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Akbar 03-29-2006 08:22 AM

Criminals in white face
As I've shared on several occasions. Crime is under reported for whites and over reported for blacks. It is sensionalized for blacks and downplayed for whites. This following article is a prime example. If the Duke basketball team made up of black players had done the same to a white exotic dancer. It would have been on media outlets 24/7. The white exotic dancer would have become famous with her own talk show. The black players would be humiliated and had to suffer through a long drawn out public trial until someone would have been convicted and thrown in jail. Now that they are white look at the difference...............................

Duke suspends lacrosse team from play
/ Associated Press
Posted: 1 hour ago

DURHAM, N.C. (AP) - Duke University's highly ranked lacrosse team will not play again this season until school administrators learn more about allegations that several team members raped an exotic dancer at an off-campus party, the school said Tuesday.

President Richard Brodhead decided to suspend the team from play "until there is a clearer resolution of the legal situation involving team members," the university said.
The case has roiled the campus, raised racial tensions and heightened antagonism between the affluent students at Duke, which costs about $43,000 a year, and the city of Durham, which has a large population of poor people and is about evenly divided between white and black.

A woman told police she and another dancer were hired to perform March 13 at a private party in an off-campus home. The dancer, a student at North Carolina Central University, told police she was pulled into a bathroom, beaten, choked and raped by three men.

No one has been charged.

Armed with a judge's order, police took DNA samples with a cheek swab from 46 of the lacrosse team's 47 players last week. The 47th player, the only black member of the team, did not have to provide DNA because the dancer said her attackers were white.

"I needed to have the information about who will be charged," said District Attorney Mike Nifong said. "I feel pretty confident that a rape occurred."

Brodhead said team captains notified Athletic Director Joe Alleva on Tuesday that players wanted to stay off the field until the DNA results came back from a crime lab. In a statement, the captains predicted the DNA testing would clear the players of wrongdoing.

Brodhead said it was his decision to expand the suspension.

"In this painful period of uncertainty, it is clear to me, as it was to the players, that it would be inappropriate to resume the normal schedule of play," Brodhead said.

Nifong said the team members are standing together and refusing to talk with investigators, and he warned he may bring aiding-and-abetting charges against some of the players.

The alleged victim is black, which has proved a source of tension on campus.

"The circumstances of the rape indicated a deep racial motivation for some of the things that were done," Nifong said. "It makes a crime that is by its nature one of the most offensive and invasive even more so."

Angry over the team members' silence and the university's handling of the case, Durham residents have demonstrated on and off campus in the past few days. They rallied outside the house where the alleged attack occurred, and gathered outside of Duke Provost Peter Lange's home, where they banged on pots and pans until he emerged to answer questions.

Lange said Monday that he believes "the students would be well-advised to come forward. They have chosen not to."

A lawyer representing several lacrosse team members did not immediately return calls Tuesday.

The university's athletic director forced the team to forfeit two games because of underage drinking and the hiring of dancers at the party. The losses gave Duke, considered a national title contender before the season began, a 6-2 record with five regular-season games to go.

Wow! I guess this is another episode in white history. I guess this will not be an article placed in American Renaissance news.

Thumper 03-29-2006 08:52 AM

Re: Criminals in white face
are you sure you don't have it the other way around?

black on white rape is 50 times as prevalent as vice versa and I have yet to hear a case making the news, especially with all the racial commentary attached to this one.

Arjuna 03-29-2006 01:18 PM

Re: Criminals in white face
Sorry Akbar, but I have to agree with Thumper on this one. In fact, there are reliable statistics to support his position:

Interracial Rape Statistics

When whites do violence -- rape, murder, assault -- how often do they choose black victims? Shouldn't a nation of bigots target blacks most of the time? At least half of the time? Of course, it does not. When whites commit violence, they to it to blacks 2.4 percent of the time. Blacks, on the other hand, choose white victims more than half the time. [317]

In those cases in which the race of the killer is known, blacks kill twice as many whites as whites kill blacks. Black-on-white robberies and gang assaults are twenty-one times more common than white on black. In the case of gang robbery, blacks victimize whites fifty-two times more often than whites do blacks. [318]

The contrasts are even more stark in the case of interracial rape. Studies from the late 1950s showed that the vast majority of rapes were same-race offenses. Research in Philadelphia carried out in 1958 and 1960 indicated that of all rapes, only 3.2 percent were black-on-white assaults and 3.6 percent were white-on-black. Since that time, the proportion of black-on-white rapes has soared. In a 1974 study in Denver, 40 percent of all rapes were of whites by blacks, and not one case of white-on-black rape was found. In general, through the 1970s, black-on-white rape was at least ten times more common that white-on-black rape. [319]

Because interracial rape is now overwhelmingly black on white, it has become difficult to do research on it or to find relevant statistics. The FBI keeps very detailed national records on crime, but the way it presents rape data obscures the racial element rather than clarifies it. Dr. William Wilbanks, a criminologist at Florida International University, had to sift carefully through the data to find that in 1988 there were 9,406 cases of black-on-white rape and fewer than ten cases of white-on-black rape. [320] Another researcher concludes that in 1989, blacks were three or four times more likely to commit rape than whites, and that black men raped white women thirty times as often as white men raped black women. [321]

Interracial crime figures are even worse than they sound. Since there are more than six times as many whites as blacks in America, it means that any given black person is vastly more likely to commit a crime against a white than vice versa.

