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Barbara 02-17-2006 06:46 PM

.........Into the Belly of the Beast
Authorities Again Looking Into
Murder Of 'God's Banker' As
Investigation Leads Right Into
The Belly Of The Beast,
The Vatican, As Well As
Masonic Lodges

By Greg Szymanski

The story behind the brutal murder of the man called 'God's Banker' has never been fully resolved or his death adequately explained to the American public, a na´ve public kept from the truth about so many things, including corruption in the Vatican.

The nickname 'God's Banker' was appropriately attached by the Italian press to prominent Italian financier and Banco Ambrosiano chairman, Roberto Calvi, for his illicit role in the decades old scandal involving millions of dollars of stolen money through a wicked and evil financial scam involving the principals controlling the Vatican Bank, including the Mafia, the P2 Masonic Lodge, the Freemasons and the Jesuits.

After the scandal broke in the Italian papers in 1982, Calvi was found hanging from scaffolding under the Blackfriars Bridge in London shortly after midnight on June 18, 1982.

His death was determined a suicide but chilling evidence recently uncovered is proving Calvi was most likely killed for knowing too much and able to point the finger behind the real culprits behind the scandal, including high-level politicians, Church officials and clandestine members of the P2 Masonic group, which Calvi was a member.

And the worldwide ramifications behind Calvi's murder goes far deeper than hundreds of millions in lost loot, but to the very bottom of the dark underworld connections between the cloth, the Masonic groups and the Mafia.

His murder goes right to the heart of the scandal, which many close to the Vatican openly claim could also eventually open up what have been "closed doors" to the murder of Pope John Paul I, the shooting of Pope John Paul II and other clandestine matters, including Masonic affiliations of many high-level Vatican priests, on its face a matter of expulsion from the Church under Canon Law 2338.

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MasonTemplar 02-18-2006 12:05 AM

Re: .........Into the Belly of the Beast
I've read some reports that claim that it was probably murder because of how low we was hanging. Apparently he was hanging so low, that it would have been hard for him to actually hang with his body in the water. The idea is that he was more likely killed first and then placed there. Was is the masons of Propaganda or was it the mafia making it look like that to throw suspicion? Personally, if it was murder, the only reason to stage the suicide instead of doing away with the body altogether is to send a message. And, consider that there is a large number of masons that work for Scotland Yard. So many, that it's been a point of public interest and in the courts for all police to divulge their affiliations with the lodge.
So, if there was a hidden message, and it was a masonic message being sent to anyone who was thinking about talking, it would make sense that the masonic dominated british police would write it off as a suicide. The insiders would still understand the message, and the public at large would not understand the nature and connection of the death.
Good post, Barbara!!!

Barbara 02-18-2006 04:10 AM

Re: .........Into the Belly of the Beast
Thank you, not only for the compliment but also for the pertinent input.

You sound like a student of history; I'll bet you also remember "Jack the Ripper" and his Masonic ties as well as the cover-up that ensued by the police and Scotland Yard.

Yet another case, as Frederick Bastiat stated, of the Law perverted.

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