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DoctorX 03-07-2005 10:50 PM

How do YOU combat nwoitis????
How do YOU my friends combat 'nwoitis'

nwoitis: is the term for the symptoms, the effects that knowledge of the nwo bring about to your life. For me the worst effects have been lack of motivation and lazyness. Let me tell you some of my story

lack of motivation: How can one be motivated when he knows there is not a future to look forward to? one can one be motivated when one knows society as we know it will collapse in a few years? how can one be motivated when he knows the nwo is planning to wipe out 90% of the worlds population with man made diseases??

It is really hard being a fun person and being 'normal,' you know be like the rest of the people and only think about going out to watch movies with friends, parties, eat at restaurants, work work work etc. Almost everything I do I lack motivation. It has really hurt me in college. It is difficult putting great effort into anything when you are not motivated. Im going to college for what again, knowing that society could collapse in a few years. Why should I study hard for a future world or should I say future police state? I still pass every class but i do it by not putting great effort, i rarely study. I go to college thinking and knowing it will lead to nothing. I do it without satisfaction or happyness because lack of motivation has made me lazy. Don't think im some hippi that has long hair and doesn't do anything all day. I still work, go to college, live a normal life, everything is normal except the mentality. Rather than doing the above I rather be a traveler and just travel the world, but I ain't got no money so just do the normal stuff. Very difficult to enjoy life when you know the nwo conspiracy.

Really difficult to worry about the future when you know the future is a dark world full of evil. I refuse to get married for the reason that bringing children unto this world that is about to end is just EVIL in my opinion. Why bring them only so they suffer and die young which is very likely taking into consideration the prophecies/wars/plagues we have and that are coming? I won't be able to have my own family oh well not that i was looking forward to it but its just another thing the nwo deprives me off. The nwo deprives us of a future, true happiness (which comes from finding a husband/wife and making a family) and countless other things.

I just live life day to day, not thinking or worrying about the future or lifes little problems. This is probably the only good thing that the nwo has done for me. I nolonger worry so much about life and its problems. Seriously, why worry about lifes little problems? whether it be running out of money, paying bills etc? when you know that the world is going to face trials and tribulations in the coming years so great your chances of survival are minimal?? you might as well be a good person and worry less. I try to be a good person all the time, read the Bible daily, be nice to everyone. Knowing about the nwo has turned me into a worry free guy, kinda like Timon and Pumba in the movie the lion king :lol: but this means lack of motivation and lazyness. The nwo has given me natural yoga, im calm, cool and collected all the time, no worries just take it easy and be a good person, obeying Gods laws as much as possible.

You read my story and my case of nwoitis, now tell us about yours! (don't be embarrassed)

Mawashi 03-08-2005 01:35 AM

Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????
Know what you mean, Doc. I want to start up my own business, but I kind of feel, "what's the point?" Knowing that there's not a lot ahead can really get you down, but I guess that having faith in the Good Lord offers the light at the end of the tunnel.

My main remedy to my anger about what's going on is to inform people and try to help them see the light before it's too late. Not an easy job at all, but at least it releases my anger in a positive direction instead of feeling overwhelming depression.

I'm sure the NWO scum couldn't give a damn about us, and we're no danger to them if we're depressed and moping. But by actively, but intelligently, undermining the NWO, you can help to save people and know that you're doing the right thing.

Not only that, it doesn't hurt to go to a restaurant with friends for a bit of fun, just go to some local place where they serve up good food and the owners are good people.

Most of all, don't let the NWO break your spirit. :-)

Draken 03-08-2005 03:36 AM

Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????
Hey DoctorX and Mawashi!

My heart goes out to you guys and enyone with this problem. I used to be this person as well. In a lot of ways I still am. I'm reading a book by Julius Evola on a totally different topic, but I just read this and I have to quote it because it's extremely relevant:

"It is true: you will no longer know the happiness of a faithful and tailwagging dog that comes from acknowledging a master above itself, whom it must serve. But ask yourself this question: now that you're a man, would you trade places with your own dog?"

The Truth sets you free; free from illusion, lies, fake reality, fake masters, fake loyalties. After the initial depression and feeling of powerlessness; like you're in a bottomless abyss, you will realize that you wanted, NEEDED to make this life-transforming, consciousness-altering journey to have the opportunity to become a better man, a REAL man, and to better realize your individual potential and realize your Self.

We're all not fully ourselves. We have created centers outside ourselves and identify with those centers. Sometimes we even adopt centers created by others; that's even worse. We need to strip ourselves of the numerous layers of veils and illusions about who we are. Search out our True Selves at the Center of our Hearts. It's like realizing we've been fooled to walk down this path, when it's the totally wrong one. We've walked a long way and realize the agony and pain of having to walk back all the way to the crossroads. But we HAVE to do it; NEED to do it. Because once we're there we can CONSCIOUSLY and with TOTAL AWARENESS freely choose the Pther Path, knowing it will lead us to where we want to go.

It's called BEING AWAKE.

You are both on that path JUST realizing you have to turn around. So you experience powerlessness and feel everything is pointless.

