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truebeliever 07-02-2006 08:40 PM

"The Jews Ate My Homework" - A Tale Of Obsession...
Do "Jews" really rule the world?

2 years ago I believed NOTHING about the "Jews". I did'nt even know they started the original banking system of interest. Hell, i basically believed most of the mainstream rubbish because I still believed they were wiped out in the so called "Holocaust". I even cried in the Sunday afternoon documentaries.

BUT! It would seem to me to be going in two divergent extremes. One has the view that "The Jews" rule the Earth by proxy. So evil, so thoroughly untouchable we dare not put our real names on the net for fear of immediate execution via teleported Zionist/Mossad hit squads using Zero Point technology.

The other equally ludicrious claim is that "The Jews" are a simple people wanting nothing more than to be left alone to worship their god in peace from the horrible outside world. Forever persecuted for NO APPARENT REASON they struggle to maintain their dignity and freedom from persecution in a small place called Israel...wishing only to be left alone by the nasty Goyim who attribute to them all sorts of nasty character traits and desire for Earthly power.

In rality (my version) people NEED to understand the history of's strange Gods (Michael Hoffman) and it's deviation from the Torah and Gods 10 Commandments handed down through Moses...their rejection of Christ/God and their refusal to serve and be a shining light for all of humanity in SERVICE to humanity (Ted Pike).

The rest of us might also wish to look how we ALSO have sinned mightly in this area. No one can lead us where we do not want to go. The conspiricy is Satanic and uses the pride of Lucifer present in all to destroy the connection with God and His Love.

The conspiracy can also be described as "Luciferian - Rationalism". That is, the intellectual pride of man who is beyond fairy tales and bullshit stories from the past who only see's the world through his/her 5 senses. "They" have zero spiritual capacity and through sheer pride and vain glory will not submit to the will of God. That includes YOU!

No Christian can seriously wish ill against "Jews". In fact...any person. They must pray for them and seek to be an example through good works to others.

Zionists LOVE "anti-semitism". It's their greatest tool of power.

If people cannot see the "Jewish Question" in terms of Universal Cosmic Evil and believe that JEWS and JEWS alone are responsible for the ills of the world then so called Christians and the so called "nice" athiests/New Agers are as blind and condemned as the God Forsaken Pharisees and Scribes.

The world was corrupt before the Jew and I say to you that the world will remain so after the Jew is gone.

Only individuals willing to take up "the sword" of spiritual discipline and inner work on ones own soul will save the world. God will do the rest.

Reject evil in all it's forms including swinging to the extreme of ANY view on Judaism. The "truth" and only the "truth" will do. Dont be a reactionary and a friend of Zionism.

HAve a nice day.

redrat11 07-02-2006 09:04 PM

Re: "The Jews Ate My Homework" - A Tale Of Obsession...

truebeliever wrote:
Do "Jews" really rule the world?

Reject evil in all it's forms including swinging to the extreme of ANY view on Judaism. The "truth" and only the "truth" will do. Dont be a reactionary and a friend of Zionism.

HAve a nice day.
Well said TB, of course Jews don't rule the world, Satan does, the Zionist are just tools of his to wreak deception and havoc on humanity, this is clearly seen throughout the Bible. It all comes down to "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR." None of us, including Zionist will escape judgement. But I must admit it is hard to put aside Zionism when discussing Conspiracies. It almost always leads to "them" one way or another, but I have said a great many times that Gentiles are now more satanic than even the zionist could imagine. :-?

I still think I should've won the contest with my sketches!

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src=""></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src=""></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;

click pics for bigger view :-o

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