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Jimbo 01-23-2006 11:05 PM

Collapse Of US As A Super-Power
Collapse Of US As A Super-Power ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Collapse Of US As A Super Power ???
And then you'd wonder, why? Was it too many chips, or beers, pizza, TV,... , or just plain "indifference". Didn't care to do anything about it, whatsoever. Why bother. It's not my problem. Someone else will deal w/ it, so I don't have to. We don't need jobs, industry, or an economy. As long as some executives claim we are doing good, that's all I need to hear. As long as someone can afford to take a boat ride on their big yacht, w/ little or no work at all, I'm happy for them. Better them than me. -- What ???

Collapse Of The US Economy Imminent
"In its attempt to establish a world empire dominating every nation on the planet, the U.S. has exhausted its ability to finance the expansion and the country now faces imminent financial collapse. From all indications, it looks like 2006 will spell the end for America."

International Terrorism Does Not Exist - By General Leonid Ivashov
"He now explains that international terrorism does not exist and that the September 11 attacks were the result of a set-up. What we are seeing is a manipulation by the big powers; this terrorism would not exist without them. He affirms that, instead of faking a "world war on terror", the best way to reduce that kind of attacks is through respect for international law and peaceful cooperation among countries and their citizens.

As the current international situation shows, terrorism emerges where contradiction aggravate, where there is a change of social relations or a change of regime, where there is political, economic or social instability, where there is moral decadence, where cynicism and nihilism triumph, where vice is legalized and where crime spreads.

It is globalization what creates the conditions for the emergence of these extremely dangerous phenomena. It is in this context that the new world geo-strategic map is being designed, that the resources of the planet are being re-distributed, that borders are disappearing, that international law is being torn into pieces, that cultural identities are being erased, that spiritual life becomes impoverished...

The analysis of the essence of the globalization process, the military and political doctrines of the United States and other countries, shows that terrorism contributes to a world dominance and the submissiveness of states to a global oligarchy. This means that terrorism is not something independent of world politics but simply an instrument,..."

NSA Domestic Spying On Americans Prior To 911
"In the months before 9/11, thousands of American citizens were inadvertently swept up in wiretaps, had their emails monitored, and were being watched as they surfed the Internet by spies at the super-secret National Security Agency, former NSA and counterterrorism officials said.

The NSA, with full knowledge of the White House, crossed the line from routine surveillance of foreigners and suspected terrorists into illegal activity by continuing to monitor the international telephone calls and emails of Americans without a court order. The NSA unintentionally intercepts Americans' phone calls and emails if the agency's computers zero in on a specific keyword used in the communication. But once the NSA figures out that they are listening in on an American, the eavesdropping is supposed to immediately end, and the identity of the individual is supposed to be deleted. While the agency did follow protocol, there were instances when the NSA was instructed to keep tabs on certain individuals that became of interest to some officials in the White House."

An American Hitler & His Gestapo
"The U.S. Department of Justice, led by Alberto “The Constitution is an outdated document” Gonzales, wants to know if you’ve been looking at any racy material on the Internet.

Yahoo and MSN have already complied with subpoenas from Gonzales’ storm troopers demanding records on who is using their search services to look at porno sites on the Internet.

Damn right I did. If you don’t think the rights-robbing, privacy-invading, Constitution ignoring administration of George W. Bush is anything less than a Hitler-style Gestapo then you’ve got your head stuffed so far up your ass that all that brown stuff is blinding you."

Evidence Indicates Bush Wire-Tapped Alternative Media
"There is evidence that President Bush’s executive order authorizing eavesdropping on phone conversations of U.S. citizens, monitoring email and gaining access to private computers while failing to follow the law requiring court-ordered warrants may amount to criminal activity.

Internet IP address logs from this writer’s computer firewall security system provide evidence that the Department of Defense (DOD) is conducting surveillance, since logs show DOD internet identification numbers during specific occasions while we conducted phone interviews with intelligence agents and sources, and also while reports were being word-processed for stories regarding White House crime family activities.

