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AISB_Watch 03-01-2005 02:31 PM

Conspiracy Archive Newsletter!
Hi guys! I finally got of my butt and set up a mailing list. If anyone wants to subscribe, send a blank message to this address:

I'm gathering the news for today and when I post it on my site, I'll send out the first edition of the list today.

It's only going to be a bare-bones text-based (maximum accessibility) newsletter. Latest news and latest articles - maybe some other things down the road.


AISB_Watch 03-01-2005 05:22 PM

Re: Conspiracy Archive Newsletter!
First edition.

Conspiracy Archive Update: March 1st 2005

1. News Updates
2. Document(s) Added


Electronic engineers at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia are researching a device they say could make objects "nearly invisible to an observer." The contrivance works by preventing light from bouncing off the surface of an object, causing the object to appear so small it all but disappears.

Why am I not surprised that ChoicePoint, the consumer data-mining company that was recently conned into sharing 145,000 consumer credit profiles with identity thieves, is the same company that helped Florida "purge" its voter rolls of felons and other undesirable voters during the 2000 election? When you're on such an undemocratic roll, why stop at helping to hijack an election in plain sight when you can earn millions selling the identities of every person gullible enough to have a credit history to shadowy front companies, organized crime syndicates and enterprising con artists?

John Whiteside Parsons, an early innovator of rocket technology, is not widely remembered today. Insofar as he is remembered, moreover, it is often not in connection with rocket science but rather with cultism, mysticism and black magic. Parsons was a figure of two worlds. He helped found the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the aerospace company Aerojet, and also engaged in arcane rituals and mysterious practices. He died gruesomely in a perplexing explosion in his home laboratory in 1952 at age 37.

I first went to Nepal in 1970 it was the end of the now famous Hippie Trail that started overland from either Amsterdam or London. Buses full of Hippies would disembark at the end of New Road and to this day this street is called Freak Street. Nepal was Hippie nirvana being that marijuana and hashish were legal and sold openly in Government licensed shops! At the time there were no opium dens in Kathmandu nor is opium grown or heroin produced in Nepal! There was no such thing as a Nepalese junkie. Cannabis was only illegal to export and Hippies caught at the airport were fined $100 USD and deported on the next flight out of Kathmandu.

In a series of semiautonomous chapters, he describes Echelon, the vast electronic intelligence-gathering system operated by the United States and its English-speaking allies; surveys the current technology of global eavesdropping; and tries to sort out the vexed issue of privacy rights versus security demands in a world at war with terrorism. Mr. Keefe writes, crisply and entertainingly, as an interested private citizen rather than an expert. A third-year student at Yale Law School, he follows in the footsteps of freelance investigators like James Bamford, who, through sheer persistence, managed to penetrate at least some of the multiple layers of secrecy surrounding the National Security Agency in his book "The Puzzle Palace."

"The real reason that people are so excited by Mary Magdalene today is that there is a huge change in our collective consciousness," explains British psychologist and New Paltz resident Roger Woolger, PhD. "The culture as a whole is ready to throw over the old patriarchy. The first great ripple was the feminist movement, but now it's become a huge wave that is finally reaching the Church." Woolger, renowned for his work in past-life regression, is a scholar in comparative religion and a seasoned lecturer on the spirituality of medieval Europe and the Holy Grail legend.

Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is responsible for torture and abuse of prisoners held by the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan and should compensate the victims, a lawsuit contended Tuesday.

[...] you will be much better acquainted with the mind control method used by the educated classes called "envisioning," which is also a very important tool used in the theft of land. It needs to be clearly defined and understood by everyone. Envisioning, just like Agenda 21, is difficult to explain quickly, but I'm going to take a stab at it; envisioning is the school of professional and polite society mind control and manipulation.

The most notorious robber barons of the world are not all languishing in prison cells where they belong, but proactive within cells of the cutthroat, latter-day oil industry.

[...] the [State Department] report notes that "Violence against women, including imposition of a coercive birth limitation policy that resulted in instances of forced abortion and forced sterilization, continued to be a problem, as did prostitution."

US forces supposedly used a secret weapon in Iraq, which resulted in a powerful earthquake. Viktor Bokov, a scientist from St.Petersburg, deals with short-term earthquake forecasts. The information about the forthcoming disaster in Southeast Asia, which killed 215,000 people, appeared on the website of the Arctic and Antarctic Institute (on which Bokov's forecasts are regularly published) two days before the tsunami hit the Asian shores.

The mother and husband of a Chicago U.S. District Judge are found dead in her house. For hours, the local police and the F.B.I. would only say that they are conducting an investigation of the deaths. Nothing more. But from the beginning, the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press strongly hinted it might be caused by those linked to Matt Hale, a white supremacist who reportedly had members of his group, World Church of the Creator, some years ago inflict murderous violence on several blacks and Jews in Chicago.