Personally, I think I'm on that same path, but I might be just a little ahead of you. But I KNOW I'm on the Right Path - that is, the wrong one but at least I've turned around and I'm walking back towards that crossroads...

My conversations with Vlad have really given me the necessary boost to continue walking. Maybe you guys would appreciate our posts. Also Ahmad's latest post on the thread "Who Rules?" was inspiring to me.

Keep fighting.

Like Ahmad says, we need to see God's Work in everything, instead of Satan's. We need to stop and think why God put us in this situation and what He wants us to learn from it.

Truth, Beauty, Love

truebeliever 03-08-2005 05:05 AM

Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????
NWO Rule No 1: Intimidate them with as much awful news of wars and destruction and death and hopelessness as can possibly be done.

This will ensure a depressive/lethargic type response bordering on hopelessness and prevent the active formation of grass roots movements designed to counter us.

They used to whack rats in a cage to develop this response.

Dont fall for it...Wars, rumours of wars...China/Taiwan etc...

Continue to live. Continue to talk.

I started full time work today. Sick of all the NWO bullshit...but then...found i was actually invigorated and amongst the people and was getting motivated again by talking to people at work and customers.

"I'm back baby"!

You can fight and have a pleasant meal by the sea without guilt.

Because of this I am more determined than ever to carry on the fight in my own little way.

I want my cake and eat it to. I'm not going to martyr myself for any cause or anyone.

And because of my 'selfish' attitude i am more able to fight them bit by bit and by getting out in the community find myself amazed by the level of knowledge in my community I would never have found ruminating on the latest bit of depressing news about the NWO stuck at home behind the computer.

I'm not exactly sure where the boost came from as I've felt the same sense of helplessness.

In psychotherapy they call it the point of 'optimal frustration', where you get sick to death of being the victim and want to live and make the world as it should be.

More positive, more money, more power to make a change.

Stuff the negativity and the fools who are waiting for Armageddon.

Minuteman 03-08-2005 06:25 AM

Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????
I know what you mean. It's really starting to affect me also. I've started preaching "It's the illuminati plan to destroy America" theme to people mostly still asleep. Amazing how alll areas of life it encompasses. I found a mood elevator in orgonite. Might be total bullshit but at least they claim to have an answer. Since much of the NWO is age old and black magic.

marypopinz 03-08-2005 09:07 AM

Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????
I have a future and I have many dreams for that future and I am carrying on regardless of their bullshit. New Business HO!

I'm gonna learn goldsmithing. Always wanted to and could be appropriate business for future "survival".

The world goes on and things are gonna get better, sooner or later, when the truth all comes to light which it is doing as we read and speak.

get_real 03-08-2005 09:38 AM

Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????
Well I try to start each day with my schedule, because I try to make the best of what I do.

I treat myself each day (like I will in a little while) to a nice lunch. I will go back to work this afternoon to provide therapy activity for a gent who has speech difficulties. I enjoy my work.

The lady I worked with this morning suffered a stroke as well, but was not affected cognitively, nor was her speech altered. Her physical limitation is that of her leg and arm only. I say ONLY because she says only. A real trooper she is. She has a bright, positive outlook on life. Her family tells me she has always been this way.

Tonight, I might dabble with my handcrafts designing and pop in here again to get the latest on what our world has in store for us through your posts of info.

I will take a moment to reflect on others and their mishaps, losses, and suffering. I will for that moment try to imagine (at least) their pain.
And I will send my love and good thoughts their way.

Though I can't help everyone and at times depending on the situation - no one.
I will seek within myself and from others the strength to find answers and action. I cannot say that I always succeed.

Otherwise, I try not to get distracted by mischief makers, or those that try to sell me something I won't and don't want to buy.

I can't take every activity of my daily living and make an association to the NWO in some way or another. I shit because I have to. I need my sanity.

I need to be there for the people I take care of.
That is my purpose. I chose this responsibility.
I feel I've chosen well.

DoctorX 03-09-2005 12:20 AM

Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????

My main remedy to my anger about what's going on is to inform people and try to help them see the light before it's too late. Not an easy job at all, but at least it releases my anger in a positive direction instead of feeling overwhelming depression.
I know what you mean. Spreading knowledge about the nwo is just a hobby, and what I can say is that I have spent more hours in the past few years talking in the net and spreding info about the nwo than studying for school! I feel embarrassed about saying that since school is supposed to be more important. I am more motivated to talk about the nwo and post articles in forums where people are newbies to all this, than to actually study for my classes and that is wrong! but then again I remember 'what's the point' like you said.


"It is true: you will no longer know the happiness of a faithful and tailwagging dog that comes from acknowledging a master above itself, whom it must serve. But ask yourself this question: now that you're a man, would you trade places with your own dog?"
That is a great post! My mother has asked me many times "what happened to you that you became so serious"? Finding about the nwo made me lose that spark, that happiness of....being ignorant and not knowing the horrible truth about our world! I used to talk a lot, always joking, happy, then finding out about the nwo made me become serious and shy. I went from happy class clown, to quiet, serious perfect behavior (well, maybe that was a good thing? :lol:

Do you people remember the days before you knew about the nwo, and how you were back then? have you changed? have you become more serious, do you smile less, talk less?