DOD intrusion attempts to monitor the contents of our computer, track key-strokes or install a surveillance device were listed in our firewall security log as “high-rated attacks” by the U.S. government, the circumstances about which this writer and other witnesses would be willing to testify if subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury or Congress."

International Jurists To Nail Bush-Cronies For Murder & Torture
"The Bush killing machine is no secret overseas, as a coalition of legal experts based in Canada want to put Bush and his band of renegades behind bars. Too bad American jurists don't have the guts to do the same!

If a group of prominent international jurists get their way, a little known Canadian lawsuit could finally spell the end to President Bush and his killer cronies.

It is no secret the Bush administration has libeled and defamed the American people's good name, flaunting international law while torturing and slaughtering millions of innocents worldwide.

In fact, the Bush administration's "arrogance and bully-like swagger" when it comes to ignoring long-recognized, established principles of international law has become an utter embarrassment, changing America's longstanding motto of the Land of the Free to a country wrapped tightly in chains called the "Home of the Neocons.""

Democrats Denounce Bush's Human Pesticide Testing
"Today, Senator Barbara Boxer, Rep. Henry A. Waxman, and Rep. Hilda L. Solis criticized a Bush Administration plan to promote pesticide experimentation upon humans. The plan, contained in a final draft rule, was leaked to the legislators by a concerned Administration official who requested that the original copy of the plan not be duplicated in its entirety and widely distributed out of concern for anonymity. According to the EPA's communications plan, the Administration will officially announce the pesticide experimentation plan later this week as a final regulation.

In August 2005, Congress enacted a moratorium upon EPA using human pesticide experiments until strict ethical standards were established. Senator Boxer championed the moratorium in the US Senate. Representative Solis pushed the moratorium through the US House of Representatives."

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...

DarkChilde3D 01-23-2006 11:24 PM

Re: Collapse Of US As A Super-Power
When it does happen, and all these rich motherf*ckers lose it all and start jumping from their penthouse offices like they did in the 1930's, I'll carry an umbrella, because I don't want that sh*t falling on my head.

And even though everyone will suffer, it is a long time coming. The entire system has needed a re-boot for a very long time. I liken it to a computer virus for a very good reason. Once the virus has spread to too many .dll's and .exe's, the system folds up, and needs to be re-installed. So, even though the virus has a purpose, it eventually wipes itself out by unsolicited-assisted-suicide (the assitant being the re-insaller).

I don't care what kind of things I have to endure, so long as the world is a safer, less corrupted place by the time she starts having coherent memories. At 19 months old, I'm glad she still wont be remembering much.

Jimbo 01-24-2006 12:34 AM

Re: Collapse Of US As A Super-Power
America, No More Freedom, Baby - :-o :-o :-o

Confiscation Of Bank Safe Deposit Boxes During An Emergency

Confiscation Of Bank Safe Deposit Boxes During An Emergency
“A family member from Irvine, CA (who’s a branch manager at BoA) told us two weeks ago that her bank held a "workshop" where the last two days were dedicated to discussing their bank’s new security measures. During these last two days, the workshop included members from the HS - Office who instructed them on how to field calls from customers and what they are to tell them in the event of a national disaster. She said they were told how only agents from HS (during such an event) would be in charge of opening safe deposit boxes and determining what items would be given to bank customers.

At this point they were told that no weapons, cash, gold, or silver will be allowed to leave the bank - only various paperwork will be given to its owners. After discussing the matter with them at length, she and the other employees were then told not to discuss the subject with anyone.”

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...

Jimbo 01-24-2006 01:23 PM

Re: Collapse Of US As A Super-Power
Unfathomed Dangers In Patriot Act Renewal - :-o :-o :-o

Unfathomed Dangers In Patriot Act Renewal

Unfathomed Dangers In Patriot Act Renewal
"A provision in the "PATRIOT Act" creates a new federal police force with the power to violate the Bill of Rights.

