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truebeliever 03-04-2005 08:12 PM

Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.
As far as I can tell there are 2 thrusts to the argument.

1. We're all going to die.

2. Hey, it's a balmy 30c in New York in the middle of winter...i'm not complaining!

I'm sure you'll agree theres something up with the weather.

Undoubtedly the mainstream scientists argument is flawed in that it's impossible to get accurate long term data to compare and contrast and therefore to produce accurate computer modelling.

There are many NWO manipulaters keen to pounce on the fear of Global Warming and use it to advantage.
Generally it could be argued that the science is simplistic. But the Global Warming detractors are just as simplistic if not more so..."oh it's just sun spot activity"..."we're coming out of the last ice age"...
As a simple man...i simply ask this...

Can we honestly say that dumping day in, day out, billions of tons of Co2 and other noxious gases into the atmosphere is NOT going to have an effect?

What about the simple heat effect of burning fuels of various kinds?

A simple experiment...seal your garage...turn on the ignition...actually dont do that.
I dont really know the answer..."HARRP experiments"?

Thats the one really knows.

Just dont build your house on the banks of one of those man made harbours.

Your boat may end up in your living room in good time.

psholtz 03-04-2005 08:23 PM

Re: Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.
just fyi,

It's not enough close to being a balmy 30C in NYC right now (try more like -5C) and we're way past what should be righfully called the "middle" of winter!


psholtz 03-04-2005 08:24 PM

Re: Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.
I've always thought that global warming had something to do w/ HAARP..

Of course, that's just my personal, pet conspiracy theory! ;-)

MtnMan 03-04-2005 08:30 PM

Re: Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.
With all the pollution we have produced in the past couple of hundred years since the industrial revolution, combined with rampant deforestation, that's bound to have some kind of effect on earth's climate.

I think things like the Kyoto Protocol are too little too late, and regardless, considering modern mans abusive relationship to the earth's resources, there's no way we would all agree to stop burning fossil fuels until every last drop of oil is sucked out of the earth.

It does seem to me that the weather is getting hotter and drier each year. Already this year we are predicting water shortages for the summer because there has not been much snow on the mountains.

Atlantin 03-05-2005 02:26 PM

Re: Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.
truebeliever wrote:
As a simple man...i simply ask this...

Can we honestly say that dumping day in, day out, billions of tons of Co2 and other noxious gases into the atmosphere is NOT going to have an effect?

Educate yourself for your sanity is at risk.

The HEAT CONTENT of the earth is dependent on ONE factor and only one factor: the Sun. Everything else is UNIMPORTANT.

Stop the SUN from shining on the earth and hour by hour the Earth will begin to cool to near Absolute zero. Have you ever noted that the location you live at has a weather forecast that shows that day time temperatures are higher than nighttime temperatures. Stop the daily insolation and the weather will soon cool off circa 20 to 30 F degrees every 12 hours.

The problem you are having involves SIGNIFICANT figures. The effect of the sun on the earth's temperature is that of a factor of 1 and all other effects are of a factor of <0.000000001 in comparison so safely may be ignored.

Also note that the energy arriving from the sun is not just light energy. There is a constant outpouring of plasma energy ( electrons and positive ions ) interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere and atmosphere that also probably affects the global weather.

Jimbo 03-05-2005 03:33 PM

Re: Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.
On Global Warming: :-o :-o :-o

I know the “Global Warming” issue might not be immediately obvious from the get-go, but it’s discussed in the literature presented here. Both “Richard C. Hoagland” & “David Wilcock” talk about how “Global Warming” is a direct result of the “Hyperdimensional Physics” of the “Solar System”, which is undergoing a “transformation” as we speak. However, “Hyperdimensions”, is not a topic readily discussed by the mainstream…

Re: The Most Hated Scientist of the New World Order – Post #24

Hyperdimensional Physics – P1

Hyperdimensional Physics – P2

Hyperdimensional Physics – P2a

Hyperdimensional Physics – P3

Although my political inclinations, whether to the “left” or to the “right” are “not there”, & simply, I believe in both our “unalienable” “humanity & freedom,” I found the following article interesting & worthy of a read…

For The Sake Of Our Children - by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

Minuteman 03-05-2005 03:55 PM

Re: Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.
Global warming. Yeah so we didn't sign the Kyoto accord. We had a different answer. Chemtrails,Cloverleaf,HAARP.
Very interesting read. Check out all the brave new world shit in store for us under the top 10 technologies in the "war on terror".
Ok? I have to go throw up now!

marypopinz 03-06-2005 07:59 AM

Re: Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.
Very interesting accurate read. They don't like the law - they change it. Is divine intervention our only recourse?

"The head of the Forest Service is a timber industry lobbyist who is probably the most rapacious timber industry lobbyist in American history. The head of public lands is a mining industry lobbyist who believes that public lands are unconstitutional. The head of the Air Division at the EPA is a utility lobbyist who has represented the worst polluters in America for twenty years. The head of Superfund is a woman whose former job was advising companies how to evade Superfund. The second in command of EPA is a Monsanto lobbyist - these are not exceptions, these are the rules across the agencies. I think it's a good idea to bring business people into government, to bring that experience and expertise.

These individuals did not enter government service for the purpose of promoting the public interest, but in each of these cases, rather to subvert the very laws that they are now charged with enforcing. We are seeing the impacts of this already. This year, for the first year on record, the EPA announced that the dead zone in Lake Erie - you remember Lake Erie was declared dead prior to Earth Day 1970 - is growing. Our water in this country, according to EPA, is getting dirty for the first time since the Clean Water Act was passed."

Jimbo 03-06-2005 07:19 PM

Re: Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.
Global Warming In Solar System: :-o :-o :-o

[img]C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Xfer\Photos\global_warming_01.jpg[/img]
Enterprise Mission -

Global Warming on Mars? The Hyperdimensional Connection

Methane on Mars: Or... "Back to the Future ...?"

The Ice Storm: Or, How a Little Blind Squirrel Got Some Glasses
"Never mind that "global warming" is happening throughout the entire Solar System ... just blame the little guys"

Top 10 21st Century Reasons to Go Back to the Moon ... on to Mars and Beyond

Hyperdimensional Hurricanes ? - Confirmation - P4

truebeliever 03-07-2005 01:55 AM

Re: Global Warming. A Non-Experts Opinion.
Dear Atlantin...

""Sun=1...all the rest...0.3763467324489""

Well, heres a simple test.

Go out in the sun. Where a white t-shirt.

Go out in the sun. Where a black t-shirt.

If one must cut and paste...please paste something that actually makes sense.

According to your 'science' there will be no practical difference.

My extremely cheap and practical experiment will yeild a practical result.

next please.

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