Draken 03-09-2005 02:14 AM

Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????
Do you people remember the days before you knew about the nwo, and how you were back then?

Draken: yes.

have you changed?


have you become more serious?

D. Yes.

do you smile less?

D: No, more actually!

talk less?

D: Less about trivial matters; MORE about essential matters.

And to sum it up: Paradoxically, I'm happier now, knowing about NWO atrocities than I was being ignorant. I'm not hoodwinked anymore and I know what their goal is. I'm not afraid to stand up to anyone who's trying to decieve me with doublespeak or shallow NWO slogans and propaganda, because I know where it all comes from. All I need to do to get the right counter-arguments is to stop, contemplate, realize God's Divine Order and my place in it, and then open my mouth.

As a consequence I've lost my best friend since more than 10 years back, because I wouldn't swallow his ungodly, materialist/Satanic NWO philosophies. It's no loss really; it was bound to happen and I feel more free now than when I thought I had to be loyal to him because of our friendship. As soon as we started discussing things that really matter, our convictions went their different ways.

Some people say "what a shame, you were such good friends", but I'm not crying blood over it. If we're such good friends, REAL friends, then he wouldn't have rejected my ideas and opinions - which he did - and look down upon me (like he's always done) for saying that I KNOW GOD IS.

I'm better off without that kind of friendship and he's better off without someone who disagrees with him. Who knows, maybe in a few years we make contact again under different circumstances.

So, yes, I'm definately not innocent anymore, but that doesn't mean I'm unhappy and can't enjoy life. On the contrary! My understanding of the world makes me able to put aside irrelevant, trivial things and focus on the REALLY important issues and goals I want to reach.

marypopinz 03-09-2005 06:37 AM

Re: How do YOU combat nwoitis????
I laugh a lot more, believe it or not.

Life is usually a joke so you may as well laugh when you can.

I am more determined than ever to achieve the goals I have set for myself and my family. I can recognize the bullshit so now I try to side-step whenever possible.

Hurdles to stepping stones. Yeah, they've fcuked me up a few times and I'm still standing. I'm still here charging forward. My life has been getting better the more that I steer my own ship in the direction that I have chosen. It's my life. I'm gonna enjoy it and fcuk them.

The Satanists can be miserable and deny God's beautiful wonder called life. God's children know what a joy just to be alive truly is. We'll all wake up to the truth, sooner or later. Some may wake during a lifetime and others after death, I guess.

Life is all about what your perceptions are, the paradigms you see the world through and the openess of your heart to see the truth. A positive outlook goes a long way, in my books.

I plan my life to do what I want to do to earn the money to do what I want to do. It hardly ever goes according to plan and I still maintain my course towards my destination.

My mood is my choice and I am learning not to let others effect my mood, unless I choose for that to happen. I very sensitive to my environment and an artist by nature. I am also very sensitive to other people and their moods/emotions. I have long been able to sense most emotions.I guess I would class myself as somewhat empathic like Troy on Enterpise. Maybe I'm just a feak of nature and I think it's in our human nature - our divine nature I propose. Compassion.

I believed humanity is destined to become a compassionate species. The only thing suppression and oppression create is one huge response from the rumblings of discontent just beneath the surface. Canadians are suicidal - no.1 killer. Why? Why are so many people so hopeless?

Who are the hopeful?
Where are the hopeful?

Is there any hope to be shown or found anywhere in the lamestream media or the satanic agenda? No, of course not. The hope has to come from within. A strong hope that God will see you through come what may. A knowledge that everything has a season and all of creation is changing - nothing is constant, only God.

The delight of knowing that God runs this show and as such the truth always comes to light? If you want to believe that God is gonna destroy us, fill your boots - not my bag. Isn't Satan the God of destruction?

God the all merciful creator. Is destruction merciful? All things end eventually and new things take their place - that's called the passage of time - the grace of God. Nothing stays the same forever - except God. God wants to lift us, he's not out to destroy us. It's us who, in here, who is on a self-destructive path and tries to blame them out there for acknowledging their illusion of a grandiose self-destructive path/plan.

Be a salmon. Swim upstream. Come back to yourself and what brings you joy and laughter - a God-given lifetime to enjoy or curse.

I try to focus on the joy is what I'm saying. I'm also no longer naive to the ugly side. I understand only a little and it's all too ugly. I can spot it when I see it and I avoid it like the plague.

They're just a bunch of moronic bullshitters who will inevitably come unstuck - such are satan's minions. Rise above their world and try to find your mind a happier place to be. A walk in the park and a serious contemplation over a tree or some other aspect of nature will usually do the trick of grounding out the bad vibes back into the earth and clearing the mind of ugly thoughts.

A walk in the breeze can take the world off your shoulders unless you're determined enough in your own mind to remain miserable.

Your mood and your mindset are your responsibility to program. Don't let someone or something else train your thoughts towards their ends.

Focus your mind on what you want to do or what you want to learn and do it. Your life is your responsibility. Sucks to be grown up.

What makes you happy in yourself?

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