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Thumper 02-28-2005 01:34 PM

Where does Islam fit into the New World Order?
On one hand you have the Western countries warring against the middle east, the CIA/Mossad posing as terrorists beheading people, and of course the whole 9/11 fiasco. And yet in European countries they are pushing for extreme "tolerance" and the Islamicization of their societies...

what gives?

marypopinz 02-28-2005 02:09 PM

Re: Where does Islam fit into the New World Order?
ORWELL - I think they made us read it in school for a reason. Opening our minds to that type of pathetic existence, for future reference to accept it into our future reality.

We are all bout sex and yet Janet's boobie offended us greatly?

Accept the Moslems with open arms and hate those brown camel jockies who caused 911 and a war on terror. I give up.

Institute 02-28-2005 03:08 PM

Re: Where does Islam fit into the New World Order?
Muslem countries and societies are very heterogenous, disorganized,discordant,military and politically impotent so they simply could not represent "serious",united and unique global waring fraction that Kabbalistic Jews' NWO strongly needs to cause global conflagration.

And European Masonic Kabbalistic intelligentsia know this quite well. They have started the process of "reconciliation" with Moslem countries where Muslims will get appearently right to "live political and social Islam" but accept Kabbalistic economic domination,
like Muslem Malays in Malaysia that have political power and "islamic way of living" while Chinese (Kabbalistic Jewish bankers proxies) control money market-
one very "happy family").

So it is clear that all this charade and war on Islam is actually a diversion of out attention.

Kabbalists will make a deal with Moslems and integrate them( as a minor part ) into one strong, global block that will clash with United States of America.

This block would be consistent of European Union,Russia, China, Moslem contries and Japan.

It is pure Hegelian or Ibn Haldun dialectics

truebeliever 02-28-2005 06:47 PM

Re: Where does Islam fit into the New World Order?

The Muzzies are on the front line.

They are 'nationalistic', 'tribalistic' and enjoy telling the west to get F****d.

The Islaming of Europe is on one level a simple philosophical bent of NWO plebs...internationalists all living happy, happy together.

At the top they know it will sow discontent and social unrest...all the better to quell with some new police state laws if ya know what I mean.

The point is to mix us up into one big homogenised lump of goo with no identity to fall back on. All the better to crush you.

Besides the Muslims ACTUALLY believe in God. They bow their head to the almighty 5 times a day. They have NO respect for the state and their allegience are mostly to tribal affilliations.

Any wonder the NWO masters want them dead or in line. It aint rocket science.

Take Ache in northern Sumatra where the tsunami hit most. This region is hugely rich in resources of all types.

The deeply Muslim population want seperation from a 'secular' pretend Muslim government in Jakarta who worships only power and greed given by the West.

The Tsunami was VERY welcome by the Indonesian Elites. It knocked off a hefty chunk of the population and allowed the infiltration of forces into 'rebel' held areas and also allowed a few U.S tent bases thank you very goodness...i hit the trifecta!

Get a hold of Thomas Barnetts "The Pentagons New Map" and it's all spelled out for you. DVD-Amazon. Expensive.

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