastructure. The Caribbeanites are free to try the border of the sovereign state of Georgia. However, the sovereign citizens of Georgia are free to stop them, using any method necessary, and stop the invasion of their sovereign state.

Those that await a Big Brother Washington D.C. or Los Angeles Cesspool Grande solution, wait in vain, since their solutions are either not forthcoming, or are much worse than those that we propose.

Separatism is a state of mind, whose time has come. The super state is the enemy of racial and cultural self-determination. It is also the extreme enemy of man's environment. That is enough reason for us.

Good Hunting and Keep Preying!

The White Separatist movement today has no logical or coherent position, on abortion.

A majority, in the Right Wing oriented racialist movement, rightly perceive massive abortion as further impacting the survival of the White race. Unfortunately, this position is more tied to those with a religious position, usually Christians. These same people are usually silent, on how the increased birth rate among non-Whites is just as deadly to our race's survival, especially in North America. Even if they do speak about this issue, they do not address the obvious logic, which is that abortion and birth control among non-Whites, should be a major project.

On the other extreme, many support abortion, as a means of helping to limit an explosion of massive proportions, among non-Whites already living in North America. These people do not address the fact that future leaders and thinkers, of our race, are being destroyed by the millions. What is worse is that it is self induced.

The logic is perfect. Very little abortion should be tolerated, among our White race, while at the same time, abortion and birth control should be promoted as a powerful weapon, in the limitation of non-White birth. Overt support of both non-White population control and non-support of abortion for Whites, has the same desired effect.

Promoting this Third Force position confuses and angers the churches, with their anti-abortion position, and at the same time angers and frustrates the abortion proponent's position, as well. The Third Force position on pro-White life, is played on with demonstrations and well written handouts. This will raise the tempo, in this hot issue.

Imagine a few large signs showing up at anti-abortion demonstrations. For example, a sign which boldly states, "Support White Life" or "Stop White Genocide". That would create an all new debate. At the same time, signs for a pro-abortion demonstration might state, "Free Choice For Non-White Abortion" or "Minorities Have Abortion Rights".

Covertly invest into non-White areas, invest in ghetto abortion clinics. Help to raise money for free abortions, in primarily non-White areas. Perhaps abortion clinic syndicates throughout North America, that primarily operate in non-White areas and receive tax support, should be promoted. At the same time, issue stock. This will help Whites raise their standard of living, in two ways.

A note of caution: both sides in this issue, have a propensity for violence. When you join in a demonstration, on either side, have back-up with you. This is just in case the peace loving Christians or Jews get hysterical.

Religion is a subject that has existed for thousands of years, and has caused more blood to flow, than almost any other human pastime.

It is my view that the subject must be divided into two parts. One being the strong belief in something (which could be almost anything). Number two is having the faith in something, that is not provable by any present day logical and rational facts or evidence.

It is the opinion of many that religion, in a modern sense, must have had its greatest push forward, at a time when a hunter- gatherer society changed to an organized agricultural way of life. Our best evidence would tend to indicate, that religion of that day, was a method of organizing people, and in short, controlling larger and more complex social structures. It would also seem that this was a "chicken or the egg" proposition. The perceived need for people to control, gave birth to the age old querie, "why?". The answer, which was simply given by someone who was perceived to be smarter than the rest, was "that God told me so". Out of fear of death and the unknown, men created abstract gods to help them control men, for good or bad, take your pick. In the early stages, these manufactured gods took the form of symbols of reality such as the sun, the seas, the weather, war, and a host of other realities. Although these beliefs were highly misused by many a witchdoctor or tribal leader, in general the reality behind the symbolic gods, and what they represented, was very real and natural.

As the great power of a religion based on faith and not fact emerged, flocks of would-be Jimmy Swaggarts swarmed over the populations. From then until now, what is broadly recognized as religion, is entirely based on faith in leaders that are speaking to a mono-theistic god, and that god speaks to them, or so they claim. Our studies show that Christianity, Judaism and Islam all spring from a common occult force, which was Egyptian in origin (other material on that subject is available through W.A.R.'s national office).

