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redrat11 01-01-2006 10:25 PM

The Old Goat (redrat) and Looney Farra(SHAM)..Islamic Jihadist Convenion.
location: South Side Chicago Golden Dome (MOSQUE)
Time:18:00 hrs
date: 12/21/05
subject: America is Satan.

Mr. FarraSHAM speaks: welcome my Islamic Brothers and Sisters, We gather here today to pay tribute to our growing ALLEGIANCE with the White (liberal idiot) muslim brotherhood, together we shall do the will of ALLAH! Let us introduce our fellow Traveler Redrat.
redrat: Thanks for that greeting Brother, I speak to you my fellow brothers and sisters in ALLAHS great name. Tonight we shall forge an alliance to once and for all destroy both Christianity and Zionism, It is the 2-headed snake of SATAN that pollutes the earth. America is the Dirty Whore! America is the shameless Prostitute! Only we the Chosen ones of ALLAH are to fill the Earth with Righteousness and Peace.


FarraSHAM: Yes my brother, America is the Dirty Whore! It is our duty as Muslims to Cleanse the Earth of its scourge, It was the Zionist who BOMBED the LEVEES! the GREAT SATAN CLeansed the town of its rightful owners. And now it is our turn to Pay Tribute to ALLAH, to glorify his name, The white mans days are numbered on this planet, for the Quaran decrees this!


redrat: Tonight I pledge to you my Soul, my Life, and promise to Keep the Truths of ALLAH alive! We the white (liberal idiots) muslim brotherhood shall fight valiantly in this great cause, we are OPRRESSED by the Satanic Christian
People, we are tired of this OPRESSION. We shall rise out of the ashes, for ALLAH has spoken this to ME!


FarraSHAM: Let us close this meeting tonight by reminding you BROTHERS and SISTERS that we are the CHOSEN ONES! ALLAH has DECREED this, do not be afraid, we shall OVERCOME! WE SHALL OVERCOME!


redrat_ 01-02-2006 06:35 AM

Re: The Old Goat (redrat) and Looney Farra(SHAM)..Islamic Jihadist Convenion.
NoW I the Great WHite TEEN IdioT is Am gonna AtaCK the MUSlims FoLKS so< I THe REDrat11 IDIot can fiGht in IraQ, No I aM StaYing HOmE UnDER The BeD./

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