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JackSparrow 05-22-2006 02:59 PM

Race Differences in Intelligence by Professor Richard Lynn
Race Differences in Intelligence by Professor Richard Lynn


Washington Summit Publishers
Louis Andrews
P. O. Box 3514
Augusta, GA 30914

Washington Summit Publishers announces the publication of Race Differences in intelligence by Professor Richard Lynn.

This book should be of particular interest to your audience.

Professor Lynn deals with the distribution of intelligence in different races and latitudes, In a world where hard assets of population and place are becoming less important IQ could be the 21 Century path to national power.

In his review Professor Phillipe Rushton focuses on Lynn's findings as having "...profound geopolitical significance..." And on the downside "They mean that the world's long-term problems will stem from its populations capabilities-much deeper, and more intractable than any 'Clash of Civilizations'-style competition between different political concepts...The implications for immigration are obvious: it can have fundamental, and permanent, consequences."

Extensively referenced, this exhaustive study by one of the leading experts in the field is a milestone accomplishment and should serve as the yardstick by which future research is measured. Of particular interest is a color coded world map showing the distribution of the primary indigenous populations and their IQs.

Race Differences in Intelligence is immediately available for $17.95 Trade Paperback (ISBN 1 -59368-021 -X or $34.95 Hardback (1 - 59368-020-1). It can be obtained from, special ordered from bookstores or directly from the publisher at www. or 800-476-6287.

For your immediate attention we include a summary of the book, Professor Lynn's curriculum vitae, and a review by Professor Phillipe Rushton.

To receive our VIP Research Service please copy and return this your postal or email address. This will assure that you receive all of our publications. All addresses are maintained on a confidential basis. We will remove you upon request.

Bouncer 05-22-2006 03:10 PM

Re: Race Differences in Intelligence by Professor Richard Lynn
This little cosmos of social programming and control is simply a matter of "Tending the Herds." The people in power, the REAL power, do not care about how the rest of the world lives, as long as they keep thier collective noses to the grindstone and continue the practice of consumerism to the exclusion of critical thought and action.
We, lads & lasses, are sheep and cattle to them. There is no "I could be President someday . . ." unless you or your family are know by the gatekeepers of the worldly power institutions. It is an exclusive club, and for all the wrong reasons.

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