Faith religionists of today mock the reverance that was held for the sun, by ancient societies. In fact, a religion based on the sun was both factual and provable, while the God of Christianity, Judaism and Islam has no basis in fact, whatsoever. The historical myth of Jesus has been promoted at least sixteen times, by much older civilizations. Jesus is just an updated version of the same myth.

The sun was reality. All could easily see the sun as both a benefactor in the northern and southern hemispheres, and a much more cruel reality at the equator. A man thirsting at the equator at high noon, would cry "why are you punishing me?", while our Nordic ancestors would ask the same question, in the coldest times of winter.

It is plain to see that Judaism could never have gained a large following in Europe. This occult society had its limitations in overt activity, however it did well as a covert occult society.

Since Christianity is in fact a slave religion, it is satirical at least to see the negro adopt a slave religion, after chattel slavery was ended. It simply underlines the fact that consciously or unconsciously, weak humans desire the status of sheep, no matter what they say. For example take the pecking order of the barnyard chickens: very few are able to, or have the desire to, break free. Through fear, men are controlled by occult religious forces. If you would listen to those that are obvious front men for such drivel, they will tell you that "it is for your own good", of course.

The natural control of White tribal society was through natural ways, for the most part. Through the leadership principle, right of combat and natural selection, the weak are weeded out and the fabric of the race is strengthened.

If Aryan White man is unable to confront the enemy within the gates of Christianity and Judaism, then there is no hope. We must prepare our dwindling numbers to move towards a combination of technological and natural barbarianism, if we are to survive and expand, as a race. The medicine men and the witchdoctors, of our race, must be thrown down. You cannot serve two masters; one being the Judaeo-Christian myth, and the other being in favor of the White eugenics idea. For yet a little while, we must have patience with those among us that have been unable or unwilling to throw off the subversive middle eastern cult religions. However, time is running out, and the albatross of Christianity will surely destroy our reformation, if not subdued.

Remember the likely evidence that life on this planet, and especially man, may simply be an aberration in the vast universe.

Those of our race, and a few from Judaism, created Christianity to carry forward occult control into pagan Europe. Actually, evidence shows that mythical Jesus was created by the Niciani Council in about 300 A.D.

As White racists, any religion must be based on the real preservation and advancement of our race on the Earth today. No faith promises of heaven or hell need apply. One need not have faith that race exists, it is plain for all to see.

Christianity, so far, is the dominant occult faith religion of western White man. Thus Christianity, even more than Judaism itself, is more destructive to our race. Those that would rise in anger at that suggestion, need to observe our society more closely. Every destructive idea to our race can find its basis in Christianity. Without the occult Judaism, it is very likely that Christianity would never have appeared in Europe. However, once Christianity was entrenched, it drug occult Judaism right along with it. In North America, there would be no Judaism, if there had not been Christianity. Since these are both occult control mechanisms, they tend to, from time to time, heed the other. However, both Judaism and Christianity spring from the same roots, and their "marriage" is one of convenience. Not to realize that the front for these religions is just faith and to refuse to see the reality of this age old control mechanism, is to live in a fog.

Perhaps this is it: "what you see is what you get", nature screams out to us. If that is so (and I see nothing to disprove that), then that makes our adventure even more spectacular. One of those millions of mathematical and chemistry combinations that led to you and I. By the first law of natural selection, we are truly a "bootstrap" race. We may chose the control of this planet and the unlimited possibilities of space, or we may decide to sink into the disgenic failure of cultures and societies that now flourish, mainly because of faith religion and greed that threaten to drag us down and out.

Break out of your death cell White man! Your race and only your race, must be your religion.