There is hereby created and established a permanent police force, to be known as the 'United States Secret Service Uniformed Division.'

This new federal police force is "subject to the supervision of the Secretary of Homeland Security."

The new police are empowered to "make arrests without warrant for any offense against the United States committed in their presence, or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing such felony."

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...

Jimbo 01-25-2006 05:02 PM

Re: Collapse Of US As A Super-Power
Is Freedom Just A Word, Or Was It Ever Real ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Our Freedom Is Slipping Away,... As We Watch & Do Nothing

Should President Bush Face Censure or Impeachment?


The End Of Unalienable Rights
“Today, Americans have rights only at George W. Bush’s forbearance. Under new legal theories – propounded by Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito and other right-wing jurists – Bush effectively holds all power over all Americans.

He can spy on anyone he wants without a court order; he can throw anyone into jail without due process; he can order torture or other degrading treatment regardless of a new law enacted a month ago; he can launch wars without congressional approval; he can assassinate people whom he deems to be the enemy even if he knows that innocent people, including children, will die, too.

Under the new theories, Bush can act both domestically and internationally. His powers know no bounds and no boundaries.”

Al Gore On Unchecked Power
"The country needs a full and independent investigation into the facts and legality of the present Administration's program."

To The Brink Of A Dangerous Breach In The Fabric Of The Constitution
"It is this same disrespect for America's Constitution which has now brought our republic to the brink of a dangerous breach in the fabric of the Constitution. And the disrespect embodied in these apparent mass violations of the law is part of a larger pattern of seeming indifference to the Constitution that is deeply troubling to millions of Americans in both political parties."

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...

Jimbo 01-26-2006 11:13 AM

Re: Collapse Of US As A Super-Power
Exporting US Jobs & Security - :-o :-o :-o

Exporting The Remaining Of US Jobs & The Drying-Up Tax Base
The US,Gov is no longer pretending it cares for the well being of its citizens by creating & sustaining an economy capable of providing plenty of jobs where our families & individuals can make a living & sustain a life worth the effort. It is obvious it only cares & protects the interests of huge transnational corporations & global business. Americans are no longer, …only global-warriors will remain.

The Bush War Economy - Exporting Jobs & Security
"We are not going to have industrial jobs in the U.S. anymore. The big corporations will move overseas where production costs can be significantly lowered.

There are places called "the non-integrating gap" that have not yet submitted to the authority of the new world order. The job of the U.S. will be to go into the "non-integrating gap" and make sure these countries comply with the dictates of corporate globalization.

The U.S. won't do international treaties anymore because they would limit the ability of the Pentagon to do preemptive first-strike attack on any country that is not complying with corporate globalization.

As the job base dries up in the U.S. so will the tax base at the local-state-federal levels.

This is the not-so-bright picture that the corporate dominated government of the U.S. is creating for us. It will become a reality if we don't begin to protest now against this re-introduction of feudalism."

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...

Jimbo 01-28-2006 01:10 AM

Re: Collapse Of US As A Super-Power
Standing Up For Freedom !!! - :-o :-o :-o

<img src="http://link" height=xxx width=xxx border=2>
<img src="">
Georgetown Univ Students Turn Their Backs on US Attorney General

Standing Up For Freedom - This Is Serious...
Georgetown University students turned their backs on US Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales in protest yesterday. (Evan Sisley/ Reuters)

Alberto Gonzales's Memo Raises Questions On Patriot Act - The Boston Globe
"A footnote in Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales's 42-page legal memo defending President Bush's domestic spying program appears to argue that the administration does not need Congress to extend the USA Patriot Act in order to keep using the law's investigative powers against terror suspects.

The memo states that Congress gave Bush the power to investigate terror suspects using whatever tactics he deemed necessary when it authorized him to use force against Al Qaeda. When Congress later passed the Patriot Act, Bush already had the power to use enhanced surveillance techniques against Al Qaeda, according to the footnote."

