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Insider 03-25-2006 12:08 PM


By: Alan Stang

What is a government? Not a regime, not an administration or a royal line like the Windsors or the Hapsburgs, but a government? It is an entity that controls ground, territory, land, an area between lines on a map and the people who live there. It enjoys a monopoly on military force in the area. It is immune from liability.

For instance, under the doctrine of sovereign immunity (the king can do no wrong) you canít sue the U.S. government or its factotums without its permission. A government amasses enormous sums (in our case, funny money) taken from the people in taxes. And a government is immortal. It never dies, unless it is overthrown.

What is a corporation? It too has limited liability; indeed, a favored corporation has no liability. It amasses enormous investments. It is immortal. And in our country, favored corporations have gradually taken control of our government. It is not at all far fetched to say that the federal government today is a mere subsidiary of the monster corporations that control it.

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