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madthumbs 07-02-2006 12:48 PM

Autism Documentaries - Treatment, Prevention, Awareness

I became alarmed when they put this figure on tv the other night.. 1 in 166 children develop Autism!!! If this is accurate it is truly frightening information.

The World of Autism

*must see -very revealing!:
Dr. Mark & David Geier discuss the CDCs VSD database & Autism

Chelation Treatment with Lupron:
Reverend Lisa Sykess on her sons recovery from Autism

The CDC - Center for Deceit Control

*note that the google videos featured on our Vlog are made available as avi, ipod, psp, and flv formats (click "Download this video!"). You don't need a special media player to play them. You will need the divx4 codec. See FAQs for more.

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