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this 12-31-2005 05:55 PM

The Gift Giving Season
To add to Henry's current rant, I was informed on the radio that we were approaching "Gift giving season", and that it was now "Boxing Week!"

There are a few determined Merry Christmas's being said but most people stay with the safe "Happy Holiday"

But maybe Christians should reclaim Christmas and ditch Santa Claus. As someone said recently, "Christmas is easy if you don't have presents"

A personal observation is that apart from Santa, the story of Christmas is about taking time for reflection. About realizing that we humans are often too busy in material pursuits to recognize spiritual greatness when it is near.

So ask yourself how did "Jolly Old Saint Nick" become such an important part of Christmas? From an adult perspective it seems like embodying good cheer into a fictional character, reminding adults that they too can be jolly at least once a year.

However it introduces kids to concepts of 'magic' that Disney soon exploits further. I think the gift giving element detracts from the beauty that Christmas can be.

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