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SeC 01-03-2006 11:00 AM


by Eileen Nauman

We are moving into a POWER year in 2006. The energy is about use/abuse of power--our own and by others. It is a time of serious decision making on all levels. There can be uncontrolled power sweeping over us--that we have no control over, whatsoever and so it becomes a question of what we can do when in the chaos of energy like this. One possibility is the FEAR that the flu season has perpetuated. If a pandemic occurs, and it can beginning in late 2005, then this virus will be at full bore, like a juggernaut coming down upon the world much like a car with the accelerator pressed to the floor, out of control. See my article:, about this. All we can do as individual human beings is get out of the way. HOW we get out of the way are the control and choices we have within our power. We are never completely disempowered, although it may feel like it. And an '8' energy is going to teach us that this coming year. If you turn the '8' on its side, it is the symbol of Infinity. It also looks like a teeter totter in balance. '8' energy is about maintaining our own, personal balance as the chaos of Life swirls about us this year.

The best we can do is stand quietly in our own CENTER of our teeter totter of emotions and mind. To be detached without being disconnected. To be in a place of compassion (not sympathy or pity). These are all fine concepts but the hardest of all to put into daily and hourly play in our life. To help you through this, I would suggest a book called Unconditional Bliss by Howard Raphael Cushnir (Quest Books) that may help a lot of people get in touch with dumping their dark emotions and getting cleaned out. For only if we discharge the hurts,the wounds and projections, can we honestly be back in balance and harmony from within. That is the greatest teaching of all of 2006 is about personal development from the inside out. It means being responsible to ourselves (personal empowerment), working with and healing our own wounds and wounded conditions and stopping the projection of these wounds upon others. In other words: stop playing the victim, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and get responsible and take responsibility for all departments of your life.

If you do not, then this '8' energy of this year is going to feel like a bulldozer running over you and it won't be pretty.

So, the answer to balance is about the inner journey within ourselves, the cleaning up of our own closets where the darkness of our unhealthy emotions and unhealthy mental attitudes reside.

So long as we continue to contract and hold on to these things/experiences/events in our life, they continue to have power OVER us and stops us from reaching our core where there is peace and balance. THAT is the goal for 2006.

From the Mayan calendar perspective, we are in the 12-13 year cycle of chaos. We have left the 254 year cycle and are now in the midst of changing leads to the next one, which takes this 12-13 year period. The last cycle finished in 1999. And I think everyone has seen, since 1988 at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, that Time has SPEEDED UP every year since then, ramping us frequency-wise to meet this new cycle that will take place in about 2012-2013 time frame. Right now, we're in the Chaos period of change where frequency vibration is straining in all of our auras to get up to speed to meet this new energy (the Fifth World/heart chakra) coming in for us. That is why I say: those who work or attempt to work out of their heart chakra are going to be the winners who succeed at meeting this new cycle. Those who do not, will fall to the way side, a member of the past. And in 2006, we are HALFWAY to this new cycle and six years into chaos. One hopes that everyone is used to the twists, turns and craziness that is going on and has adjusted accordingly. If not, 2006 is a major year, a catalytic year for you to do just that--make the quantum leap of consciousness through your heart chakra, to be ready for the ascension into this new energy coming into place.

Another way to view what is happening is you walked onto a rope bridge between two cliffs, with the chasm below you. The ropes tied to one end of this chasm have been cut away. We are now in a free fall, clinging as best as we can to the ropes still tied to the other side of the chasm. This free fall period is not comfortable for anyone on any level. It is a time of clear thinking and not allowing our emotions, especially our FEAR, to stun us into being paralyzed and feeling helpless or the victim of circumstance. As we fall, clinging to this rope ladder toward the opposite cliff, we don't know if we can make it or not. It will take all our strength on every level, to hang on for dear life and then crash, stunned, into the cliff. We hope that as we swing toward that cliff that the shock of hitting it doesn't dislodge our grasp on the rope ladder and we fall to our death. And fear of dying is really the most major pervading mood in this 12-13 year chaos cycles that everyone is going to have to face. Those who can grip that rope ladder, grit their teeth and have FAITH that they can make it and be saved to crawl up the ladder to the other cliff, will make it. Those who don't have this kind of 'grit' and 'pluck', won't. Right now, we're undergoing what I call a 'sifting and straining' period much like food put into a colander. Some food will fall through the gaps, and the rest will be saved in the colander. It will be that way with everything and everyone on the face of Mother Earth for this 12-13 year period.