Thumper 12-29-2005 09:00 PM

Re: What We Believe As White Racists
that's pretty reactionary of you akbar, comparing self-determination for whites with homosexuality.

if these are the same 'hateful bigots' that you have such a problem with, wouldn't separatism present itself as a mutually beneficial goal? Again, whenever you post something like this it borders on fanatical one worldism to the point where you will not tolerate anything different from the mainstream, and I find that disturbing.

i have yet to see a cogent and moral argument for why the 'anti-racists' should demand that all whites participate in the 'global community' against their will other than the fact that the alternative offends the status quo.

Thatís like me taking offence to the Amish because they don't want to live in cities like the rest of us, or the freed blacks who left America to set up Liberia, or Goth punk kids because they dress in black. Being overly concerned with what others do with their freedom (in particular whites) elevates them to god-like undue importance and implies they are responsible for you when the feeling is certainly not mutual. Quite honestly, it almost resembles a kind of battered wife syndrome.

Perhaps by endorsing their freedom, will you have some freedom from the mental prison you've put yourself in that requires validation from your 'oppressors'.

Akbar 12-29-2005 09:40 PM

Re: What We Believe As White Racists
Again you seem to misunderstand my point of view. The post was meant to bring out whites like you who look for validation from the mainstream to state their views. I respect whites who want to live for self determination like other races. The difference is that white history shows that whites cannot live in peace separate in a land of their own without attacking other races. So I think that is why most people attack the idea. Also, the white racists that I named in the post are looking for more than just white self-determination. They want to annilate all nonwhites in the process. It would seem unintelligent for whites to move towards a white only movement at this date in time. It seems that you do not learn from history. Most of your wise leaders understand that they are segregated from blacks by wealth and this is what counts to them. They used the plight of blacks to strenghten whites. It was a deep psychology that they used and it worked, but they were working against the plan of God. So now it is judgement day.

Shannow 12-29-2005 10:42 PM

Re: What We Believe As White Racists
the tripe that you continue to bring out (yet fail to defend other than reiterating the original post) are identical in nature to the "All muslims strap bombs to themselves and blow up non-muslims".

The imbeciles that you have quoted here do not represent, and are an embarrasment to a large majority of "whites".

I guess that the suicide bombers, or those who wish death to the west are similarly an embarassing minority.

Akbar 12-29-2005 10:57 PM

Re: What We Believe As White Racists
There are a lot of whites on this site that respresent the views of the white racists that I listed. They seem to be afraid to come out. Thumper has come out and agreed with the views expressed in the post and I respect him for it. This is not a witch hunt. We should all be able to express our views on this site. My belief is that we will ultimately have to work together to defeat a common enemy against all of humanity, but we can do it within our own ranks.

Thumper 12-29-2005 11:22 PM

Re: What We Believe As White Racists

Believing all whites are inherently evil based on the actions of the illuminati, or the british crown, or hitler, or some kind of satanically possessed government, is as childish as believing all Jews are the 'demon seed' based on names like Rothschild, or the Bolshevik revolution, or that all blacks are thugs based on the gangster rap music they produce.

I think you fail to recognize that imperialism is not emboddied or monopolized by whites. Southern Africa used to be inhabited by the congoid african races (pygmies), but they were almost completely genocided by the negroid races, and to this day, are even hunted for sport. Hell, look at daily genocides committed in Africa with black african tribes on either side. Muslim arabs invaded Europe three times. North African and Arab slave traders often made expeditions into Europe and went as far as the British Isles to collect their booty. The Saudis kidnap sex slaves from Eastern Bloc and Central European countries. And what about the Mongolian Horde?

What you just posted is something reminiscent of a liberal arts course in history, where they tell you that Western Civilization is the woe of the world while literally ignoring/distorting the rest of human history.

Really, your argument is almost like how the Marxists (quite tenuously) argued that capitalism and the private ownership of things, especially property, led to class differences, and so in the interest of equality no one must be allowed to own property. Let's just say that fairness was not their primary concern, and 60 million Russians died in their wake.

The Bible tells us that each and every individual nation will approach God, and that each man will live under his own tree. We are all afforded our own societies and living spaces. The Nimrod type scheme of 'multi-culturalizing' the world into one, or in fact, negating all cultures and races for the sake of 'political correctness' is the exact opposite of this. Not only is it perverted, but what LOGICAL sense does it make?

