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SeC 05-10-2006 11:28 AM

Will Hillary Bush make it 2008?
Will Hillary Bush make it 2008?

Reposted of Skip:

Well it was probably gonna happen sooner or later. Rupert Murdock has just announced his support for Hillary Clinton. The conservative media mogul, whose media assets have helped put the likes of Bush, Blair, John Howard in office, is now backing Hillary Clinton and organizing fundraisers on her behalf.

He's a smart dude, and he realizes that the Repugnantcrats are out, so he's now gotta buy influence with the Democrats.

Since Hillary is easily accepting of his largess, it means she is now bought and paid for by conservative interests. Not that she wasn't before, but now it's really obvious.

So if you're looking for a change from the Republicans, don't look to Hillary. It'll just be business as usual if she were to become president. She is NOT Bill Clinton. They don't agree on anything anymore.

She is a sly manipulator and I don't trust her a bit to promote any kind of liberal agenda. She will be beholden to the likes of Murdock whose FoxNews worked hand in hand with the Bush administration to bring you the justification for the Iraq war. Murdock's hands are covered with the blood of the innocent, and his media network exists to further his own ends by manipulating public opinion in the worst way.

Murdock + his minions in gov't = Big Brother

You can be sure that whomever he supports will win cause he'll see that his near monopoly on the media will attack all opponents relentlessly.

It's almost like having the gov't control the media, except it's the other way around.

Murdock has been very tight with Karl Rove all these years, echoing the same talking points on Iraq, terrorism, 9/11, Iran, Afghanistan, etc., every day in hundreds of publications, TV stations and now online.

They're even in contact almost daily to coordinate their media blitz.

I think we not only need a separation of church and state, we also need a separation of media and state. Once upon a time the independent media in America was a given. Now it's more gov't controlled than ever, with most stories carried by the major networks being vetted by gov't censors.

Big Sister is coming, and her name is Hillary.

You've been warned!

Jimbo 05-10-2006 08:16 PM

Re: Will Hillary Bush make it 2008?
You mean Hillary’s…

You have to grant her 1 thing for certain. She’s got to be at least 10 times smarter than Bush any day of the week.

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