The old saying, "Many will be called, but few can answer," applies here. And there are certainly many ways to be one of those called and make it safely through this rough, chaotic time, to the other side.

In an '8' year, one can EMpower themselves in quantum leaps and bounds if you do the work. But you 'gotta wanna' do the work. No one said its going to be easy. In fact, it will be downright hard and painful. Understanding, of course, that if you do it, you are literally and energetically cleansing out your wounds and wounded position. Any wound that is scrubbed clean (and if you've ever had this happen you know how painful it is at the time). But once it is clean and disinfected, it has the opportunity to heal up--finally.

This is a year of cleansing wounds on the 'high/positive/healthy' side of the '8' energy.

On the extreme (and this will be a year of extremes because an '8' on its side in one position or another is an extreme) unhealthy side, you will see government officials fail and fall. You will see countries nosedive into chaos, loss of leadership and be like a rudderless ship at sea. The USA is going to plunge headlong into this with the lack of leadership the Bush Administration has never demonstrated for the good of the country. Any power decisions made by Bush will all come back to haunt him in earnest in 2006 as in no other year of his administration. The '8' bestows upon us EXACTLY what we have earned through our choices--good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. Bush is not immune to this process, either.

We have seen in 2005, a year of confusion with the Neptunian 'shell game' that the leak of Plame, an undercover CIA agent, has finally surfaced and it was VP Cheney's chief of staff, Libby, who leaked the info. This is only the surface of an oily Administration who believes in the shell game to fool the American people. Now, the year has shown the cracks in the dike of this unhealthy government and president. In an power year, you are going to see heads of state topple and be gone. It is not out of the possibility that Bush will be impeached, either. The apple is rotten to the core and in 2006, all bills for power use/abuse, come due on a global level, a country level and on a personal level.

If you have worked from your heart, followed the Golden Rule of "Do unto others what you would have done to yourself," then, the energy of this year will be a reward and gifts will follow. However, if, like the Bush Administration who has done nothing but lie/deceive/cheat the American people since 2000, all of this is going to come out big time and there is going to be payment for such choices by this body of people who are, in the kindest of words, power mongers of the worst sort. There will be strengthening opposition to the unjust war (built up on lies) in Iraq and a pull out is very possible.

Finally... 2006 is about power scandals and you will see them at the country/government level this year as never before. The Teapot Dome scandal of yesteryear will come back to revisit us.

What we don't learn from history, we are bound to repeat and the Bush Administration is going to be up to its neck in scandal--all richly earned and deserved by their own hand, misuse of power with the intent of disempowering the American nation of people.

This time, the people will rise up and demand that the Administration leave office or clean up its act through legal investigations and discovery.

This is going to be a year of rewards. It is a Pandora's Box. If you have striven to live a heart life (this does not mean you are or were perfect, but you tried your best to be a compassionate soul) then it is a year of fantastic rewards given to you. On the other hand, if you have floundered through with greed, lust, selfishness, victimhood (it's everyone's fault but mine....), disempowering others to empower yourself, narcism (the world revolves only around my wants/needs and to hell with the rest of you), prejudice, hatred or any other nasty dark human emotion, then you'll get your just desserts doled out to you in equal share that you put out to the Universe. Another example is FEAR. If you allow fear to run your life in the past, then you get to sit next to fear in 2006 as never before. People must learn not to fear. But it is a spiritual process that takes lifetimes for most of us and it's easy to say and very, very tough to put into being. Some things that will help with any FEAR are flower essences such as Monkshood (Aconitum napellus) at and Broom Snakeweed,

In other words: EVERYONE is going to get EXACTLY what they deserve in 2006 based upon your past actions, decisions and choices. No more, no less.

With that awareness, let's look at the month-by-month forecast.

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