We all know that the race riots of Paris, Birmingham, Toledo, Aarhus, and Sydney were ENGINEERED AND DELIBERATE. How long will these incidents be tolerated? And for what purpose do you think that the Illuminati is promulgating them?

You say you worry about a white backlash, but is it not glaringly obvious as to why so-called 'neo-nazism' is most prominent in the western countries that recieve the most immigration? People will react with hostility when they feel their existence is threatened. This is a law of nature. Your 'solution' seems to be to negate the existence of their identity (through multi-cultualism) which will never happen. The problem is, it's not even 'your' idea, but the work of our ruling elite.

It was the British that first created an Iraq that was equally divided between the Sunni and Shiite ethnic groups, instead of giving them their own respective countries and they have been warring ever since. Divide and conquer. This is a war measure and you call it peace.

With a globalist engineered racial conflict in America and the other Western countries (Congress gave 4 million dollars to La Raza) and a world wide economic crash on the horizon, how favorably do you think the majority whites will feel when the fecal matter hits the fan and they are led to believe that immigrants took their jobs, caused the terrorism, or are simply 'taking over'?

Constantly tellings whites that they are evil and cannot be allowed self-determination will create hatred and resentment, which is playing exactly into globalist's hands. On the other hand, not clinging to whites in this paternalistic relationship, and tilling the earth under your own strength will produce mutual respect.

Akbar 12-31-2005 04:12 AM

Re: What We Believe As White Racists
Are you refuting history by saying that whites have not been involved in the greatest acts of genocide in humanity? Only a fool would believe that. I don't think anyone cares if whites have self determination or not. I'm only alluding to the fact that other races will be preparing for race war when this happens because whites cannot live in peace without attacking other races. Is there anytime in history in which you lived in peace without attacking another race?

Insider 12-31-2005 07:16 AM

Re: What We Believe As White Racists

Akbar wrote:
Are you refuting history by saying that whites have not been involved in the greatest acts of genocide in humanity? Only a fool would believe that. I don't think anyone cares if whites have self determination or not. I'm only alluding to the fact that other races will be preparing for race war when this happens because whites cannot live in peace without attacking other races. Is there anytime in history in which you lived in peace without attacking another race?
History, how about today:
Indonesia bomb leaves eight dead

Thumper 12-31-2005 10:29 AM

Re: What We Believe As White Racists

Akbar wrote:
Are you refuting history by saying that whites have not been involved in the greatest acts of genocide in humanity? Only a fool would believe that. I don't think anyone cares if whites have self determination or not. I'm only alluding to the fact that other races will be preparing for race war when this happens because whites cannot live in peace without attacking other races. Is there anytime in history in which you lived in peace without attacking another race?
your thinking is way too simplistic.

this 'race war' will not spontaneously happen, especially when you have the American congress giving millions of dollars to groups like La Raza who preach ethnic cleansing and killing of all 'gringos'.

the same can be said for the islamic radicals who are brought in who terrorize the local population, make public calls for jihad, and legislate for Shari'a.

this is what the dream of 'diversity' has wrought. a tinderbox where everyone has competing interests and where the ruling elite have deliberately set it up that way where the minorities are given free reign to attack the majority. Of course this can only happen so long.

The point is, you are WAY OFF when you say something like white australians are attacking other races FOR NO REASON. Where there's smoke there's fire. While you want to believe that whites are inherently evil, and the solution is to dissolve their national identity, i suggest you use a little more common sense and realize that mass immigration is not the cure, but rather the fuel, for a race war.

Akbar 12-31-2005 03:10 PM

Re: What We Believe As White Racists
If you want to stop immigration in your country. Then you must stop your country from exploiting the resources in the countries that the immigrants are coming from. All of the countries in which the immigrants are coming from are controlled by Western puppets that dance to the beat of their Western masters.

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