This report might be considered like a website Home Page with links which seem to go in many directions. As this series progresses, I shall try to make sense of it all. Naive readers early on most possibly will greatly fault this writer.

Today's airports have cameras everywhere So where are the hijacker's videos ? To date there has only been two video clips released - One of Mohammed Atta in Portland airport and another private showing to the survivors family of flight 77. At a time when most convenience stores across the country had security cameras we are told that Logan, Dulles and Newark didn't have cameras.

Fujitsu is launching what it claims will be the world's first biometric palm scanner, checking veins in the human hand to verify someone's identity.

A unique 'flying saucer' developed by Russian inventors is aging at an aviation plant in Central Russia, the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper wrote on Thursday.

With the focus on privatization, public-private partnerships, (dismantling local control); anyone with any common sense about them can see that; incrementally the power of the people is being given over to corporate control through various venues. Once upon a time we were subjects, then citizens, and now consumers. Everything is for sale.


At least my readers know that PM Sharon is a flunkie of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), the little 4000 member Manhattan think tank which is behind the "Roadmap" and the Gush Katif sellout. Look how one of them analyzes Ms. Glick's "thinking." Israel is no longer an independent, sovereign "State", it is a laboratory, a test course for the Council on Foreign Relations. Friends in Israel tried for years to warn us of this takeover, few listened, fewer still cared.

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get_real 03-01-2005 05:52 PM

Re: Conspiracy Archive Newsletter!
Thanks AISB. I've read most of the stuff you have posted some time ago. I'm always surfing the web. I am one of those people that believes that there were NO airplanes involved in the 9/11 event. Our technology is so advanced that "YES" they can make things 'appear'!! I am not a rocket scientist, nor am I able to explain how it was done. I also believe that the 9/11 event was not the work of terrorists from some other country. We all have had the experience of having that gut feeling that something doesn't ring clear. No matter how awful the event and how clear the tragedy in itself appears-----I feel we are all equipped with some type of given natural sensor that tells us 'No this is not registering as fact'. Unfortunately, for those that ridicule the idea that we are advanced in our technology, I say: separate your religious/faith beliefs from the possibility of far advanced technology, if you don't--they will send you back the messiah exactly as you were told to invision him, and then....

AISB_Watch 03-01-2005 06:36 PM

Re: Conspiracy Archive Newsletter!
Some of them stories are dated March 1st ... your quick!

Many people have requested I make a newsletter, so here it is. I try and update the news everyday and basically that's what will be the bulk of it - just stories I find have bearing on the situation. Many people like having the news sent to them in email form rather than checking the site everyday ... even though I have a news feed. Newsreaders are going to render newsletters obsolete once all sites catch on to the value of having an xml output.

I find the invisibility story pretty interesting. Especially when you take into consideration that government scientists are at least 30 years ahead of what the public thinks is the state of technology. If we're getting wind of some scientists who have made a breakthrough in invisibility you can be sure the spooks have had it for years.

Another things along these lines is Verichip and Digital Angel. We're led to believe that implantable microchips have no power on their own and that GPS tracking of the devices are out of reach. That's complete utter lies. A little known story appeared in the Sunday Times (London), 11 October 1998 that leterally blows the doors off of Verichip. Here's the state of the technology some 7 years ago:

007 implant to protect kidnap targets

by Maurice Chittenden and David Lloyd

THIS is the bleep that says: "Rescue me." A microchip under the skin that can help to locate hostages is being marketed to combat one of the world's biggest growth industries - there were a record 1,407 abductions for ransom worldwide last year, up 60% since 1990.

The victim's "little helper" uses natural body energy with James Bond-style technology devised by scientists working for Israeli intelligence.

Space satellites will follow the bleep to detect a victim's movements or hiding place. The information will then be relayed to a control centre to be used for a rescue operation.

The device has come too late for three British engineers and a New Zealand colleague abducted in Chechnya last weekend. But film stars and the children of millionaires are among 45 people, including several Britons, who have been approached and fitted with the chips in secret tests during the past three months. The chips, costing 5,000 a time, are being launched in Milan this week.

However, kidnap experts are divided on whether the Sky-Eye chip is just another fashion accessory for the painfully rich or a valuable weapon in the fight against extortion.

The Gen-Etics company, which makes the chip, says it is being targeted at people in the public eye such as Leonardo DiCaprio, the Titanic star whose family originates from an area of southern Italy steeped in kidnapping, and companies that send employees to potentially dangerous places such as Colombia, Mexico and Chechnya. The company developed the chip for commercial use after it was invented by Mossad, the Israeli secret service, and used by agents on special missions.

Nicholas Ventura, in charge of marketing the device, said: "Film stars like DiCaprio and Robert De Niro are the kind of personalities this is aimed at - basically millionaires, VIPs and captains of industry who for family or work reasons go to places where kidnap gangs are active."

