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05-12-2006 01:16 PM

Something to ponder about the NSA phonegate.
For those who are suspicious of how far the NSA will go to get rid of their enemies, or in other words the true patriots in this country that they want out of the way, consider this, if they only track the phone numbers of who you have called or people who have called you, they have the ability to set anyone up they want, just by acting as a telemarketer or wrong number, so the number calling you is in fact a known number from a questionable organization, setup by Al cia da the NSA etc..., now the people on the other end, ( the NSA / shadow government, etc...), can in essence say that you recieved multiple calls from a suspected terrorist organization, and because they can say that they don't know what you had talked about, you have little chance of saying that you have been recieving a multitude of wrong numbers, or perhaps al cia da are now operating as telemarketers trying to sell you a home security system.
It is now your word against theirs that you had conversations over and over again that are on the governments watch list.
Don V. Greenwalt
Under Double Secret Probation

Bouncer 05-13-2006 08:30 AM

Re: Something to ponder about the NSA phonegate.
That is one of many possible ways to fabricate "probable cause", and one that would take a lot of effort to do something that takes a few nanoseconds on the central computer.

I wonder if there aren't enough real terrorists to occupy their time, they have to start peeping on ordinary folks like us???

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