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IgnIsntBliss 01-15-2006 04:44 PM

And you thought AI sounded scary? Beyond AI: No longer a just theory!
Biological brain computers now exist, here is my “theory”, proven and outlined below, AI is now obsolete: we now have RealIntelligence. We now have these biological computers that the government is about to build(grow) in massive sizes, on a massive scale, into massive networks. There’s no other source on the web detailing even half of this, check it out:

"Brain" in a dish acts as autopilot, living computer. ogID=77448237&Mytoken=1043DB2D-1427-1403-726D690FC58BA5CC96258177

Lab Mice Grow Human Brain Cells After Injections. ogID=68610676&Mytoken=63D7E891-1403-1542-EF39B40734AA3D6B28904897

Mankinds greatest achievement, current technology, that you didnt hear about. ogID=68059443&Mytoken=fc5eb3ca-ad60-499b-acb6-e5a01226f937

The disregarded NASA Google takeover, to build biological computers. ogID=60754630&Mytoken=AF890ACF-44FC-4D5B-8A54E33FC711A4DB16885171

"Brain" in a dish acts as autopilot, living computer. ogID=60754630&Mytoken=AF890ACF-44FC-4D5B-8A54E33FC711A4DB16885171

NASA's "Intelligent Archive" ogID=77452038&Mytoken=1043DB2D-1427-1403-726D690FC58BA5CC96258177

DARPA's "Bio-Revolution" ogID=77453770&Mytoken=1043DB2D-1427-1403-726D690FC58BA5CC96258177

NASA's Smoking Gun ogID=77043938&Mytoken=1043DB2D-1427-1403-726D690FC58BA5CC96258177

***Exposing the Federal Biorevolution Manifesto***
This should interest anyone, of any background or country. ogID=78112157&Mytoken=1043DB2D-1427-1403-726D690FC58BA5CC96258177

Brain neurons "Assembly Line" ogID=76443113&Mytoken=63D7E891-1403-1542-EF39B40734AA3D6B28904897

Single Brain Cells Can Think, super intelligence computers is no longer a theory. ogID=76392271&Mytoken=63D7E891-1403-1542-EF39B40734AA3D6B28904897

Even AI Scientists recognize that society has to be aware of the issue. AI is now DEAD, obsolete, and nobody has a clue. ogID=67854524&Mytoken=E0CE4C2B-81FE-1458-1A0890E082EF454D19304165

DARPA + NASA ogID=77451552&Mytoken=1043DB2D-1427-1403-726D690FC58BA5CC96258177

***NSF: "Wiring the Brain at the Nanoscale"*** ogID=78086647&Mytoken=1043DB2D-1427-1403-726D690FC58BA5CC96258177

**Neural Implants: Past, Present & Future PART1** ogID=78083163&Mytoken=1043DB2D-1427-1403-726D690FC58BA5CC96258177

**Neural Implants: Past, Present & Future PART2** ogID=78082589&Mytoken=1043DB2D-1427-1403-726D690FC58BA5CC96258177

The remote controlled humans of the 60's ogID=77987058&Mytoken=1043DB2D-1427-1403-726D690FC58BA5CC96258177

The Senate, the Biochip and the Digital Angel ogID=74690428&Mytoken=63D7E891-1403-1542-EF39B40734AA3D6B28904897

NASA takes yet more interest in civilian affairs, satellite tracking with RFID. ogID=74690593&Mytoken=63D7E891-1403-1542-EF39B40734AA3D6B28904897

The System overveiw. (Needs updating with my new findings but it's still rather acurate._ ogID=56474962&Mytoken=C24BFE6B-643B-4FD9-ABFFC12946C1F7AB1642428390

****NEU-ARK GENESIS II - Exposing The One World Relgion****
This should interest anyone, of any background or religion. ogID=78083682&Mytoken=1043DB2D-1427-1403-726D690FC58BA5CC96258177

Even Sony wants to jact us inter "The Matrix". ogID=74224971&Mytoken=63D7E891-1403-1542-EF39B40734AA3D6B28904897

The Beast's intergration of the ECHELON system. ogID=65200577&Mytoken=9FD3F996-CBAD-4B45-99190A8B099A42971541695078<br>

Just another example of the NSF's goals to interface into our brains. THeres too many of these to list. ogID=67853731&Mytoken=E0CE4C2B-81FE-1458-1A0890E082EF454D19304165

The cashless Society is already underway. ogID=65981596&Mytoken=9FD3F996-CBAD-4B45-99190A8B099A42971541695078

LaDominio 01-16-2006 03:19 AM

Re: And you thought AI sounded scary? Beyond AI: No longer a just theory!
This is terrible news! But thank you for informing us, it is important.

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