"Hutchinson, the University of Chicago law professor, said that in trying to show that Congress gave Bush unlimited powers to investigate possible Al Qaeda plots, the administration has contradicted its arguments that it is necessary for Congress to reauthorize the Patriot Act in order to protect the nation from terror threats."
Gonzales's Memo Raises Questions On Patriot Act

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...

Jimbo 01-28-2006 01:46 AM

Re: Collapse Of US As A Super-Power
Mass Disapproval ??? - :-o :-o :-o

And Then, Not Surprising, "Mass Disapproval"

State Of The Union? Not So Good, Most Say
"A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll taken last weekend and interviews across the country this week found most Americans pessimistic about the economy, divided on the war and doubtful that Bush has the best plan to address the issues that matter most to them - among them health care and corruption."

"The country's downbeat mood poses a challenge for the president as he tries to command support for the legislative agenda he'll unveil for his sixth year in office. With a 43% approval rating, he is in "a weakened position trying to convince Congress to do whatever it is in the State of the Union that he wants them to do," says Charles Franklin of the University of Wisconsin."

"Said the country has gotten off track. By 62%-35%, they were dissatisfied with the way things are going in the USA. That's the most pessimistic view at the start of a year since Bush took office."

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...

Minuteman 01-28-2006 10:41 AM

Re: Collapse Of US As A Super-Power
Ok, when do we start the dates pool. I vote early March of this year.

Jimbo 01-28-2006 11:05 PM

Re: Collapse Of US As A Super-Power
Who Did You Say Hates Americans ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Who Did You Say Hates Americans ?

Who Did You Say Hates Americans ?
"They are in serious danger of losing control of the government come November. The problem is that although the rank and file, and the leadership, know this, they cannot communicate to Bush that sea changes have to be made, at least cosmetic ones, or public anger will get to the point that impeachment is a probability."

"The leadership has more or less decided that since Bush will not change, he will simply have to go to save the rest of them or, if they are ideologues, for the common good. For themselves, not necessarily for the American people.

Although Bush stubbornly refuses to release any document which he feels might make him look bad, others are doing just that. Tens of thousands of pages of memos, reports, notes, tapes, and all kinds of priceless milestones on George W. Bush's journey to the underworld are being assembled and studied for possible "leaks.""

Let Me Ask You Again, ...Who Did You Say Hates Americans ?

Altering The Political DNA Of America
"If the United States Senate approves Bush's guest worker amnesty, America shall suffer 20 million illegal aliens becoming U.S. citizens. That will change the DNA of America to resemble Mexico's failed society. It will become our first step down toward a Third World country.

Mexicans will be able to 'chain migrate' entire villages into our country from the poorest, most uneducated peasants Fox can export to America.

They do not speak, act nor are they invested as American citizens. They represent the beachhead of an unarmed invading army of Mexicans colonizing America. They're pushing us out of our homes and cities. They're commandeering our school systems across America.

If Bush wins, America loses."

File Shows US 'Psychological Operations' Concerns - No Kidding...
(Looks Like We Have Been Deceived - How Do You Like It When You Finally Realize Anyone Has Taken You For A "Fool" ???)
" Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld acknowledged in a document made public on Thursday that information spread by the Pentagon to influence foreign peoples and enemies increasingly seeps back home and is "consumed by our domestic audience."

The Pentagon argued the "psychological operations" information was truthful. But the research organization that obtained the document through the Freedom of Information Act described it as propaganda planted overseas that inevitably made its way back to the United States."

Are We Asking For This?... Obviously, Not

Guys, It's Time To Wake Up. The Democracy They Are Telling Us That Is, ...Is Not A Democracy.

It Looks Like We Are Being "Dictated" What Our World Is Going To Be,

Whether You Like It Or Not...

The Brave New World !

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"...

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