Bouncer 03-29-2006 01:52 PM

Re: Criminals in white face
And don't lets oversimplify the roots of these offences; there is a different pathology for every different kind of crime, even for crimes committed at different times of the year or in different locations. Who understands repression, passion, evil, intense anger, etc., so that they can make a correct evaluation of the "Why" and "Wherefore" of violent crime?

It is sometimes easy, in a moment of passion, to imagine committing an aggressive act, but it is quite different to stand six inches from someone and thrust a knife into his neck. It takes some degree of insanity to do this.

Akbar 03-29-2006 08:04 PM

Re: Criminals in white face
Both you and Thumper appear to be getting your information from the same white racialist groups. Of course these groups are going to report more black on white rapes to keep dupes like the two of you following them.

Akbar 03-29-2006 08:12 PM

Re: Criminals in white face
The article is proof itself that crimes committed by whites are under reported. Especially, when the victim is black. It is only reported if it is on video or eye witnesses.

redrat11 03-29-2006 08:31 PM

Re: Criminals in white face

Akbar wrote:
If the Duke basketball team made up of black players had done the same to a white exotic dancer. It would have been on media outlets 24/7. The white exotic dancer would have become famous with her own talk show. (YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING RIGHT AKBAR?).

A woman told police she and another dancer were hired to perform March 13 at a private party in an off-campus home. The dancer, a student at North Carolina Central University, told police she was pulled into a bathroom, beaten, choked and raped by three men.SHE"S A DAMM WHORE! not a DANCER, get that sraight AKBAR!

Wow! I guess this is another episode in white history. I guess this will not be an article placed in American Renaissance news.

Akbar you either are a Goverment Instigator or are just plain BLIND! You seem to want to accuse every damm incident that involves Whites as being racial, You are a true racist! I don't know what country you live in but you need to get your pathetic mind out of those "LIBERAL COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA" books you read and realize everything your being taught is a big LIE!

LaDominio 03-30-2006 01:55 AM

Re: Criminals in white face
Akbar I think you are being a bit biased. Also, you are generalizing. Maybe in parts of America there may be the problems that you talk about, but in places like Africa, its the black men who are usually the rapists.
Ill bet you didnít know that in South Africa, every 25 seconds a woman is raped. Women in South Africa hate black men, regardless of the womanís colour. Black women despise black men more than anyone. One, who tries to be liberal and say that it is unfair to distrust black men because of this, has simply not lived in Africa before.

I have very rarely witnessed rapist-like behaviour from a white guy in SA (besides the cops), but ALL THE TIME, black guys do display this sick urge. Its not my opinion, its blatant fact, ok?

My girlfriend tells me often how black dudes chase her down the streets screaming 'I WANA F**K YOU!' or sticks their heads into her car and tries to grope her, hurt her or steal from her. Can you imagine my anger!? Imagine my RAGE, but also my conflicting obligation to NOT be angry because of my desire for spiritual growth. What a predicament. But God, if I ever caught someone doing that to ANYONE, theyd be in jail hospital or borderline dead in no-time. How can someone be so evil?

My point is, you cant say white men rape more than black men, because it is simply not true. You cant say that white rapists are under toned, because then I can say black rapists are under toned HERE, which is true! And there is more rape here, than anywhere in the world. Its not a racial thing for me, but basically, I donít think your claims are fair and are in fact, only from a very minute opinion, and from a microscopic perspective.

The reality is, there are loads of damned scumbags in the world, and degenerate society creates them. So where are the degenerate societies?

Akbar 03-30-2006 09:03 AM

Re: Criminals in white face
Redrat 11,
You are satanic in your thoughts. Instead of attacking the animals that committed the rape, you attack the woman who is the victim. Then you turn around and call me racist. It's a shame that all of my posts keep going over your head. Maybe one day in the near future you will be blessed with intelligence to understand my post. Until then, I guess we will continue to be entertained by your satanic racist thoughts.

Akbar 03-30-2006 09:44 AM

Re: Criminals in white face
In countries that had a strong connection to racial oppression. The act of rape is used as a political tool. In America during slavery until 1960, a white man could rape a black woman anytime he wanted to without any reprecussions. Some times they raped women in front of their husbands. The same incidents happened in South Africa and other location in which whites were in
control. Now that things have changed. A lot of blacks are responding to past acts of injustice. Rape in this case is a political tool, in which whites are not the victims, but are oppressors receiving punishment for past and present racial hatred acts towards blacks.

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