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Saturnino 02-20-2006 08:08 PM

U2, Stones and the NWO
Can't sleep tonight. The music from the U2 concert at the stadium is too loud, even though it is more than 3 km away. I thought it was someone in the condo, until I heard the Sunday Bloody Sunday refrain and the cheers of thousands of people.
I went checking the show on the TV and what I saw was mind boggling: a NWO discourse , claims that we all should be ONE, flashes on the giant screen above the stage with the word UN. Makes me want to puke. Bono was wearing a black shirt with a red pentagram. What a s.o.b., he went to lunch with the President of the Republic yesterday. Amazing NWO agent, he makes people light their cell phones to illustrate that Bush could make a call to Blair and end poverty in the world (my ass they could) BUT he meets with Bush like good pals !
Last Saturday we had the Stones in Rio (I am in Sao Paulo). They had a show in Copacabana beach (free entrance), the largest rock show ever with more than a million people. Mick sang his ode to the devil as usual, wore a red t-shirt with strange signals (same signals that were flashed on the screen during "Sympathy for the Devil".
I wonder what the heck the two most famous R&R bands are doing in Brazil in the same week. Are they targeting the Brazilian youth to accept the NWO ?
May this Bono clown be the antiChrist ? That would be really funny.

Mawashi 02-20-2006 10:12 PM

Re: U2, Stones and the NWO
Not sure about Bono being the anti-Christ, but he sure is an NWO flunkie. Traipsing all over the world spreading his brand of peace, love and slavery. It would almost be convincing if he didn't regularly flaunt his public connections to other NWO stooges like Clinton, Paul O'Neill etc.

And the Stones! Those dinosaurs who haven't written a decent track in 30-odd years sold their souls for wealth and influence and have millions of adoring fans who I guess have never bothered to read into any of their lyrics.

But there is still hope. They can still redeem themselves by accepting God and rejecting what they've spent most of their lives doing.

Shannow 02-21-2006 12:44 AM

Re: U2, Stones and the NWO
Funny, I had similar thoughts the other day. 2f78bdd7c9d6aaa6b2e5c5e7ff393

Saturnino 02-21-2006 04:52 AM

Re: U2, Stones and the NWO
There is more...after I wrote the post I went back to watch the rest of the show. At the end, after Bono sang that song that really is a Psalm (40) he got a crucifix (those with beads, like a rosary) and hung it to the microphone. He seemly prayed.

However, the crucifix was one that with the distorted Christ, with the arms of the cross kind of bent down, like the one the Popes use on their walking rod. has been saying that this kind of crucifix is a mockery of Christ.

Another weird comment he made was: "Where can we go beyond this ?" when the 100,000 people were worshipping him and singing a refrain, meaning that it was just too much success and power for him.

Jagger is depraved, everybody can see that. He is a character, a person who must play a role all the time. He is artificial. Like the Dorian Gray portrait, he is becoming ugly on the outside as he is in the inside. After the show he was hoping around nightclubs in Rio. He can't stop.

But Bono is ten times more charismatic. He is REALLY nice and approachable. He looks real.

Saturnino 02-21-2006 09:15 AM

Re: U2, Stones and the NWO
[img align=left][/img]

means "coexist"...all religions are ONE.

[img align=left][/img]

Declaration of Human Rights...suck this UN shit, you fools...pure brainwashing.

[img align=left][/img]

article #5 of the UN charter

[img align=left][/img]

self explanatory

[img align=left][/img]

Come on, Brazil. have some sympathy for the devil.
This show was attended by 1,2 MILLION people. The U2 show (there will be another tonight) had 70 thousand, in the second largest soccer stadium in the world, home of Sao Paulo, current FIFA world champions (morumbi).

earthspirit 02-21-2006 01:03 PM

Re: U2, Stones and the NWO
Oh what the heck, I'll just throw this one in this thread:

In the March issue of Vanity Fair, page 115------I spot an ad for Svedka Vodka.

Well, here I quote: "Svedka Salutes Hollywood for Making 'Celebrity Worship' the World's Fastest Growing Religion".

Gee, and my parents thought too much 'Frankie and Annette' might keep me from doing my homework!

Saturnino 02-22-2006 03:35 AM

Re: U2, Stones and the NWO
One more show last night. It is creepy to listen to the crowd of 70,000 (plus the 20,000 who stayed outside the stadium with no tickets) responding to Bono. Not only after the songs (this is normal), but after he said something. Bono says some phrase and the crowd goes "Woooooooooooh!" Listening to that from 3 km of distance is creepy, like a "Sieg Heil !" ..."Heil Hitler !".

The funny side is that when Bono thanked the friendship of the President and the singer-minister of culture Gilebrto Gil the audience booed him. Maybe the folks are not so dumb at all.

earthspirit 02-22-2006 09:01 AM

Re: U2, Stones and the NWO
Well, 'not-so-dumb' is still blind! Bono might be charismatic and come across as a 'real, down-to-earth' kind of guy, but...I believe he does one thing very well...makes money. And the way he does it, is very pleasing to his buddy Bush.
So the audience can boo all they want, however, after the show the 'big-boys' club laugh their heads off!

Minuteman 03-06-2006 08:36 PM

Re: U2, Stones and the NWO
Crap, pure unadulterated crap. Well perhaps not crap, but mind control trigger stuff. All we have left now is the battle for the spirit.

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