He refused to identify any clients. Customers on his doorstep could include the Duchess of York, who regularly visits the castle of Count Gaddo della Gherardesca, her Tuscan boyfriend; Sting, the rock star, who has a villa in Tuscany; and Greta Scacchi, the Anglo-Italian actress born in Milan.

The 43 Europeans and two Americans who have so far adopted the chip had surgery under a light anaesthetic. Gen-Etics claims the surgery is intended to daze the patient and prevent him or her remembering exactly where the incision was made, so he cannot reveal the chip's location to his abductors even under torture.

Every chip is made of synthetic and organic fibres and measures 4mm by 4mm. It does not need a battery and runs instead on four milliamperes of neurophysiological energy.

Only a small scar is visible and the chip escapes detection by x-rays. It is inserted under the skin but not on areas that can be amputated, including the hands, nose and ears.

Posting an earlobe to the family of a victim is a favourite technique for kidnap gangs. John Paul Getty III, grandson of the oil billionaire and one of 700 people kidnapped in Italy in the past 30 years, suffered such a fate in 1973.

The whereabouts of the carrier are followed by six satellites through the global positioning system, which has a 150-metre margin of error and has previously been used to track the movements of stolen luxury cars. The absence of a signal suggests that the victim has been killed because the body no longer supplies the energy to make the chip function.

The Sky-Eye is seen as an alternative to surrounding the children of the rich and famous with teams of burly bodyguards. Donatella Versace, sister of the murdered Italian fashion designer, appears to be well aware of the risks. Her two children, Allegra - who inherited the larger part of her uncle Gianni's fortune - and Daniel, are watched over by a phalanx of security men whenever they step out of the family's 18th-century palazzo in Milan.

Others are more cynical about the microchip, however. Robert Davies, a special risks underwriter for Hiscox, an insurance group that holds 5,000 kidnap policies, said it might work in Britain or the United States but could prove hazardous in less developed countries, where victims were likely to be shot in rescue attempts and the police were sometimes in league with the kidnappers.

"We are aware that kidnap gangs in Mexico, the most sophisticated in the world, are searching victims for scars that might hide such devices. There is also the effect on morale if a victim thinks he will be quickly rescued but his family decides that would be a stupid thing to attempt," he said. Terry Waite, who was a hostage in Beirut for 5 1/2 years, said: "It is very dangerous because once kidnappers get to know about these things they will skin you alive to find them. There were rumours when I was kidnapped that I had been planted with locator devices.

"I was given rigorous searches, my clothes were changed and I even had my teeth checked."

007 implant to protect kidnap targets
by Maurice Chittenden and David Lloyd

Microchip implants to foil VIP kidnaps
By Bruce Johnston in Rome
ITALIAN dignitaries who fear being kidnapped are having microprocessor homing devices planted in their bodies so police can track them down if they are abducted.

The microchips - called Sky-Eyes - were originally developed for intelligence use by Israeli researchers. Rome's La Repubblica newspaper described the latest development as a "biological adaptation" of the Global Positioning System, which is already in use to protect luxury cars from being stolen.

Sky-Eyes are sold by a company called Gen-Etics, which has patented the device for private use but which is cautious about supplying further details, in order to protect its clients.

Sky-Eyes are said to be made of "synthetic and organic fibre". They reportedly run on such a small amount of energy that this can be "borrowed" from the human body. The chip is supposed to be invisible to both the naked eye and to X-rays. A person who carries it is supplied with an eight-digit code by the company. He, or she, is advised to divulge this only to next of kin or a trusted legal representative.

In case of the person's disappearance, those in possession of the code are supposed to contact the company's control centre, so that the kidnapped victim's whereabouts may be pinpointed, and the police informed. The Sky-Eye is said to have a margin of error of just 150 yards. Kidnapping is still common in Italy.

One recent victim, Giuseppe Soffiantini, an elderly northern industrialist, was wary when asked if he would buy one. At the weekend he said: "As they also know about the discovery, the kidnappers will find a counter system to use against it. They are treacherous."

During his long captivity, his kidnappers cut off pieces of his ears and sent them to his family. Mr Soffiantini, was released earlier this year after a 2 million ransom was paid. He said: "But if the microchip worked, then of course I'd get one.

I found Maurice Chittenden and David Lloyd emails and asked them to confirm the story and if there was any follow up ... no reply. I saw it on the Times' site with my own eyes, but as soon as I sent out the request about the story ... dead link! I wanted to get the patent number too. Don't have any clue as to how you go about getting a copy of a patent some company from Italy has.

w102pdc 03-01-2005 09:19 PM

Re: Conspiracy Archive Newsletter!
Already submitted my subscription!

I recommend the newsletter to everyone here! Terry does great work. He has incredibly comprehensive archives with valuable information! I encourage you all to check it out!

Phillip Collins

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